Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

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Getting a good mattress for your bedroom is a sort of investment as you will be using it for a long time. if the mattress is not comfortable enough then your hard-earned money will go to waste. Finding a good mattress is not a tough job now that the internet is available. You can simply check the reviews and pricing of each of the mattresses and judge which suits you best. 

However, sometimes people still do not manage to end up with the mattress of their dreams even after going through adequate research to get one. For that reason, it is best to go in-depth with a mattress before committing to one. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress
Image of Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding’s signature hybrid mattress is one that is bouncy, supportive, and powered by a well-known brand within the bedding market. You will hear about this brand from a lot of consumers as their bedding is known to have great quality. Overall, this mattress gets a really high rating and most of the reviews are positive because of the outstanding quality.

In this article, we will talk about the Brooklyn bedding company and their signature hybrid mattress reviews. 

About Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the mattress companies that are known for manufacturing good quality mattresses at an affordable price point. The company has been around since 1995 and it started out as a retail shop. However, the online business helped the Merwin brothers (the original founders of Brooklyn Bedding) onto the national scene. Only with the help of John Merwin’s wife, they started selling their mattresses on Amazon. 

Brooklyn Bedding
Homepage of Brooklyn Bedding

In 2008, John was the first in the bedding industry to launch the bed-in-a-box concept. He purchased a $135,000 machine from Italy which had the ability to do it all. From the start, the name of the company was different but the family re-branded the business by naming it after Jon’s daughter, Brooklyn. Their business is also booming in New York City, not because of the name but also because of the quality. To expand the business, the company constructed a new 600,000-square-foot factory in Phoenix, Arizona. This helped more mattresses to be designed and shipped directly to the customer’s houses. 

In March 2020, the company was about to celebrate its 25th year anniversary but was met by a worldwide pandemic.  John Merwin immediately shifted his business to produce masks for essential workers and then they started developing a hospital bed prototype. This helped in benefitting essential industries and in saving a lot of jobs during the economic downturn. The mattresses have a 10-year warranty and 120-night trial which allows you to try a mattress and determine if this is the one for you. 

The best part about Brooklyn Bedding is that they offer free shipping despite the part of the world you live in. The company also manufactures a lot of the top private-label mattress brands on the market. From a market trade show in 2018 in Las Vegas, the company managed to open its first permanent showroom. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress Customer Reviews.

Now, here will be mentioned some of the reviews left by customers on the signature hybrid mattress. 

In November 2023, Peter M. gave this mattress five out of 5 stars and wrote “We love our signature hybrid mattress. It is so nice to get up from a good night’s sleep and feel no pain or stiffness. Kudos to Brooklyn for a well-designed and constructed mattress.”

In November 2023, Laura S. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “So happy with our new mattress!”

Customer Reviews of Signature Hybrid Mattress
Customer Reviews of Signature Hybrid Mattress

In November 2023, Patricia F. gave this mattress four out of five stars and wrote “Just the right firmness. You kind of slip off when you sit on the edge of the bed though.”

In November 2023, Patricia B. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “Absolutely the most comfortable bed I have ever had in my life! Movers ruined the first one owned, so ordered the same mattress. Could not be happier!”

In November 2023, Gregg T. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “Despite ordering the wrong firmness (out mistake 110%) we love this mattress. The delivery and installation were great. The mattress is very comfortable but we sink further than expected meaning we needed FIRM not MEDIUM. My wife and I didn’t agree on firmness when ordering and I have to admit I was NOT wrong…lol”

In November 2023, Howard E. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “After a long search I decided on this mattress. It arrived in a box, which I had never seen! Lol, I unboxed it and set it up by myself. (Not the best idea) I was nervous but it expanded into a very nice mattress! It is hard to put sheets because I have walls on the head, and side and a built-in night table on one side. It’s pretty heavy but so much better than the original one! It sleeps great!” 

In November 2023, David C. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “Excellent mattress. My pregnant wife was having difficulty sleeping on our previous mattress. With this one, she is out within a few minutes.”

In November 2023, Steve M. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “We really love it so far but only have slept on it for a few days. Here are a few things we think could be better – 

1. Hard to sit on the edge of the mattress without slipping off. 

2. This mattress is really heavy! Our shocks barely hold the mattress up when accessing storage underneath. 

That’s it we have had so much better sleep now than with the old RV mattress.”

On November 2023, Me O. gave this mattress four out of five stars and wrote “My first at ordering online without getting a feel for the mattress. Have owned it for a month now. So far so good. Rating it good for now but may change it to great depending on how long it holds up. PROS: easy ordering, fast shipping, easy setup, and very comfortable. CONS: none noted at this time.”

On September 2023, Lynda T. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “I was very concerned about selecting the correct firmness. I am 5’5 120 lbs and it was recommended to get medium firmness. I chose a firm pillow top. BEST decision ever. It is really comfortable yet firm and has a very soft comfy feeling. I am sleeping better and no more chiropractic appointments!”

On September 2023, Bryan W. gave this mattress four out of five stars and wrote “Nice and soft. Good for side sleepers. Build quality could stand to be a bit more robust. The edge support is adequate but could be improved and extended to the foot of the bed.”

On October 2023, Joan H. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “We love our signature hybrid mattress. It is exactly what I was looking for! So comfortable! The entire shopping/purchase experience was just perfect, so easy, and exactly as advertised could not be happier with our purchase. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Joan Hyatt.”

On October 2023, Carol B. gave this mattress five out of five stars and wrote “Wonderful mattress.”

On November 2023, William C. gave this mattress four out of five stars and wrote “So much better than the OEM RV mattress in our 5th wheel trailer. Extremely happy with the size – Olympic Queen.”

Detailed Review on the Signature Hybrid Mattress. 

Now that we have seen how the customers leave their reviews for this mattress, it is time to see how the mattress is in general. 


The mattress has a top layer of bulky 9-inch layer of 961 pocketed coils which helps in supporting the body. Underneath that is a thin slab of polyurethane foam for the pocketed coil layer to rest. The next layer is a 1-inch transitional foam named “Veriflex” which is helpful for softening up the coil feels. After that is a 1.5 inch of the brand’s Titan Flex foam which is for providing responsiveness comfort. 


The bed is known for being medium firm. On a scale of 1 to 10, it gets 7. As for softness, on a scale of one to ten, it gets 2, which means the mattress is medium-soft to soft. 

Detailed Review on the Signature Hybrid Mattress. 
Detailed Critique of the Signature Hybrid Mattress.

Motion Isolation. 

The mattress is excellent at absorbing motion even though the coils are at the bottom layer. Since the top is made with a pillow and then several layers of foam, it does an amazing job at preventing motion in its tracks during a person’s sleep. 


The signature hybrid bed is a solid hybrid mattress that is known for providing both pressure-relieving comfort and support. For the soft option, the mattress does not have a sinking memory foam pattern but is more like a gentle hugging technique and pressure-reliving method. For the firm option, you will be sitting on top of the bed rather than sinking into it. 


The bed temperature tends to stay neutral. That means, it will not make you feel hot while you are sleeping but it will not cool you down either. The temperature of the mattress depends on your room temperature.

Edge Support. 

A lot of the coils in the layers of the mattress help to keep the edges sturdy and supportive. It is not hard to get out of bed in the morning. However, you will also not feel like you are falling off the edge if you are settled all the way to the right or left sides. 

Final Words:

The Brooklyn Bedding signature hybrid mattress might not be able to satisfy everyone but it is pretty close to being one-size-fits-all. This mattress does not miss the mark and has a lot of positive reviews all over the internet. The price of this mattress starts from $999 and can go up to somewhere around $2000. The overall rating this mattress receives is 8.5 which is very impressive. 

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