What is Challis Fabric? Things You Didn’t Know Before 

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Challis is not a popular fabric that you hear of every other day. But Challis fabric has made its way out in popularity all because of its durability, versatility, and friendliness towards the environment. 

Some people mix Challis fabric with cotton due to its lightweight and breathable properties. But there is a thin line between them, which you will find out in this article. Keep Reading!

What is Challis Fabric?

Challis refers to the lightweight woven fabric that is made of silk and wool in a traditional method. The term ‘Challis’ comes from the Anglo-Indian word ‘shallee’, which refers to the softer side. 

Image: What is Challis Fabric
Image: Challis Fabric

Challis fabric has a soft and thin feel that may seem to be identical to Norwich Crepe fabric. Besides, Challis fabric has the traditional design, Paisley and Floral Designs

What is Challis Fabric Made of?

Challis fabric is made of a blend of silk and wool. Not every time does the blend of these two fibers happen. Sometimes, a single fabric- silk, cotton, or wool helps create Challis fabric. 

Image: Challis Fabric
Image: Challis Fabric

Moreover, Rayon, being a synthetic fiber, is also the most used material to contribute to Challis. With Rayon, Challis fabric is easy to obtain, making it more long-lasting.

What is Challis Fabric Used For?

Challis fabric is used for a variety of applications. For instance:

Clothing: Jackets, Shirts, Tops, Pants, Kimono, Pajamas, pant

Accessories: Sportswear

Image: Challis Fabric Used For
Image: Challis Fabric Used

Challis Fabric vs Cotton

Since Challis fabric and cotton are up for making summer-friendly outfits, there is a thin line of differences between them. Let’s have a look:

Cotton, a natural material, is breathable, soft, and versatile. Hence, it is suitable for a variety of climates and garments. It’s absorbent, easy to care for, and works well with various weaves and weights. 

Image: Challis Fabric vs Cotton
Image: Challis Fabric vs Cotton

Meanwhile, Challis fabric is a lightweight, soft fabric typically composed of wool, cotton, or rayon. It has a smooth drape and is frequently printed with various patterns. 


Is Challis Fabric Stretchable?

Challis fabric, being a woven type of fabric, is not as stretchy as it may look. Hence, it always requires you to make loose-fitting clothes because tight-fitting clothes will not stretch further and will not be a good match. 

Is Challis Fabric See-Through?

Challis fabric is lightweight, soft, and delicate. It can be sheer, opaque, or semi-transparent, depending on the material used to make it. In general, darker colors will not be transparent compared to light-colored ones.

What is Challis Cotton Fabric?

Challis cotton fabric is a soft, lightweight fabric. This cotton-made Challis fabric combines the Challis drape with the comfort and breathability of the cotton.

What is Rayon Challis Fabric?

Image: Rayon Challis Fabric

Rayon challis fabric is a soft, lightweight rayon fabric with a plain weave. It is well-known for its smooth drape and comfortable feel. Rayon Challis contributes to the similar light and drapable attribute of the pure Challis. 

Is Challis Fabric Comfortable?

Challis fabric is comfortable, soft, and lightweight. Using cotton, wool, or rayon contributes to the smooth texture, gentle drape, and breathability. In warmer weather, it is comfortable to wear.

What is Viscose Challis Fabric?

Image: Viscose Challis Fabric

Viscose challis fabric is a lightweight, soft fabric. It is made from viscose fibers that are valued for their smooth texture, good drape, and comfort.


Ultimately, it is wise to say that Challis as a fabric is very smooth and quite cool to the touch. The fabric is breathable during the summer because it is made of cellulosic fiber. However, fashion designers love to create outfits using Challis fabric, ranging from loose-fitting dresses to bottomwear. Get started to style with Challis fabric, and let us know how you feel in the comment below!

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