5 Tips for choosing a Rentable Tuxedo for your wedding

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The hardest part of wedding planning may be finding the perfect tuxedo for your big day. But the actual decision comes next: buy or rent?

Tux rentals generally come with a jacket, pants, cummerbund or vest, bow tie or long tie, cufflinks, and pocket square. Shirts and shoes are optional extras.

Choosing a Rentable Tuxedo for Your Wedding

Rentable Tuxedo for wedding

1. Style

Most rental packages include a jacket, pants, a cummerbund or vest, a shirt, a long tie or bow tie, and cuff links. Some also include pocket squares and a watch. Renting is an excellent option for men who may need to learn what style tallies best with their complexion and who might want to avoid dropping severe cash on formalwear that will be out of fashion in just a year or two.

Rentable Tuxedo for Your Wedding

Attending formal events without owning formal attire becomes hassle-free with the availability of rentable tuxedos, allowing individuals to access premium and well-fitted garments for special occasions without the burden of permanent ownership.

The good news is that thanks to technology and home try-ons, renting a suit or tuxedo is incredibly simple. Some rental services even allow you to design your entire wedding party’s attire in one place and track their order progress! That means no more worrying about last-minute alterations or late fees.

2. Fabric

When you rent a tuxedo, you will pick it up in-store or have it shipped. The process varies by store, but you must return the tuxedo within a few days after your wedding.

Most people will only wear a tuxedo a few times, making renting more cost-effective than buying one. However, if you have a specific style in mind that you would like to purchase, it may make more sense.

Choosing a Rentable Tuxedo for Your Wedding

For those seeking options for men’s formal attire, rentable tuxedos are a practical choice, providing access to a range of impeccably tailored garments suitable for various formal occasions, ensuring an elegant and sophisticated look without needing a permanent purchase.

Tuxedos come in many colors, from traditional black to lighter grey and navy blue. The color you choose should depend on the time of year and the formality of your event – more lightweight fabrics work well for casual summer events, while dark-colored tuxes are perfect for more formal winter weddings.

3. Size

When renting a tuxedo, it’s a good idea to ensure it fits perfectly. A poorly fitting tux can not only feel uncomfortable, but it can also look terrible.

Fortunately, most online rental companies offer at-home try-on options for grooms. This means that you can take your time to find the perfect tux and feel confident that it will fit you like a glove.

Rentable Tuxedo for Your Wedding

The key is to find a rental company with an excellent return policy. If anything doesn’t work out or you want to try something different, you can return it before the deadline without any extra charges. This is especially important if you plan on ordering tuxedos for the wedding party. This will save everyone a lot of stress in the long run!

4. Budget

When deciding whether to rent or buy, it’s essential to consider your budget. On average, renting a tuxedo is cheaper than buying one of the same designs, but this will depend on designers, trends, materials, and more. It’s also worth considering any groomsmen who must be fitted for their tuxedos and any necessary accessories, such as shoes or ties.

Choosing a Rentable Tuxedo for Your Wedding

Most rental packages include a tux jacket, pants, and dress shirt, but some may not include cuff links or studs, bowties, suspenders, vests, or cummerbunds. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you must return your tuxedo on time to avoid incurring extra fees. This is why renting up to three months before the big day is ideal. It gives you ample time to try tuxes and find the perfect fit.

5. Fit

The deciding factor for most grooms is whether it makes more sense to rent or purchase a tuxedo. Buying has benefits, including a broader selection of fabrics and designs like lapels, buttons, and more.

The downside is that a suit requires tailoring, which may take time before your big day. Many online rental companies can provide a streamlined ordering process to help ensure your tuxedo fits perfectly.

Rentable Tuxedo for Your Wedding

This can be especially helpful for grooms who are more slender than the average guy or have specific fit issues like short arms, long legs, or a slimmer torso. A few tweaks to your tux can make all the difference in how you look on your wedding day.

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