Which Eyeglasses Frames Suit Your Face Shape?

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Eyeglasses are not considered part of a fashion segment, but in reality, they can be. That’s because switching on a pair of glasses that match your face style is one of the fastest ways to change and revamp how you look.

Whether you wear them daily or on days of occasion, throwing a pair of aesthetic specs can always be interesting. And on top of that, managing to get the best-suiting frame can also dictate how the world sees you. what glasses frame suits my face? You may want to know glasses face shape.

Different face shapes for glasses
Different face shapes for glasses

Which Glasses Suit My Face?

Different factors like the color of eyeglasses, their frame, and their style come into play. When choosing a pair, buyers should consider picking something that suits their face the most. On the other hand, the shopping process is relatively seamless, considering how there are so many reputed online eyeglasses stores today. 

Read our article on how to better understand according to face shape glasses.

a. Round Shaped Faces

This type of face shape is quite common, meaning that there are also plenty of options to choose from. Some of the most popular glasses for round faces are square or rectangular frames. These frame shapes will enhance your look and bring a symmetrical appeal to the face. All and all, you will achieve a balanced look. 

Glasses to Avoid if You Have a Round Face: Rimless, round and small frames, as they will amplify the roundness of the face.

b. Oval Shaped Faces

Distinguished frames with strong bridges are the first type that looks good on an oval face. The frame must be broad and wide, geometrically covering the whole face. 

Glasses to Avoid if You Have an Oval-Shaped Face: Overextended and excessively large eyeglasses that cover most of the face. These simply ruin the natural balance and symmetry of an oval-shaped face cut.

c. Square-Shaped Faces

Those having a square-shaped face should target products that soften and fade the angularity. Such a frame should stay at a high position on the nose bridge. The best options are oval and round frameworks. These work flawlessly in maintaining a symmetrical balance by cutting down the angles of a square face.

Glasses to Avoid if You Have a Square-Shaped Face: Angular and boxy frames as they will amplify the features of an angular face and make it look bulkier.

d. Diamond Shaped Faces

People with this face style should try frames broader than the cheekbones. The first two options are definitely cat-eye glasses and oval frames. These will enhance the face’s natural cuts and delicate features like the cheekbones.

Glasses to Avoid if You Have a Diamon-Shaped Face: Boxy and narrow frameworks as they make your cheek width draw too much attention and downgrade their appeal.

e. Heart Shaped Faces

The width of the forehead must be balanced to attain an overall symmetrical look with a narrow chin. The best option is eyeglasses with low-set temples and heavy bottom frame lines. Round or square frames with slightly curved edges will make the forehead look perfect.

Glasses to Avoid if You Have a Heart- Shapes Face: Any frame that brings unwanted attention to the forehead.

Wrapping Up

Face Shape Guide For EyeGlasses

Choosing suitable eyeglasses is no easy feat. With this information, we hope by now you’re able to get the perfect pair of eyeglasses to suit your face type. Always try glasses in-store to make sure they fit well. 

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