What is Chenille Fabric? Intriguing Facts About Chenille Fabric

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For decoration purposes, you must be looking for fabric that is soft to the touch. I’m glad you are here cause Chenille fabric covers it all! Behind its mesmerizing features are beloved properties you would love to learn about in this article. Keep Scrolling!

What is Chenille Fabric?

Chenille refers to the woven yarn that can result in a fabric of soft material. Being a woven fabric, Chenille is made from cotton, wool, silk, and rayon. Although Chenille-type yarn is a contemporary invention, it dates back to the history of the 18th century with an origin in France. Chenille fabric has two main uses: One is home decor, upholstery, and window treatment, and another is utility application. 

Image: Chenille Fabric
Image: Chenille Fabric

What is Chenille Made from?

Chenille fabric is mainly made of cotton. But the other materials can be silk, wool, and rayon. Sometimes, Chenille is made from a blend of any of the mentioned materials. Chenille has a different appearance when it is made of a specific blend or ratio of material.

What is Chenille Fabric Good for?

Chenille fabric is suitable for its multifaceted uses, all due to its soft-to-touch and beautiful drape ability.

Image: Chenille Fabric Rugs and Dress
Image: Chenille Fabric Rugs and Dress

Home Decor: Bedspreads, linens, rugs, and carpets.

Clothing: Dress, blouse

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Chenille?

Chenille fabric has both advantages and disadvantages. For instance:

  • Advantages of Chenille:
  1. Lustrous effect.
  2. Shimmering.
  3. Excellent Drape.
  4. Better Heat Retention Ability.
  5. Soft and Comfortable.
  6. Pile and wrinkle-resistant
Image: Chenille Fabric
Image: Chenille Fabric
  • Disadvantages of Chenille:
  1. It’s not a sustainable fabric all the time.
  2. Sun damages the color and the pile.
  3. It is long-lasting, But it may look uneven after frequent use.
  4. Not easy to clean
Image: Chenille Fabrics
Image: Chenille Fabrics


What is Rayon Chenille?

Rayon Chenille refers to weaving constructed fabric for making towels, bathrobes, bathmats, and soft sweaters. It offers a coordinated solid and a variety of colors.

Is Rayon a High-Quality Fabric?

Rayon fabric is strong, but in terms of quality, it is low-quality. 

Is Chenille Fabric safe?

Chenille fabric, made of cotton, is safe for a long time. 

Is Chenille Cotton or Polyester?

Chenille fabric is both cotton and polyester. Polyester is mainly used to increase the durability of Chenille.

Is Chenille a Heavy Fabric?

Image: Chenille Fabric

Chenille offers a heavy weight of upholstery as a fabric.

Is Chenille warm or cool?

Chenille is warm, soft, and luxurious. Adding a velvety texture can increase its application for the cool season.

Is a Chenille Waterproof?

Chenille is a water-resistant fabric, but it can be delicate and can have water absorbency without proper treatment.

Which is better, Chenille or Velvet?

Both Chenille and Velvet have different purposes and uses. Chenille is more textured due to its twisted yarns, so Velvet is woven on a unique loom as a double cloth, with pile yarns created from an extra set of warp yarns.

Does Chenille Fabric Last?

Chenille fabric lasts longer. But this fabric can be prone to shrink when it comes into contact with water.


Isn’t it interesting that a fabric that is named after a French term, caterpillar, comes a long way from France to Scotland to be popular among fashion designers? Chenille is absolutely a durable fabric. Be careful because when it comes closer to sunlight, there is the risk of color fading. Other than that, you are good to go!

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