12 Black-Owned Clothing Brands That Shopaholics Would Love to Know

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When supporting black designers, purchasing their products is the most authentic means. Follow more to know about 12 amazing black-owned clothing brands to shop!

What Does a Black-Owned Clothing Brand Mean?

A Black-owned clothing brand means a business that is run by Black people. The business that any Black owns comes up with the facility of holding most of the shareholder equity, partnership interest, member share, and ownership interest.

Black-Owned Clothing Brand Mean
Meaning of Black-Owned Clothing Brand

In the USA, African American owners hold about 51% of the stake in the business. However, Worldwide Technology, the largest Black-owned business, generated Around $150.2 billion in gross revenue.

12 Black-Owned Clothing Brands for Shopaholics

Black-owned clothing brands come up with all the attention towards ensuring you about the product quality, creativity, and innovation.

12 Black-Owned Clothing Brands
12 Black-Owned Clothing Brands list

These brands bring products that maintain the ongoing trends and cover all ranges of clothing. Here are the 12 black-owned clothing brands for shopaholics:

01. Tier

Tier is a black-owned clothing brand that offers high-quality, cozy wear. Most of their clothes are in bold colors and printed with abstract textures.

Homepage of Tier
Homepage of Tier

Their product ranges include knit sweaters, Cotton Hoodies made of French Terry, and Satin Pants.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.shoptier.nyc/press

Helpline: +1 347-202-1025

Email: info@shoptier.nyc

Address: Not Given

02. Telfar

Telfar, with the motto, ‘It’s not for you, it’s for everyone’, comes with designs with a high-end feel and affordable prices.

Homepage of Telfar
Homepage of Telfar

Their clothing is the gender-neutral and unisex label. Their products are t-shirts, bags, hoodies, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. Most of their products are projected by Black people.

Contact Information:

Website: https://telfar.net/

Email: shop@telfar.net

Address: Not Given.

 03. Wales Bonner

Wales Bonner is currently working as a promising new menswear brand. Their popularity rises with the collaboration with Adidas. Grace Wales Bonner founded this.

Wales Bonner
Homepage of Wales Bonner

Besides, their clothes mostly cover up the African Diaspora. Since this black-owned brand is fully men’s supportive, they bring Spring or Summer based products in ranges with footwear, menswear, and jewelry.

Contact Information:

Website: https://walesbonner.net/

Helpline: service@walesbonner.net

Email: sales@walesbonner.net (for wholesale and partnerships)

Address: UK and Europe

 04. Lurelly

Lurelly is all about getting sparkles in life. This black-owned clothing brand is one of the stunning piece makers for any kind of party.

Homepage of Lurelly

This brand aims to serve females with products (mostly in white) in the category of Gowns, Dresses, and Accessories.

Contact Information:

Website: https://lurelly.com/

Email: info@lurelly.com || E-mails are answered within 24hrs except on weekends

Address: 5225 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 308. Los Angeles, CA 90036

 05. The Folklore

The Folklore is a fashion boutique where you can find clothes focusing on Africa and the Diaspora. It, being a black-owned clothing brand, is a New-York based retailer that seems exclusive in the emerging high-end brand.

The Folklore
Homepage of The Folklore

Also, this brand works like a B2B wholesale platform to promote diversity and sustainability.  

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.thefolklore.com/

Helpline: Register as a retailer here

Email: connect@thefolklore.com

06. Heron Preston

Heron Preston, another black-owned clothing brand, is associated with Kanye West Abloh and Justin Saunders.

Heron Preston
Homepage of Heron Preston

In the decade of 2010, this brand comes up with iconography-laden streetwear. For a casual style, they bring a canvas jacket, skirt, carpenter denim, and all.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.heronpreston.com/en-us/

Helpline: Send your question here.

Email: ecommerce@heronpreston.com

07. Patta

Patta recognizes the streetwear industry as a shining beacon with its newly launched products.

Homepage of Patta

Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Gee Schmidt founded this brand. This duo channeled the fervor for the culture of denim pants or knitted sweaters. You will also find here a canvas chore jacket.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.highsnobiety.com/en-us/shop/brand/patta/

Helpline: +1 646 969 7774


08. Connor McKnight

Their story is inspirational one that includes the cut-sew collection, workwear, and functional designs. The high-concept designs are wearable and exploring between the normality and luxury in nature. They bring separate categories of products under the name menswear and womenswear.

Connor McKnight
Homepage of Connor McKnight

Moreover, they explore both quality and comfort in making durable pieces even though it is a black-owned clothing brand.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.ssense.com/en-us


If you are looking for bold, vibrant, and stunning pieces, you will surely go to adore an African clothing brand named OFUURE.

Homepage of OFUURE

Their clothes are completely top-notch in making as a black-owned clothing brand. Products range from pajamas to gowns and all.

Contact Information:

Website: https://www.ofuure.com/

Helpline: contact here

 10. A Cold Wall

A Cold Wall is a brand of Samuel Ross. It traces the lineage of haute couture. From an undeniably streetwise aesthetic to match up with Britain’s culture of the working class, they make high fashion.

 A Cold Wall
Homepage of A Cold Wall

The fashionable product denotes contemporary, utilitarian services. Each detail becomes a star of the ensemble with a refreshing touch.

Contact Information:

Website: https://a-cold-wall.com/

Helpline: +49 (0)30 235 908 500

 11. Ahluwalia

This black-owned clothing brand brings products in the most vibrant color. Self-titled fashion label designer Priya Ahluwalia gets back to the fashion industry by injecting deadstock fabrics.

Homepage of Ahluwalia

This brand has been a game changer as it redefines the fashion scene since the year 2018. The brand reflects childhood trips to Nigeria where you certainly get Indian-Nigerian lineage.

Contact Information:

Website: https://ahluwalia.world/

Helpline: Send your message here.

Email: info@ahluwalia.world

12. Orange Culture Nigeria

Adebayo Oke-Lawal founded this black-owned clothing brand in the year 2011. From that year, this brand started to become the most unique fashion label in Nigeria.

Orange Culture
Homepage of Orange Culture

The brand not only fuses contemporary streetwear but also comes up with traditional Nigerian fabrics. This brand also appeared in Forbes Africa’s 30 under 30 list for being the most creative brand in the continent. Be it their clothes or accessories, they have covered you on all sides.

 Contact Information:

Website: https://orangeculture.com.ng/

Helpline: Send your message here.


If you want to show your support towards the Black community, shopping from Black-owned clothing brands is the best. Because of the growing diversified and inclusive fashion world, you often get to see these designers. Our mentioned 12 black-owned brands surely are going to support you in making the impossible things possible with your preferable style choices.

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