List of Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

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Behind the private-label clothing industry’s flourishment, we see the efflux of new clothing brands. But these clothing brands require assistance in private labeling clothes for single to bulk orders. Who can the clothing brands rely on? This is where you need a reliable private-label clothing manufacturer.

Target is to attract customers with branded wear and the method is to utilize the service of the clothing manufacturer in this process. The private label starts from removing the manufacturer’s tag to replacing it with your own branded model by following regulations, num of orders, logo design, and brand statement. To get who are the providers of this private label clothing, go through this article to know more about Los Angeles-based manufacturers.

List of Los Angeles-Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers in 2023

Here are the 07 Private Label clothing manufacturers listed in Los Angeles this year in the following:

1. Luxury Knit

The luxury knit is our most selected pick for private label clothing as a Los Angeles based in 2023. It provides full-service private-label clothing manufacturing. They not only offer apparel design and production and development but also provide consultation services.

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: Luxury Knit

Luxury knit knows your brand image in the clothing industry. Therefore, the brand uses the latest yarns to create a premium nature of apparel. If you have any eco-friendly business clothing, you may get attached to Luxury knit. Because they also provide equal necessary service to organic and eco-friendly options. Their focus on 3 issues: product development, production, and extensive digital design undoubtedly builds enough branding for your business to flourish.

  • Address: 1850 East 15th St.Los Angeles, CA 90021

2. Bomme Studio

In this clothing dynamic hub named Los Angeles, you cannot find a lot of clothing manufacturers. But only a few of them can turn your business into a brand image by putting on the private label ethically and with an efficient process. Do not forget to enlist Bomme studio in your interest list.

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: Bomme Studio

From sample making to private label clothing with full-package production, Bomme Studio works exactly where you need the most support. Besides, Bomme studio does not want you to hassle with design and clothing sources. You can even customize their produced clothes with your preferred labels or logos. Their products range from activewear, men’s and women’s swimwear, and lastly children’s clothing.

  • Address: 1638 E 23rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90011, USA

3. Apparel Branders

Apparel branders is another garment at the same time accessory manufacturer in Los Angeles. They are prouder to express themselves as full-service private-label clothing with preferable customization. Their vertically integrated fashion clothing, exclusively made in the USA, redefines the way of clothing in the USA. Moreover, their experienced team provides top-notch services on design as well as production to clients in the private label apparel business.

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: Apparel Branders

If you are wondering, what exact services you can get on private labelling from Apparel branders, check out the following options. These are:

§  They handle your clothing project of private labelling.

§  From concept making to shipment delivery, they will take the responsibility for each of the clothing quality assurance.

§  On-time production is attached.

§  They are experts in fabrication, design, and construction as well.

  • Address:  Los Angeles, CA USA

4. Apliiq

You will not get any other clothing manufacturer except Apliiq for private labeling service for your brand. We meant it correctly for you! Apliiq has invested so much effort to give you the best private labeling service by removing manufacturer’s tags as well as by sewing in your brand’s image through labeling.

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: Apliiq

They know what you are looking for. Hence, they prioritize the following things:

§  Logo: To reflect your brand identity

§  Quality: Of course, the superior one! The satin labels are the premium quality of all.

§  Labeling Laws: Apliiq handles everything smoothly under this private-label clothing service.

All you have to do is to drop your logo in the .png or .jpg format given on their website. That’s it, you are ready to go!

  • Address: 2623 E 54th St, Huntington Park, CA 90255, United States

5. ARGYLE Haus of Apparel

In Los Angeles, as you can see, there are several renowned private-label clothing manufacturers. Among them, Consider ARGYLE Haus of Apparel in your account. They have expertise in this clothing industry since they ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to ensure the latest trend.

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: ARGYLE Haus of Apparel

ARGYLE can be your companion in your clothing startups because of the following reasons:

§  Speed: They can deliver the clothing quickly by allowing your product to market trends.

§  Customization: Their ability to work in creating unique designs holds the brand’s image with suitable customization.

§  Cost-Effectiveness: Clothing manufacturers like AEGYLE Haus of Apparel can be competitive in pricing and delivering cost-effective solutions.

  • Address: 127 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

6. Euphoric Colors

Euphoric colors, a full-service, Private Label Apparel Manufacturer, Absolutely based in Los Angeles, emphasizes high-quality products of custom clothing.

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: Euphoric Colors

Their services include:

§  Development consultation

§  Pattern Development

§  Specialty Fabrics

§  Sample development

They are the best sustainable clothing manufacturer of private label clothing. By providing a full-line development as well as production mechanism to clients, their expertise in private label apparel and custom brand clothing increases. Working directly with the design team can help you to develop a solution-based system exactly what your target customers need.

  • Address: 360 W Compton Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248, USA

7. Seam Apparel

To discover a variety of premium options to start private-label clothing, you can pick Seam Apparel as a trusted manufacturer. Here, you can work exclusively with a clothing manufacturer to create your clothing brand where the manufacturing is unique. However, Seam Apparel is open to working with small clothing ventures. If you are in a similar situation, do not forget to get attached to Seam Apparel!

Los Angeles Based Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
Fig: Seam Apparel

Seam apparel, as a private label clothing manufacturer can provide:

§  A limited quality of products

§  A haven so that it is easier to work against top competitors.

§  4 types of labels: Private woven, private satin, hang tags, and heat transfer labels.

§  Any cost! It becomes easier for manufacturers to simply swift the access of clothing brands from developing to fully established without costing a fortune.

  • Address: 3705 W Pico Blvd #402 Los Angeles, CA 90019-3451

What are the important FAQs on starting your new clothing business Private Label?

Although this article is about clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles providing services on Private Labelling, you may start your own business in the same niche! Go through the following FAQs to completely start your own clothing business based on private labeling. These are:
1.  Doing Research, on the current market trend in the private-label clothing industry.
2.  Checking out whether there is any risk associated with this niche?
3.  Choosing a good clothing manufacturer that provides private labels.
4.  Researching the target customers
5.  Identifying the advantages of whether there should be an online store or any brick-mortar store.

What are the advantages of having private-label clothing manufacturers?

Having a private-label clothing manufacturer by your side is advantageous in many senses. Find them below:
§  Advantage 01: They replace the manufacturer’s tag with your own branded label maintaining all federal regulations.
§  Advantage 02: Any clothing manufacturer can generate the necessary information for each product according to your services.
§  Advantage 03: Products will contain the branding only.
§  Advantage 04: Private labels are applicable in any bulk order.
§  Advantage 05: You can set up your label designs as much as you want to.

What is Manufacturing Private Label Clothing?

Private labeling refers to putting on your own branded label on manufactured products. To do this task, you may require assistance since the clothing industry means expecting bulk orders. New startups perceive to adopt this private label manufacturing. Since Los Angeles is the global hub for clothing manufacturers, the clothing manufacturers try to help the new startups grow by providing private label services wholesale. As a result, private labels can be achieved in low-priced wholesale, with efficient shipping, and shared market information through the services of clothing manufacturers.
Besides, private-label clothing manufacturers are worth choosing due to their huge collection of consumer base and catalog of private-label clothing. The booming e-commerce business is a must to dive into although it depends on several things. Moreover, having online private-label clothing offers many drop shipping options as well.


Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturers are advantageous to invest in since they do the most important task of the brand-Private Labelling. Apart from the apparel design, development, and production mechanism, Los Angeles-based manufacturers service private labels by operating on a limited scale. The rise of private-label clothing is something that becomes a feasible alternative for clothing businesses. We believe our above-mentioned 07 Los Angeles-based private clothing manufacturers can get things done according to your requirements! 

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