Application of Detergent in Textile

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Detergent is soaping agent used to reduce surface tension during wetting process. It removes sizing materials, oil, dirt and impurities during scouring, bleaching from fabrics.

Application of Detergent

Detergent is suitable for degreasing and refining of all polyester fibers and their blended fabrics.

Technical Parameters of Detergent in Textile
Technical Parameters Application of Detergent in Textile

It is also used for lycra elastic fibers and their blended fabrics.

Technical Parameters:

  1. Composition: Multiple Surfactant Compounds
  2. Appearance: Light yellow liquid
  3. Content: 100%
  4. PH value: 6.0-7.0(1% Liquid)
  5. Ionic Type: Anionic, non-ionic

Stability: Good stability to hard water and to salts, acids and alkalis in the amounts normally used in dye baths.

Dilution: It can be diluted in any proportion with water

Features and Applications:

  1. Detergent in textiles is really effective in removing the oiling agent from polyester fiber fabrics under the condition of dyeing in the same bath.
  2. It has super degreasing power at 1300 C.
  3. Detergent has extraordinary extracting and emulsifying power for impurities, such as lubricating oil and wax on textiles.
  4. Proper use of detergent can prevent them from being stained again
  5. Compatible with most common textile auxiliaries during dyeing.
  6. Environmentally friendly.

Using the technology:

Detergent is a high-concentration product, it is recommended to dilute 3-5 times with hot water before using.

The Used technology of Detergent in Textile
The Used technology of Detergent in Textile

Degreasing and dyeing one-bath method:

Disperse dyesX%
KPN-YC100 (25% content)1-2g/L
Application of Detergent Parameter

Store: Protection the product from the effect of frost, heat and direct sunlight. Store in original container at room temperature. If the packing is good, the service life is 6 months.

Packaging: It can be packed 125 kg/ plastic bucket.

Transportation: It can serve as a general chemical.

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