What is Berber Fleece? How Does It Differ from Sherpa?

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What is Berber Fleece? Berber fleece is a warm fabric with a rough texture that feels incredibly soft. It is well-constructed of synthetic materials and keeps you warm. People frequently use it to make blankets and furniture covers and to decorate their homes. In this article, you will learn more details about Berber Fleece and how it differs from Sherpa with its applications.

Image: What is Berber Fleece
Image: Berber Fleece

Berber Fleece vs Sherpa

Berber Fleece and Sherpa are both soft and cozy in terms of fabric nature. Still, they possess some differences within

Area of DiscussionBerber FleeceSherpa
TextureThe plush, curly textureFluffy, wool-like Texture with a raised surface.
MaterialPolyester: Synthetic Material-MadeCotton, polyester. Sometimes, a blend of fabrics is used.
AppearanceCurly AppearanceA fluffy and fur-like appearance
ApplicationBlankets, Home Decor, and UpholsteryOuterwear, Linings, and Insulation
Difference between Berber Fleece and Sherpa Fabric
Image: Berber Fleece vs Sherpa
Image: Berber Fleece vs Sherpa

What is Berber Fleece Fabric?

Berber Fleece as a type of fabric refers to softness and warmth as it is made from synthetic fibers. Usually, Berber Fleece is made from polyester and other man-made fibers which are synthetic. To make berber fleece, all you have to do is to knit polyester yarn into fabric. With an additional soft touch, the fabric may get brushed by the wire brushes. 

Image: What is Berber Fleece Fabric
Image: Berber Fleece Fabric

Is Berber Fleece Warm?

Berber fleece fabric is well-recognized for being warm. It is made to simulate the insulating properties of natural wool, making it feel toasty and comfy. The composition of this fabric helps in the trapping of body heat.  Berber fleece is also commonly used in outdoor clothing due to its capacity to give insulation in cold weather.

Berber Fleece Jacket

Berber fleece is an excellent material for jackets. It is known for being warm, soft, and snug, making it an excellent choice for outerwear, especially during the colder seasons. Its rough appearance can also provide a jacket with a fashionable and distinguished appeal.

Image: Berber Fleece Jacket
Image: Berber Fleece Jacket

Berber Fleece Blanket

Berber fleece is widely used to make blankets because of its warmth, softness, and comfortable feel. It’s an excellent material for blankets that keep you warm on cold nights or for simply snuggling up on the couch. 

Image: Berber Fleece Blanket
Image: Berber Fleece Blanket


Berber fabric is popular because it is soft, warm, and unique. Proper care of the Berber fleece fabric can ensure softness and coziness for a long time if washed on a general cycle.  Let us know if you want to know anything more about Berber Fleece.

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