5 Easy Tricks for Fashion Video Compression Made Fast

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If you are fond of creating fashion video or or perhaps editing fashion reels, you already have a problem coming your way. You are one of those people who prefer not to rely on the internet so much, especially when they are on the go and want to consume some sort of entertainment. But the one thing that stops you from enjoying your favorite web series and movies is the limited space in your smartphone and computer. What is the best way to compress those videos without losing quality? Let’s find out:

1. Audio Sample Bit Rate

A high-definition video or something along the lines of 2K resolution is going to have an audio sample rate of 48 kHz or more. That is some really high-quality audio that has a lot of well-defined characteristics such as frequency, velocity, pitch, timbre, sound intensity, pressure, wavelength, and loudness, among many others. However, if you reduce the audio bit rate to, let’s say, 44.1 kilohertz, the sound quality will remain more or less the same, but the resultant video size will get reduced substantially.

2. Resolution of the Video

Changing the resolution of the video is going to impact the overall quality of the movie or web series but not so much if you are careful with the choices you make. For example, you do not have to watch a video in 2K resolution just because your smartphone supports that pixel count. Convert it to 720p and you can save at least 1GB of space easily.

3. The Number of Frames Per Second

You must be wondering how this little trick works. Where is the connection between the number of frames per second and the size of your video? If you don’t know how to compress a video just by playing with the frame rate, that’s alright. Remember, the average frame rate of a good-quality movie is 29.97 FPS. The human eye is capable of identifying a choppy video when it is less than 15 fps. Anything more than that is going to appear to be quite smooth. Therefore, you can use special software tools to reduce the number of frames per second. This reduces its size significantly and delivers a very fine picture quality still.

4. Cropping Is Also an Option

Now, you don’t really need the beginning titles or even the end titles of any movie or web series. Just crop them off and you have a shorter video in your hand. That is a very useful and practically the safest way to compress your video size.

5. Change Format of Video

For this, you can use any third-party video splitter software. At times, splitting a video or converting it into a different format helps compress its size significantly. For example, converting an AVI format to MP4 is going to reduce the size of the video by almost 50%.

Final Thoughts

These were a few very interesting and effective ways of compressing your videos whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac computer. Just feel free to try your hand at them whenever you want.

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