10 Best Wedding Jewellery for Indian Bride

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The dream of every girl is to become the most beautiful bride. To look the prettiest one, you will need essential wedding jewelry for Indian Bride as well as some beautiful accessories. These will make you look like the prettiest monarch. Best Wedding Jewellery for Indian Bride is one of the essential things that every bride has. So, here we will talk about the Best Wedding Jewellery for Indian Bride.

Best Wedding Jewellery can be expensive gold Jewellery, Diamond Jewellery, or artificial Jewellery having colorful diamonds and sparkling crystals making it look just dazzling. Mostly gold Jewellery is worn by the brides and there are some that are considered as an important piece of ornament for the bride.

Here is the 10 best and Best Wedding Jewellery for Indian Bride for an Indian bride who might have on her List. Let’s check out some of them that will give you the best look.

Best Wedding Jewellery for Indian Bride

1. Earrings

Earrings: essential pieces of Wedding Jewellery for Indian Bride
Earrings: Most Essential Pieces of Jewellery for the Indian bride

The most striking and most important Jewellery is a pair of bold and beautiful earrings. It can be a small earring or a long and heavy earring decorated with diamonds and stones. It can be a hoop earring, a drop earring, or a beautiful chandelier that is the real eye-catcher.

 A gold earring crafted in different designs and intricate carvings that looks just awesome. These earrings look perfect with the bridal lehengas and gowns that make them a tremendous match. You can match any beautiful earring with your lehenga to look like the best bride. 

2. Necklace

Wedding Necklace

The piece of Jewellery that is super stunning is a choker necklace. It can be a Kundan neckpiece, a diamond necklace, or a shiny gold necklace. This beautiful piece of jewelry is worn around the neck at several ceremonial and religious functions.

This traditional ornament is especially worn with traditional outfits such as sarees, blouse salwar suits, and lehengas. The bridal look is incomplete without a necklace. It is made of different materials including pearls, diamonds, sapphires, and metals such as gold, platinum, and silver.  

3. Long Haar

Wedding Long Haar
Long Haar

Apart from the choker necklace, long haars are also mandatory as they give a dazzling look to the wearer. The long majestic rani haar with bold and stabilizing designs is significantly increasing attractive looks ability by the jewellery that a bride should wear for a perfectionist look. You can complete your queen look with the help of this jewellery. A set of short and long necklaces is more convenient as they match each other and gives an astonishing look to the bride. Don’t forget to add this to your list as it will give a definitely sterling look.   

4. Rings

Wedding Rings

The small piece of jewellery  worn in the finger is a beautiful ring. There are different types of rings such as the oval, cushion, princess ring, radiant ring, or emerald ring that are super adoring and can be matched with other jewellery to make an attractive set of jewellery. Brides also prefer a hand harness or haath phool that covers the backside of the palm and gives an amazing bridal look. The hand harness is attached to one ring and a thin bracelet that makes it just perfect wear at weddings. A gold ring or a diamond ring with different colored crystals and sapphires looks astonishing.   

5. Maang Tikka

Wedding jewllery Maang Tikka
Maang Tikka

Worn on the forehead and admired for its drastic look, a maang tikka is the prettiest piece of jewelry. Nowadays usually the bold and big maang tikkas are popular among girls. The matha Patti maang tikka is more admired by the brides as it covers the entire forehead giving an utmost dignified look. Without this one the entire bridal look is incomplete.

6. Nosering

Wedding Nosering

Not only on the wedding day but women also wear small nose rings on a casual basis. It is considered to be one of the main pieces of jewellery  that a bride needs to wear on her wedding day.

The traditional bold and big round nose rings signifies the Indian culture. There are a variety of nose rings differing in size and designs made of different metals such as gold, silver or platinum and detailed with some intricate designs, diamonds and stones that are expensive and rare in the world.   

7. Bangles


Another essential piece of wedding jewellery is bangles. Usually, glass bangles and gold bangles are worn by brides with their lehenga and saree. Some bangles with hanging tassels look just amazing and make a cute pair with the bridal lehenga choli.

Bangles are also studded with colorful diamonds and stones that make them look even more interesting while pairing with a saree or a salwar kameez. They are made of different metals such as wood, plastic, copper, silver, or gold that can be paired with any ethnic attire.

8. Kamarbandh

Kamarbandh wedding jewllwery

Like the modern waist belt, the traditional Kamar bandh is worn above the saree and lehenga choli that makes the bride look astonishing. It is also one of the must-have pieces of jewellery on your list.

This can be a simple gold waist belt or one studded with diamonds and colorful crystals. This one adds a minimalistic beauty to your entire bridal look. The gold Kamar-bandh having some hanging chains and tassels looks exemplary with a traditional silk saree and the one that is studded with diamonds combines well with a lehenga. 

9. Anklet


Indian women wear anklets on a regular basis. They usually prefer silver anklets. These anklets can be thin or thick and made from gold or silver that are worn by brides on the wedding day.

Those made for wedding functions are specially crafted with some intricate designs, small beads, pearls, and other things making a heavy and broad one for weddings and other special functions. Adding a silver or gold anklet to your bridal look will make you an ideal Indian bride with the perfect Indian bridal jewelry set. You can choose from a variety of wedding anklet designs. 

10. Toe ring     

Wedding Jewellery: Toe ring
Toe Ring

Last but not least is a toe ring. Like rings are worn in fingers, the toe rings are worn in toe fingers. They are mainly made of gold and silver and come in a variety of options. Some can be plain, some may have a single diamond or pearl and some may be detailed with tiny stones and hanging tassels to make a super graceful toe ring. Wearing this one with your bridal lehenga or saree is a perfect thing to do with your bridal look. A set of matching anklets and toe rings are also found that save you from choosing it separately.   

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