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Purchasing a mattress for the bedroom can be a risky business if you do not have enough knowledge about which one is going to be comfortable for you. Going through the net to find all the mattress options and which have the best reviews should be your top priority before committing to one. You will notice that there are several mattress options in the market and the prices also vary. 

Fixing a budget for your mattress or deciding which brand you are going to purchase from is going to help you in decision-making. Westin Heavenly Bed is a competitive option for those who are looking to purchase a hotel mattress. Hotel mattresses are known for their bouncy and soft characteristics which are adored and preferred by most people. 

Here we will be discussing Westin Heavenly bed mattresses and the reviews customers give to these.

About Westin Heavenly Beds. 

The Westin Hotels are one of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world. They have hotels in almost every country of the world and the quality of their service is outstanding. Not many people complain about the food beds or bathrooms. To maintain this standard, they are always pressured to ensure that they can provide the best to their customers. As a result, investing in high-quality mattresses is a priority so that customers have a good night’s sleep. The Heavenly Bed is produced by Simmons only for Westin hotels. 

Westin Heavenly Mattress
Image of Westin Heavenly Mattress

You can find these mattresses on Amazon for an affordable price point, but those are used ones or ones with defects. There are various types of it and the colors are also different so that you can have variations of one. The Westin Heavenly bed is a hybrid mattress which is manufactured by Simmons Bedding Company. This particular company also manufactures mattresses for other hotels which are directly in competition with Westin’s mattresses. 

The Heavenly beds have velvety comfort layers, an individually wrapped coil foundation for support, and a luxury pillow top. The firmness of this bed is medium and they give a five-year warranty. Price ranges for these mattresses are between $2034 to $2678. This mattress is great for people of any weight as the mattress does not sink in if you are on the heavy side. The mattress stays cool during the night so if you get hot, it will be good for you. 

Moreover, for couples, this mattress is an ideal one as it offers excellent motion isolation and other features that couples usually look for. As for combination sleepers who like to move a lot during their sleep, this mattress is a perfect choice as it does not move from its place. If you are suffering from back or spine pain, then the heavenly bed mattresses are known for giving relief to back pain. 

However, they do not accept returns nor provide free shipping which is justified considering shipping a mattress takes a lot of work and a large vehicle which is not cheap to hire. Overall, the mattresses have mostly positive reviews, even though there is some constructive feedback from some of the customers, 

Westin Heavenly Bed Reviews

In this section, we will be discussing the reviews that some of the customers have left on these mattresses. 

One of the reviews has posted along with giving the mattress 5 out of 5 stars, “This has to be the most unforgettable night of sleep I have ever had. Westin Hotel is where I dream about sleeping every night since. About 6 months ago I had to go to Las Vegas on a business trip and had the wonderful experience of sleeping on the heavenly Bed. I have always experienced neck pain and back pain while working at trade shows but let me say after a 13 hour day at the show and sleeping in heaven on the heavenly bed I was ready and chipper for the next 16-hour day. I felt like I melted away and woke up feeling truly refreshed for the first time in my life. Absolutely unforgettable and now I am searching for one to bring home. Thanks for all the other great reviews, I know this will be a new chapter for me.” – This is the most liked positive review from the rest. The customer recommends this to a friend.

Westin Heavenly Bed Reviews
Some Westin Heavenly Bed Reviews

KimLimoges gives this mattress 4 out of 5 stars and has posted – “We purchased the Westin heavenly bed in February of 2014. The first couple of nights I was not so sure but my husband loved it. I have grown to love this bed after about a week. So, my suggestion is to give it a shot. It is firm yet not too firm. The only thing I find is it can get very warm. Holds some heat.” – The customer recommends this to a friend.

Tonobono gives this mattress 5 out of 5 stars and has posted – “It is rare that I go to a hotel and sleep well the first night of any stay. Something about this mattress is so cozy, that I go right to sleep and wake up in the morning feeling pretty good. The mattress is cozy, but firm and well-made. I will consider it for my own home when I need to replace my mattress. – The customer recommends this to a friend. 

Cjcris gives this mattress 5 out of 5 stars and has posted – “Some friends of ours were getting a new mattress and offered us their old king mattress – this one! We immediately accepted their offer and, wow, we have not regretted it. My husband and I had been sleeping on a queen mattress for 6 years that he had as a kid! The first night we slept on this mattress, I felt like I was going to get the best sleep I Have had in years, and I was right. My husband wishes it were just a tiny bit firmer, but I like the softness level of it. And having a king is great with a 4-year-old and baby who likes to snuggle in bed with us in the mornings and for family movie nights  My daughter often comments on how much more comfortable our bed is than hers and while she sleeps just fine in hers, I am sure she is right – ours is very comfortable!” – The customer recommends this to a friend. 

Tj169 gives this mattress 2 out of 5 stars and has posted – “We are disappointed in the Westin Heavenly bed. We have had it just under a year and have purchased a feather topper and a memory topper all in hopes of improving our sleep. The memory topper helped the most but now it seems that needs replacing because both my husband and I are complaining about our backs again. I checked reviews before purchasing and realized we are in the minority…. most love their beds but sadly ours doesn’t live up to being called “heavenly”.” – The customer does not recommend this to a friend.

Who Should Get the Westin Heavenly Mattresses?

The Westin heavenly mattresses are good for people that are within one of each category – 

1. Back sleepers The heavenly mattresses are manufactured in such a way that you can lie flat on them. The mattress provides the correct amount and direction of spine support and relaxes deep muscles around the spine. This leaves you feeling fresh the morning after. 

Who Should Get the Westin Heavenly Mattresses
Perfect user of the Westin Heavenly Mattresses

2. Hot sleepers – People who tend to sweat throughout the night will like this mattress as it is made with materials that let air pass through it. The hybrid design allows the mattress to stay cool during summer or in hot climates as air does not get trapped in the layers. 

3. Sleeping partners that move during the night – If you have a partner that tends to move and turn a lot while sleeping then this mattress is a good one. That is because it is great at absorbing motion. You will not notice your partner’s movements during the night which will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep.

Who Should Not Get the Westin Heavenly Mattresses?

Who Should Not Get the Westin Heavenly Mattresses
Some people do Not Get the Westin Heavenly Mattresses

Before getting this mattress, you should be aware of certain points – 

1. Compared to innerspring beds, these mattresses are more expensive. 

2. Heavy people that tend to sleep on their stomachs will not like this one. 

3. Their warranty will not provide adequate protection to the sleepers. 

Final Words:

The Westin Heavenly mattresses are not the best ones you will find in the market as they have a lot of negative reviews as well which show concern about the bed being firm or too hot for sleepers. However, if you go through the reviews, you will find that there are a lot of positive reviews that might help you make your decision. 

The mattress is costly compared to the other ones in the market. To ensure that you are not investing in something that is not going to benefit you, it is a good idea to test the mattress by staying at a Westin hotel room for the night. 

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