What is Cordura Fabric? Abrasion, Scuffs, Tear Resistant Fabric

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Many fabrics were solely designed for professional clothing, for instance, military or Law Enforcement Agencies. Cordura fabric is among such fabrics. Cordura fabric is more durable than cotton duck, polyester, and nylon. It is abrasion-resistant, wear-tear, and scuffs resistant.

So, What is Cordura Fabric? In this article, let us look at more exciting views of Cordura Fabric and how the fabric works in your next sewing project.

Image: What is Cordura Fabric
Image: Cordura Fabric

What is Cordura Fabric?

Cordura fabric refers to the nylon-based fabric that is an ideal instrument for the clothing of military and law enforcement. It is a workwear fabric that is applied in many areas. The durability, high abrasion, and resistance to tear and scuff make the fabric suitable for clothing and other applications.

Image: What is Cordura Fabric
Image: Cordura Fabric

Cordura fabric is synthetic and has a cotton-based blend to make the unique quality and high-caliber fabric. Besides, each of the Cordura fabrics comes in various colors and tensile strengths. 

What is Cordura Fabric Made of?

Cordura fabric is made of nylon. Specifically, it is nylon 6,6, one of the solid synthetic polymers. Hence, the Cordura fabric is woven in multifaceted weights and textures. Nylon makes it strong and resistant to wear and tear, ultimately making it an ideal choice for long-lasting materials. 

Image: Cordura Fabric Made
Image: Cordura Fabric

Properties of Cordura Fabric

Fabric NameCordura Fabric
Manufacturing MaterialsNylon 6,6
Fire-Resistant AbilityLow
Water-proof AbilityLow
Moisture-Wicking AbilityLow
Resistant to AbrasionHigh
ApplicationClothing, Gear, and Equipment
Weaving Technology Basket weave

Characteristics of Cordura Fabric 

Cordura Fabric has many features that make it useful in real life. For instance:


Cordura fabric remains in an advantageous position compared to leather. The fiber of Cordura is flexible. Hence, it requires less maintenance. 


Nylon 6,6 has the properties of elasticity. It makes the fabric perfect for rugged and high-tech applications. 


Cordura fabric is a breathable fabric with capabilities for UV protection. 

A Performance Textile

Cordura Fabric is functional, smart, technical, and high textile.

Resistance to Stain, Pilling, and Wrinkle

Cordura fabrics are easy to clean as they resist bacterial and microbial infection. Also, stain, pilling, and wrinkle resistance refer to the Cordura Fabrics.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Cordura fabric is incredibly tough. Although it is tough and robust, it provides a sort of flexibility and comfort. This is what makes the fabric an excellent choice for outdoor gear. 


Cordura-made products have a long lifespan because of their resistance and endurance against environmental wear and tear. Because of its long-lasting characteristics, Cordura products are a wise investment and contribute to ecological initiatives by lowering the need for regular replacements.

Image: Flexible Cordura Fabric
Image: Cordura Fabric


Cordura’s versatility makes it an excellent option for a wide range of products, from stylish upholstery and fashionable footwear to strong backpacks and motorcycle gear.

Applications of Cordura Fabric

  1. Workwear Outfits: gear of Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  2. Equipment: Motorcycle Equipment.
  3. Leisurewear.
  4. Accessories: Backpacks, Briefcases, Wallets, luggage, soft-sided luggage, Footwear.
  5. Clothing: Pants.
  6. Outdoor Packs.
  7. Protective Outerwear.
  8. Household: Horse blankets
Image: Applications of Cordura Fabric
Image: Applications of Cordura Fabric


How expensive is Cordura Fabric?

Cordura fabric is expensive compared to other fabrics- polyester made. Sometimes, manufacturers tend to see this fabric as a less cost-effective option. 

What is so special about Cordura Fabric?

Cordura fabric has perfect resistance to abrasion, wear, and tear, and, of course, scuffs. Besides, the fabric is durable and strong enough to withstand any kind of fabric disproportion.


Cordura fabric is incomparably a superhero in the textile industry. It keeps improving and remains the top pick in making military and police gear. Because of its workwear fabric attitude, you can use Cordura fabric in many real-life applications. Let us know how you have utilized Cordura Fabric in your sewing project!

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