Operating Instructions of Stenter Machine

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Stenter Machine Operating Instructions

1. The padder, Spindle Roller, SS Filter, and Chambers are clean before the Fabric finish.

2. The electrician checks the panel board and switches if everything is ok then power off the machine or Switch it on.

3. When the net is clean, the heat set temperature in the chamber should be raised. The heat set (195° C Temperature up to 200° Celsius) is given.

4. After the full temperature is raised in the chamber, the wetting agent is added to the chemical tank and warmed up. Heat-set fabrics will be run with mixing water.

5. Stenter Machine RPM during heat set varies according to different fabrications.

6. During Heat Set Fabric width is 4″-5″ inch plus from required width and GSM. From the required GSM, light color is increased up to 2-5. Deep Color is reduced to 4-5.

7. Machine overfeed is provided depending on GSM while running the heat set.

8. While running the machine, the operator should ensure that all dry and motor including the burner, Bluer, adjust fan, and various tension rollers are working properly.

09. Before running the finished fabrics in the machine, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned.

10. To take chemical tank for fabrics per dyer requirement and fabric quantity.

11. The machine temperature must be adjusted According to the fabric color (Spandex). Deep Color Spandex In this case (165°-175° C) and Light Color Spandex (160°-165) C should be kept. At the time of the finish, the speed ranges from 32-38.

12. In case of Cotton Temperature: Deep Color (160-170°C) Light Color (155-160) C

13. During cotton fabric finish machine speed is between (32-38 ) RPM.

14. Overfeed as per G.S.M (Gram per Square Meter)

Image: Stenter Machine
Image: Stenter Machine

Cleaning Instruction For Compacting Machine

Before starting the work on GB/T-19630 organic cotton items, must follow the below SOP for cleaning:

  • The Stenter Machine Must be cleaned with Falosan NOF 3gm/1 before inputting the fabric.
  • Use a blower machine for dust removal.
  • Then use organic fabric for hard cleaning.
  • Keep cleaning record for further clarification.
Image: Compacting Machine
Image: Compacting Machine

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