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Whenever you search for a distributor’s list of good quality wholesale clothing, you will only find women-centric clothing brands, don’t you? What if we bring you a list of good quality USA-based wholesale clothing distributors for men, women, and kids of all ages in one ground? 

Well, you got it right. This article is going to cover each of the wholesale clothing distributors irrespective of any gender and age difference. All we focus is on the premium quality product that wholesale clothing websites show us. The latest trends frequently change and we had to constantly update the list of distributors. On an overage ground, our consolidated list will fill up queries regarding wholesale clothing shopping. It is because we want you to compare prices and features promptly.  

Top Good Quality Wholesale Clothing Distributors USA in 2023 

Can you guess what are the top wholesale clothing distributors USA in this year? You may learn a lot of things while finding a perfect distributor. In this guide, we let you know the information so that you can get single websites out there on clothing niches for men, women, and kids at once. Check out these following distributors asap! 

For women: 

1. Tasha Apparel 

Tasha Apparel, only by its name, you have acknowledged the top pick women’s wholesale clothing distributor in the USA. The fashionable outfits for women are so attractive to coordinate. Not only you will get a suitable style for the day but also you can carry the clothes comfortably no matter which occasion you are going to attend. Moreover, Tasha Apparel remembers your financial capability. Hence, it comes up with affordable prices to get along with.  

Figure: Tasha Apparel Website
Figure: Tasha Apparel Website
  • Address: 6901 McKinley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90001 

2. LA Showroom 

LA showroom is a USA-based good quality wholesale clothing distributor for men, women, and children-focused items. Their categories are not limited to clothing only. You can get matching accessories, bags, and footwear all year round. Also, their sales and discounts are always available, especially on occasion. As a member, you can avail of different offers to grab your perfect combination of clothing too. If you have a retail business, this would be the wisest opportunity to grab their women’s distributor category to get as much clothing at a competitive price as you want.  

Figure: LA Showroom Website
Figure: LA Showroom Website


  • Address: 2250 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90011 USA  

3. All-time Trading 

Another leading wholesale clothing distributor of good quality products in the USA in All-Time Trading. This brand is online based and you may get the merchandise and seasonal bulk products by placing orders on the website. All-time Trading is popular in bringing apparel, winter wear products, toys, games for kids, and personal care features. Customer service is their top priority. They do not place orders for you until they confirm their stock and availability of wholesale merchandise.  

Figure: All-time Trading Website
Figure: All-time Trading Website
  • Address: 2240 East 17th St. Brooklyn, NY 11229 

4. Volume Apparel 

Before we start, let us clarify that Volume Apparel does not contain all the merchandise on its website due to the COVID crisis. The reason is their employees remotely work but that does not stop the new merchandise from selling quickly. Their categories are dedicated to men’s, women’s, and kid’s apparel. There is a section named Bargain Bin for wholesale clothing where you can find satisfying shopping products for clothing in any season type according to your budget. Also, Volume Apparel has taken a sustainable initiative where they sell used clothing and according to them, the wholesale used clothing market is the largest industry!  

Figure: Volume Apparel Website
Figure: Volume Apparel Website
  • Address: 49 Rose Street Stoughton, Ma 02072 and New York Showroom 1407 Broadway Suite 2311 NY, NY 10018 

5. Bloom Wholesale 

Bloom wholesale is the destination for women’s fashion at wholesale prices. Here, you may find plus-size fashion as well. LA fashion district is their clothing distributor basis. They have no minimums policy. Instead, you can order anything under USD 800 to get a 9.95 USD flat rate. The interesting fact is that they always refund the damaged product. It also applies to the product you are unsatisfied with too. 

Figure: Bloom Wholesale Website
Figure: Bloom Wholesale Website
  • Address: 2444 N Palm Dr. Signal Hill CA, 90755 

6. Wishlist Apparel 

Wishlist Apparel is another women’s wholesale brand in supplying good quality clothing in the USA. This brand specializes in developing classics to wear all year round. Checking on fit, quality, and another color palette, the brand combines the style and comfort of women. Their dresses are good enough to make you confident, comfortable, and trendy in all seasons.  

Figure: Wishlist Apparel Website
Figure: Wishlist Apparel Website
  • Address: 1100 SAN PEDRO ST. #L-02, Los Angeles, CA 90015  

7. Sugarlips 

Looking for brands that have must-have styles of clothing merchandise? Consider Sugarlips. It is one of the contemporary renowned brands as a supplier for retail business in the USA. Their fashionable clothes are affordable and available all over the world. In the clothing section, you can find tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, rompers, and other outwear.  

Figure: Sugarlips Website
Figure: Sugarlips Website

8. Flaire 

Created in 2017, Flaire has been playing a competitive field along with Walmart and Amazon in providing the best deals on apparel. Here, the product is not only for women but also you can find daily used accessories as well. For independent brands out there, Flaire brings to you the wholesale women’s product section to cover your desires in getting a quality product in a one-stop place.  

Figure: Flaire Website
Figure: Flaire Website

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For Men: 

1. Handshake 

We cannot absolutely consider Handshake as a brand for men’s clothing. But in the USA, Handshake is a popular wholesale clothing distributor unquestionably. Their apparel and other categories are no longer for men only. Women’s apparels are also available. However, if you have a new retail store, this Handshake can provide you with clothing in low or even no minimum orders. There is no joining free as well. If you are looking for a kids’ section, you may find children’s clothing as well. 

Figure: Handshake Website
Figure: Handshake Website
  • Address: 225 Bush St Ste 1200, San Francisco, California, 94104, United States  

2. Seven Wholesale 

Seven Wholesale is a heavenly destination of wholesale clothing for men. They have distanced categories of clothes with different names. You can check them all to get to know exactly what you want. Their featured product is Champion (big and tall), Iro Ochi, and other protective equipment accessories. In addition, they have a women’s section as well. Are you thinking about kids? No worries, they get them covered as well!  

Figure: Seven Wholesale Website 
Figure: Seven Wholesale Website 
  • Address: 110 E 15th St, LA CA 90015 (in the alley). 

3. Steal Deal Inc. 

Steal Deal has been serving as the Men’s best branded good quality wholesale clothing distributor in the USA. Their services have already crossed more than 5000 retailers nationwide. Although men’s categories are mostly valued, you may get women’s and kids’ categories of clothing as well. From bottoms to accessories, they have covered you from top to bottom in a perfect manner.  

Figure: Steal Deal Inc. Website
Figure: Steal Deal Inc. Website


  • Address: 5716 Alba St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 

4. FashionTIY 

Looking for wholesale good quality men’s apparel with drop shipping service? Find FashionTIY your companion in establishing a boutique store with new arrival products. You may get the product at a huge discount of up to 70%. From sets, sweatshirts, and t-shirts to pants, and sportswear and sizes wear everything is available for men in this FashionTIY.  

Figure: FashionTIY Website
Figure: FashionTIY Website

  • Address: 2035 Sunset Lake Rd, Newark, Delaware, 19702, United States 

5. Alanic 

One of the biggest clothing wholesale distributors in the USA since 2004 is none other than Alanic. For men’s clothing and women’s clothing, in both cases, you can avail good quality clothing products from Alanic. Even, Alanic takes care of your child’s clothing and your fitness track as well. However, their best collections are compression clothing, leggings, polo t-shirts, and running shoes. Make sure you avail them before they get purchased by other retailers. You may find their info here:  

Figure: Alanic Website
Figure: Alanic Website

  • Address: Penthouse, 8730 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90210, USA 

For Kids: 

  1. Little Threads, Inc. 

Little Thread, Inc, established in 2006, is a solely dedicated brand of children’s fashion as a wholesale clothing distributor in the USA. Their categories are for baby boys, girls, Boys, Girls, the easter baby threads outfits, jammies, and other swimsuits related clothing areas. The classy look with clean lines in Children’s clothing are best to grab any deals for retail businesses.  

Figure: Little Threads, Inc. 
Figure: Little Threads, Inc. 

  • Address: 270 SW 12 Ave Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 
  1. Penguin Kids Wear 

At Penguin Kids Wear, you may find simple and convenient clothing items for kids of any age. For clothing of Retail stores, they are mostly dedicated to providing all products which are in ‘ready-to-sell’ condition. From Children’s apparel to accessories, you may find your exact product for sale in your stores. It can be a profitable one if you grab children’s apparel, junior tops, sweatshirts, and reso-resort-wearing items as well.  

Figure: Penguin Kids Wear Website
Figure: Penguin Kids Wear Website 

  • Address: 2440 S Main St unit b, Los Angeles, CA 90007, United States 
  1. Honey Dew 

Honey Dew is another children-specific good quality wholesale clothing distributor you may find in the USA. From babies to children’s clothing, they are eager to support retail entrepreneurs in achieving the best retail goals of eCommerce. Quality is what they appreciate the most. Their free shipping starts from spending USD 999+ with a volume discount of up to 20%. Also, you may grab their no minimum order policy while shopping for the daily special offer. 

Figure: Honey Dew Website
Figure: Honey Dew Website

  • Address: 37350 Cedar Blvd Ste I Newark, CA 94560 

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Advantages of Wholesale Clothing Shopping Online 

Shopping for our desired clothing style wholesale online can be advantageous as they come up with many unseen features. For instance: 

  1. Transparency of Price 

Online shopping brings you the accessibility to reach out to distributors within a short time but with better transparency. You may even get the chance to negotiate prices during placing bulk orders at wholesale prices. 

  1. Diverse Categories 

Purchasing online may provide you with better benefits of searching different categories of wholesale clothing compared to physical shops. 

  1. Efficient delivery 

From placing an order to getting delivery at your doorstep, all these happen timely. This is completely a win-win situation for both distributors and shoppers. In the case of running a small business, wholesale clothing by shopping online definitely brings you better ways to deal with it.  

Sneak Peak in Finding Good Quality Wholesale Clothing Distributors 

In the FAQ section, we have discussed in detail how to find a good Quality Wholesale clothing distributor. Follow these suggestions for more updates.  

  • Comparing price 

Prices are competitive in the apparel market. When buying clothing in bulk, your clothing products must be profitable in nature. So, before placing the order, you can compare the price thoroughly.  

  • Quality or Quantity: Where to Focus? 

The product’s quality increases its value of the product. If you want to resell the purchased clothes later, always focus on the quality.  

  • Joining Business Forums 

To get more insights into finding the latest trends in clothes, joining business forums can be a good strategy as well. You may find a good community there.  

Also, there are some benefits of joining forums for getting the idea of good quality wholesale clothing distributors. Such as: 

  1. Network & Connection Opportunities for referrals. 
  2. Getting recommendations from distributors 
  3. Sharing the personal experience of getting good quality wholesale distributors of clothing.  


How to look for a Wholesale trendy clothing Distributor in the USA? 

Apart from our given list of wholesale clothing, you may search the following tips to reach out to wholesale clothing distributors of good quality and trendy clothing USA-based. They are: 

1. Using the Search Engine from Google 
This point is better known to you compared to us. Google searching is the easiest way to find out insightful information on trendy clothes. The user-friendly websites with better results in addition to user reviews are what you would love to look for in finding reputable good quality wholesale clothing distributors. Start searching with keywords related to the clothing you are looking for and in return, you will receive the best match listings from Google. Besides, you check keywords like these: 
– Wholesale apparel distributors for boutiques 
– Wholesale bulk clothing distributors 
– Premium Quality Wholesale Clothing Distributors 
– Clothing wholesalers for boutiques
– Wholesale clothing for boutiques
– Wholesalers for clothing boutiques
– Clothing wholesale for boutiques
– Wholesale clothing for a boutique
– Wholesalers for boutique clothing
– Wholesale clothing boutiques
– Wholesale clothing vendors
– Wholesale clothes for boutiques
– Boutique wholesale clothing

Even, you can search these keywords using your location to find distributors nearby you live.  

2. Browsing through news, magazines, and publications on Clothing 
Newspapers, magazines, or recent publications based on fashionable clothing may give you insights into finding wholesale clothing distributors. It is easier to get consulted and chosen for the quality production units. Besides, these sources come up with addresses and contact information to further reach out to the distributors.  

3. Participating in Local Trade Shows 
Probably this is the most unique way to search for good quality wholesale clothing distributors in the USA. Trade shows are perfect to look for the latest products and good referrals to the products. You can check the quality and follow the reviews on your selected clothing. Moreover, some websites relatively show the timings of trade/ fashion shows such as: 


What are the criteria a good quality wholesale clothing distributor must meet?

Some basic criteria must be met when choosing a good quality wholesale clothing distributor in the USA. It is not just a one-way approach rather distributors have to be alerted from their end as well while dealing with bulk orders. However, Meeting business requirements and ensuring an uninterrupted supply chain are the key purpose of the evaluation. Check out the following criteria to look for in wholesale clothing distributors: 

i. Authentic Product Quality  
In this era of fast fashion, this criterion becomes an inevitable factor. Ensure that the product quality is good and that the distributor is authentic as well. The clothing must follow the durability and comfortable touch to stand out in any type of fabric. 

ii. Delivery Service 
Delivery Service is a must to investigate to ensure fast, safe, and secure delivery from the factory end to the buyers’ doors.  

iii. Return Policy 
Return Policy is another criterion to work on. Check out the brand’s return policy and read the instructions carefully before reaching out for orders.  

iv. Customer Evaluation 
Always read the customer review on the items that you like. It is an important segment in business to attract the public attention and reach out to more customers like you. In that case, sow before you reap! 

Who are Wholesale Clothing Distributors? 

In a simple sense, clothing distributors refer to those who buy clothes from manufacturers in bulk at a wholesale competitive price and sell them to retail stores. So, here manufacturers are those people or companies who produce products at a larger scale by converting the raw material into the final goods. Meanwhile, wholesale clothing distributors make up the product price strategically before selling products to retailers. After that, the retailers or individual buyers bargain on the prices of the items since the consumer cannot but have to pay more than the actual price.  

Wholesale clothing distributors can sell the purchased product to retailers or other businesses. In that case, these distributors work as middlemen between the running retailers and the production house. You may call them middle suppliers as well since they provide inventory in bulk orders for businesses. The finished goods may end up in the customer’s hand since they are the ones named as beneficiaries or users. As you can see through this description, wholesale clothing distribution is nothing but a chain of command.  


After China, The USA is one of the wholesale clothing-producing destinations in wholesale. Clothes are well-manufactured and designed in a few parts of the USA like Los Angeles, California, and other districts. The price of wholesale clothing products is increasing rapidly. It is obvious that you are not going to wait for China’s shipment of wholesale clothing to pay a little money, are you? In that case, our extensive list of wholesale clothing distributors USA, based on the many benefits, will provide a lifetime opportunity to deal for you and your business unquestionably! 

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