What is Chambray Fabric? Types and Applications

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There must be something in Chambray fabric that makes it suitable for summer. Behind its multi-purpose features are a lighter plain weave and lighter version of features that make it worthwhile to be in your wardrobe.

Image: What is Chambray Fabric
Image: Chambray Fabric

It does not matter whether you have embraced chambray fabric in your wardrobe already. This article is for you to give some insights you will keep in mind before wearing.

What is Chambray Fabric?

Chambray fabric refers to a natural fabric made from linen or cotton. Chambray fabric has been used in textiles for many years. It is delicate and dense. Chambray fabric usually starts to become soft and comfortable over time. Because of its high thread count, it offers better comfort and breathability. 

What is Chambray Fabric Made of?

Chambray fabric is a plain weave made from 100% cotton. A plain weave is a basic weaving style that passes one thread over another. The process repeats the same back and forth. 

Image: What is Chambray Fabric
Image: Chambray Fabric

Other variations are also out there that you can choose from while purchasing. But Chambray fabric, made with cotton fabric and washed with warm water, may get around 5% shrinkage. 

Where Is Chambray Fabric Produced?

In its original lens, Chambray fabric refers to the white type of linen cloth. It was made with silk before it appeared as a cotton-based. However, Chambray fabric originated in Cambrai, France, and is currently manufactured worldwide. 

Image: Chambray Fabric Produced
Image: Chambray Fabric

This material is made in countries like China, India, and the United States. Its manufacturing differs by area, each bringing its twist to the weaving and dyeing procedures.


What is Chambray Fabric like? Chambray fabric has a similar appearance to denim fabric. But the difference occurs when Chambray fabric is lighter in terms of weight and plain weave. Since woven, it uses a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Chambray fabric also creates a subtle and blended appearance. It is soft, breathable, and thinner-like clothing.

Image: Chambray Fabric like
Image: Chambray Fabric

4 Different Types of Chambray Fabric

  • Chambray Denim Fabric

Chambray denim blends the look of denim with the chambray weaving method. It is woven using a colored warp and a white weft. Besides, it is similar to denim but lighter in weight. This combination produces a casual, soft fabric that is great for shirts, dresses, and other simple clothing styles.

Image: Chambray Denim Fabric
Image: Chambray Denim Fabric
  • Cotton Chambray Fabric

Cotton chambray fabric is a textile made from cotton yarns and woven in plain weaves. It has a colored warp and a white or lighter weft yarn, resulting in a lightweight, breathable fabric. Cotton chambray is popular in casual wear because of its softness, ease, and adaptability.

Image: Cotton Chambray Fabric
Image: Cotton Chambray Fabric
  • Chambray Katan Fabric

As we have written before, Chambray fabric can have a blended version apart from being 100% cotton. For instance, here, Chambray Katan fabric combines two fabrics. “Chambray” is a lightweight, plain-woven fabric that is recognized for its comfort.

Image: Chambray Katan Fabric
Image: Chambray Katan Fabric

Whereas “Katan” is a classic silk fabric. This fusion mixes the softness of chambray with the opulent feel of silk to create a one-of-a-kind textile featuring traits from both fabrics.

  • Chambray Linen Fabric

Chambray linen fabric combines the characteristics of chambray, which is noted for its lightweight plain weave and blended appearance, and linen, a natural fabric created from flax fibers. This blend produces a breathable textile with the coolness and texture of linen and the informal elegance of chambray, which is commonly used for relaxed clothes and home textiles.

Image: Chambray Linen Fabric
Image: Chambray Linen Fabric

There are two other types of Chambray Fabric. That is: Cambric, and Batiste. Cambric fabric has a weave pattern similar to Chambray’s. It tends to be lighter and smoother. Meanwhile, the Batiste, which is derived from the surname ‘Baptiste,’ is identical to the previous fabric type, Cambric. 

What is Chambray Fabric Used for?

Chambray Fabric is used for various purposes. For instance:

  1. Festive Clothing: Shirts, Dresses, Skirts.
  2. Garment: Clothing for Priests.
  3. Denim Substitute: Pants, Shorts, Shoes, and Jackets
  4. Household Textile: Upholstery, Sofas, Chairs, and Bedsheets.


Is Chambray Fabric 100% Cotton?

Chambray fabric is a 100% cotton plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn and a white yarn, respectively, in the warp and the weft. It can also be blended with other fabrics, for instance, Linen or Polyester.

Is Chambray Fabric for Summer or Winter?

Due to its versatility, Chambray fabric applies to both summer and winter seasons. But its primary use is in the summer weather. In summer weather, chambray fabric is a popular choice for shirts, skirts, and dresses. 
In winter weather, chambray fabric is used in heavier skirts and jackets. That means. Chambray fabric is more adaptable and suitable for many seasons.

Why is it called Chambray?

The term ‘Chambray’ originates from the French word ‘Cambrai.’ Cambrai is a town situated in Northern France, produced in the 16th Century. This Chambray fabric was made in Cambrai. The name evolved from the town’s name. 

Is Chambray Good for Dresses?

Chambray is suitable for dress styles often worn in casual settings. The fabric makes it ideal for shirt dresses and simple frocks. Besides, Chambray dresses can range from everyday designs to tailored styles.

What is the Difference between Denim and Chambray?

There are some main differences between Denim and Chambray. Chambray fabric has a denim-like appearance. For instance, denim appears to have a light and smooth texture because of the plain weave. Chambray is fabric in a plain weave and breathable fabric.

How Much Does Chambray Fabric Cost?

Chambray fabric, which is made of cotton, is inexpensive. It costs around $10.00. The color is available in blue, red, yellow, white, rayon, linen, midnight navy, eggshell rayon, deep navy, pale, and linen. The design of vertical stripe yarn-dyed Chambray is popular in the marketplace.

How Does Chambray Fabric Impact the Environment?

Chambray is an environment-friendly fabric. Its durability has an impact on the overall environmental footprint. Chambray fabric opts for sustainable and eco-friendly production methods. However, a considerable amount of pollution can be caused by the mass production of cotton. 


To summarize the entire article, it is worth saying that Chambray is a lightweight cotton-based fabric woven in a simple style similar to denim.  It is versatile for apparel such as shirts, dresses, and skirts, providing comfort and breathability. 

Despite environmental problems throughout synthetic manufacturing ways, its everlasting appeal stems from its casual yet fashionable style that is appropriate for all seasons. Let us know if you have decided to add Chambray to your wardrobe in the comment below!

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