What is Aertex Fabric? Fabric that Wicks Away Moisture

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What is Aertex fabric? Aertex, a delicate woven fabric, has extraordinary properties such as thinness, lightness, and excellent breathability. Thanks to its myriad of small pores that allow for seamless airflow. It expertly cools the body in the summer and preserves warmth in the winter. 

Its clever construction entails doup ends twisting and fastening weft threads to ensure stability. Aertex creates clothing that exudes grace and appeal through various weave structures. In this article, the main theme of the discussion is Aertex fabric, and you will learn each detail of it in brief.

Image: What is Aertex Fabric
Image: Aertex Fabric

What is Aertex Fabric?

Aertex fabric refers to the loosely woven, lightweight cotton material that makes a popular choice for sportswear and outdoor clothes. It derives from the words ‘Air’ and ‘Texture’ that ultimately denote the unique fabric weave. 

Image: What is Aertex Fabric
Image: Aertex Fabric

The fabric is popularly known for its durability and strength. Besides being resistant to wear and tear, Aertex is an ideal fabric choice for clothing requiring heavy use or frequent washing experience. 

What is Aertex Fabric Made of? 

Aertex fabric is made from the combined form of cotton and polyester fibers. These fibers are woven together to create patterns on the fabric’s surface. Usually, the pattern nature is small and diamond-shaped to create air pockets to ensure the proper circulation of air through the fabric. 

Image: Aertex Fabric
Image: Aertex Fabric

Polyester is the base fabric of Aertex. Hence, the synthetic fiber makes Aertex fabric durable, strong, and anti-resistant to stretching. 

Aertex Fabric Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process has three steps in total: Base fabric, coating, and impregnation. In most cases, one side of the polyester fabric is well-coated with acrylate, a type of polymer that provides the Aertex fabric additional support, strength, stability, and protection to retain its unique appearance and texture. 

Image: Aertex Fabric Manufacturing Process
Image: Aertex Fabric

The Aertex fabric then goes through the process of impregnation. The impregnation process involves saturation of Aertex with a substance to make the fabric better moisture. 

Properties of Aertex Fabric

Fabric NameAertex Fabric
Manufacturing MaterialsCotton and Polyester, 
Fabric DurabilityExcellent
Fabric BreathabilityExcellent
Fabric Drape AbilityGood
Heat retention AbilitiesNot designed for heat-retention
Water-resistant AbilityLow
Tear or Snag-resistant AbilityHigh

Characteristics of Aertex Fabric

Aertex fabric brings exclusive features with high breathability, lightweight, and drape ability. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics of Aertex fabric:

Soft and Mesh-Like Texture: The texture of Aertex fabric is soft and mesh-like.

Excellent Breathability: Aertex fabric is thin compared to any other clothes. It is breathable due to the small pores across its surface.

Very Light in Nature: Aertex Fabric is lightweight, making it perfect to carry around.

Easy to Dye: Aertex Fabric is easy to dye. Dyeing helps the fabric retain vibrant colors to eradicate fast fading and customized clothing items.

Eco-Friendly in Nature: Aertex fabric has a blend nature of both natural and synthetic fibers. That is why they are environmentally durable. 

Moisture-Wicking: Another distinguishing feature of Aertex fabric is its ability to wick away moisture. During vigorous activity or humid situations, the fabric easily absorbs and transfers sweat or moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

Versatile in Nature: Aertex fabric is used in various clothing, such as shirts, undergarments, sportswear, and beds

Applications of Aertex Fabric

Aertex Fabric is helpful in the following areas of applications. They are:

  1. Clothing: Swimwear, gym outfits, and sportswear.
  2. Home Furnishing: Curtains, Bedsheets, and Cushion Covers. 
  3. Undergarments: Underwear, Undershirts.
  4. Athletic Wear: Jerseys, Athletic tops, shorts.
  5. Professional Clothing: Flame-retardant gear, apparel for medical, military, etc.
  6. Accessories: Hats, Scarves, Handkerchiefs.


What type of clothes can we make with Aertex Fabric?

Image: Aertex Fabric uses

With Aertex Fabric, you can make fashionable pieces with unique texture, elegance, and breathability. Aertex fabric is ideal for warm weather, for instance, shirts, dresses, and trousers. All these clothing are applicable due to the fabric’s cooling properties and breathability.


Despite its harsh work and heat resistance, adequate washing is required before use. It is not recommended to hang this cloth to dry. For maintenance, use a normal iron to ensure longevity and robustness even after undergoing heavy labor and high temperatures.

Let us know your experience in dealing with Aertex fabric in real life.

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