Finding Your Style: 6 New Fashion Aesthetics to Try

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Finding Your Style:

Finding your personal style is a process. It’s also something that can change drastically from childhood to teenage years, as well as various phases of adulthood. Finding your style is a matter of determining what you like to wear, what you wear most, and incorporating those elements into clothing and accessories that exemplify both your personality and overall intended aesthetic. While experimenting with your personal style, it’s a good idea to try out a few different fashion aesthetics to find out what you like (and also what you don’t).

New Fashion Aesthetics to Try

Finding Your Style: New Fashion Aesthetics to Try
Finding Your Style: New Fashion Aesthetics to Try

Even if you think you don’t know much about the world of fashion aesthetics, chances are you see some of them every day, whether it be in real life or on your TikTok For You page. Either way, you can find inspiration for new fashion aesthetics all around you. You might be glad to know that the roster includes more than just the typical goth, preppy, and grunge aesthetics. Whether you’re looking for a new signature style or simply perusing different looks to try out once or twice, here are a few new fashion aesthetics to try.

1. Cottagecore:

There’s nothing better than revisiting a simpler time. Cottagecore does just this through multiple lifestyle elements, highlighting fashion in particular. Though the traditional cottagecore aesthetic favors almost nightgown-like dresses and a crackling fire, many have interpreted the vibe to include more wearable fashion pieces like flowy tunics, breezy cotton dresses, and straw accessories. When styling cottagecore looks, go for pieces like midi dresses, western-inspired footwear, earthy colors, and natural hair and makeup looks. Utilize natural-looking fabrics made with cotton, linen blends, leather, and wool.

2. Whimsical:

Although this aesthetic might embody elements from multiple style categories, the overall hallmarks of whimsical style are based on light, fun, and creative colors and prints. Some choose to execute whimsical looks by wearing a cute skirt, blouse dress, or matching set with swirling patterns or other prints that are synonymous with movement. Other common elements within this aesthetic include fairy-like colors, pastels, asymmetrical shapes, and depictions of animals and nature.

3. Academic:


Whether or not you work in a place that enforces a business-casual dress code or you simply enjoy looking a little more put together, the academic fashion aesthetic can do it all. While the aesthetic covers sub-genres like preppy, light academia, and dark academia, there are a few signature touches and themes that define almost any academic-inspired look. Try out academic looks by styling trendy jackets and blazers with polished trousers, knits, colorful pleated skirts, and loafers. The great thing about academic style is that it’s easy to look sharp and sophisticated with minimal effort. Mix colors and prints or stick to a neutral or monochromatic style with academic pieces.

4. Grungy:

If you’re looking for a super-chic and edgy aesthetic to try, go with grunge. Think of this aesthetic as an edgy Olsen Twin-inspired style that’s seemingly effortless and equally as cool. The grunge aesthetic can be easily attained by wearing many of the pieces you currently own. Grunge favors industrial, raw and textured pieces like chunky belts, dark colors, metal accents, and stark statement pieces. Mix materials and textures like leather, suede, knits, lace, mesh, metals, and more. Though grunge can be exemplified through a bright colored or neon look, you can also make a statement by wearing a black and white or monochromatic grunge look that will make a classic statement.

5. Menswear-Inspired:

menswear-inspired fashion aesthetic
Menswear-inspired fashion aesthetic Source: New Africa/

If super-feminine or girly styles aren’t your favorites, a menswear-inspired fashion aesthetic might be the perfect thing for your wardrobe. Looks that utilize this particular aesthetic commonly include tapered trousers, knit cardigans, sweater vests, collared shirts, oversized t-shirts, and chunky footwear. The contrast between masculine and feminine elements and cuts is crucial within this aesthetic in order to allow the style to reflect a sector of women’s fashion instead of simply wearing men’s clothing. Style a classic menswear-inspired look by pairing a chunky sweater with a trendy women’s denim cut like boyfriend jeans and a pair of leather loafers.

6. Retro-Chic:

Keeping up with current trends and social media-inspired fads can seem like a full-time job. Instead, why not rock a fashion trend from a previous decade? A retro fashion aesthetic can be presented in various ways, so it’s up to you in terms of execution. If Y2K vibes are near and dear to your heart, stock up on spaghetti straps, low-rise pants, and miniskirts. If you favor a bit of funkiness, try an outfit with flared pants, bell sleeves, and maybe even a bit of fringe thrown in there. Queue the good vibes.

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