10 Reliable Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles that You Would Ever Come Across

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Are you in search of apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles? If the response is yes, why not look for the reliable apparel manufacturers list that we have compiled for you completely Los Angeles-based?

The significance of the apparel industry will be sustained over the years. Not only does the apparel industry promote transnational trade relations but also the dual sectors of the market policy are contributing to the national economy to the fullest. The ‘reliability’ of the manufacturer is important if you are opening your own clothing business of clothing. Because manufacturers in any geographic base differ based on efficiency, compliance, technology, and Buyer demand.

For Your Business: How to Look for Clothing Manufacturers in Los Angeles?

There is always a debate about whether you should look for domestic manufacturers or Overseas manufacturers for your business. “Local is the better one” this notion does not justify your reason behind choosing apparel manufacturers in your local town. What if the apparel manufacturers are not sustainable or have poor raw materials for collection?

Despite being the most popular e-commerce niche, the apparel manufacturer is difficult to search around among thousands. If you are about to launch your clothing brand intending to stand out from the crowd, make sure you have asked these questions to yourself. These are:

a) Do you need to work with a Clothing Manufacturer?

There are both benefits and drawbacks. Benefits include that you can build a brand image with the creative freedom of clothing production. For marketing you do not have to rely on others, you may control the entire.

Meanwhile, drawbacks to purchasing items in bulk may increase your risk. On the other hand, you may need to invest upfront.

b) Are you comfortable with taking these risks?

Ask yourself whether you are courageous enough to take risks for your business. If not, you may rely on drop-shipping which takes some additional padding. Or you can source your brand’s products from overseas apparel manufacturers. If you are living in Los Angeles, USA, the reference to the overseas apparel manufacturers in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan-located.

Tips and Tricks to Deal with Domestic Clothing Manufacturers in the Los Angeles

Buyers these days are becoming extremely conscious about the quality of their apparel purchases. One thing that is advantageous in that if apparel manufacturers are local, you may inspect their quality and working standards. However, these are the tips and tricks to rely on apparel manufacturers for your business or any initiative. Make sure your chosen apparel manufacturers have:

  1. The high-quality apparel.
  2. Working Standards
  3. Regulated Labor Standards
  4. Apparel collection
  5. Price
  6. Shipping Time
  7. Experience


  • Shipping would be faster.
  • Would be cheaper to deal with than the overseas ones.
  • Small collection of products


  • Local apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles can be expensive due to being the domestic supplier of clothing.

The 8 Reliable Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles

Since we have broken down the reason behind your choosing apparel manufacturers completely Los Angeles-based, why not investigate the best apparel manufacturers? So, these are 10 reliable Apparel Manufacturers given below with their best services. They are:

1. Teg: The Evans Group

Teg, the Evans Group, is the most ethically practised brand in Los Angeles. They have been serving as a trusted apparel producer since the year 2005. Till today, they have been a wise partner for more than 2000+ emerging designers. Not only are they ethical but also, they are reliable to garment workers as well for giving them livable wages to live for.


  1. In-house Studio Level Product and Factory Level Production
  2. The sewing factory is vertically integrated.
  3. Customer approval provides a top-of-production.
  4. Good Quality apparel meeting all the market standards.
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: Teg The Evans Group
  • Address: 1321 Palmetto Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013

2. Bomme Studio

The term ethical and efficient are what makes the essence of the apparel manufacturer in Los Angeles. To build your fashion brand, they can be the most reliable option to choose from the list.

Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: Bomme Studio


For cut and sew of apparel manufacturing, the Bomme studio offers the following services:

  1. Sample-making service in case of a custom clothing
  2. Full-package production based on the production size sets.
  3. Private Label clothing with better design and sourcing.
  4. Pattern-making prototype
  5. Screen-printing
  6. Better quality control and trimming.

Bomme studio can be the ultimate destination for growing brands-small to medium.

  • Address: 1638 E 23rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90011, USA

3. Ari Jogiel

Ari jogiel is one of the fastest-growing Los Angeles apparels Downtown. From offering consulting services to manufacturing apparel, Ari Jogiel takes up any concept and turns them into a finished product. Besides, they have already served clients of more than 15+/- brands.


Their services are as follows:

  1. Organic cotton as the main fabric
  2. Sustainable apparels
  3. Maintain a perfect balance of quality, deliverability, and budget.
  4. Creative Graphics to portray your story.
  5. Vertically manufacturing process
  6. Application of dye method.
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: Ari Jogiel
  • Address: 318 W 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

4. LEFTY Production Co.

Looking for a one-stop shop apparel manufacturer in Los Angeles? Take Lefty production co. as an account to get your fashion line up. They have got a whole collection of patterns to pick among. From the fashion business, it denotes that finding a reliable manufacturing partner is difficult.


Based on this demand, they have accumulated the following services:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Sourcing and Design
  3. Pre-production services: Sample duplicate, marking, grading, yields, testing.
  4. Development and Production
  5. Laser cutting
  6. Web Development
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: LEFTY Production Co.
  • Address: 318 W 9th St #1010, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States

5. Luxury Knit

Luxury Knit is a Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer. They provide full-service private labels on apparel design, development, and production-related services. Moreover, their services also include consultation. The benefits of taking luxury knit as a manufacturing partner are many.


For instance:

  1. Organic and eco-friendly
  2. Custom colors or dyes are available.
  3. Fast and Effective Services
  4. Comprehensive consulting services
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: Luxury Knit
  • Address: 1850 East 15th St.Los Angeles, CA 90021

6. Los Angeles Apparel

By focusing on efficiency and sustainability, Los Angeles Apparel has set down to operate in fulfilling customers’ interests. From workers to shareholders, every individual or brand is super blessed to be partnered with Los Angeles Apparel. Hearing the name Los Angeles is enough to take you to this exciting manufacturer partner intending to collaborate.


The services that Los Angeles Apparel provides are:

  1. Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
  2. Textile and yarn products are US based.
  3. Support the quality basics in manufacturing apparel.
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: Los Angeles Apparel

Benefits are wide-ranging as well:

a. Value for products
b. Sustainable
c. Environment-friendly organic cotton

  • Address: 1020 E 59th St, Los Angeles, CA 90001

7. ARGYLE Haus of Apparel

Argyle Haus of apparel is one of the American-made apparel manufacturers based in Los Angeles.

Their major partners are small or medium-sized businesses, retailers of E-Commerce, and Fashion Brands Startups. Their services also include private-label clothing.


Their services are top-notch ranging from:
  1. Technical design development
  2. Pattern design using the technology.
  3. Full-scale production.
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: ARGYLE Haus of Apparel
  • Address: 127 E 9th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

8. LA Fashion Startups

LA Fashion startups help you build your clothing brand by providing services of:

  1. Technical Fashion Design
  2. Fabric and Material Sourcing
  3. Apparel Development
  4. Micro Production Run
  5. Business Strategy Consultation
  6. Website Development
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: LA Fashion Startups
  • Address: 127 E. 9th Street, #207, Los Angeles, CA 90015


This is another Los-Angeles based Apparel manufacturer. Here, the high selling point for your garments has been done with proper maintenance. So far, they have achieved the highest rank for successful projects, customer query, and their commitment to quality.

Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles


On the basis of what they have achieved so far, we can count down their services here in the following:

  1. Sample development
  2. Research and Development
  3. Consultation
  4. Production
  5. Development
  6. And Customer Setup
  • Address:  Los Angeles, CA USA

10. FullSpeed 100

The name depicts the entire story, doesn’t it? So, this is the story of Los-Angeles based apparel manufacturer named FullSpeed 100. Not only they have maintained fast and quality clothing but also the source of raw materials with proper balancing the relation with the supply company.


Their services include:

  1. All kinds of the customer from designer brands to small business
  2. Any style type of clothing
  3. Custom-made wholesale products.
  4. Reliable sources of fabric suppliers
  5. High-quality product
Apparel Manufacturers in Los Angeles
Fig: FullSpeed 100
  • Contact No.: (323) 440 7448

What is Vertically Integrated Production?

It is a strategy where the company takes over control of multiple stages of the production process as well as the supply chain. That means they are vertically integrated intending to minimize the reliance on outside entities.


It is high time you did your research choosing the most reliable apparel manufacturers in Los Angeles. No matter which aims you must chase, in this ideal world, we would like to recommend you visit each above-mentioned apparel manufacturer. Only then can you make a perfect decision after reviewing the entire requirements. Do not forget to validate your decision after extensive research. All these are part of making a long-lasting partnership in the future! Just take your time to research and find a worthy apparel manufacturer to invest in. 

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