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Mattresses are crucial for any home because your sleep determines how your mood is going to be for the rest of the day. Without a good mattress, it is tough to have a good night’s sleep as your body will not be able to get comfortable. 

Moreover, having a good mattress is not just about sleeping but it is about being healthy as well. If you keep getting interrupted sleep every night then it is going to affect your health in the long run. 

Brentwood Home Mattress
Image of Brentwood Home Mattress

This is where the concept of investing in a good-quality mattress comes into play. Brentwood Home has some amazing mattresses that are high-quality and do not cost a fortune. Before you commit to one mattress, you should do enough research to understand which is best for you and which seems worth the price. 

We will discuss some of the mattress reviews and give specifications on the mattresses so you can get a clear idea of how it is going to work out for you. 

About Brentwood Home. 

Brentwood Home has been in the mattress manufacturing business since 1987 so you know they have a lot of experience in this field and can provide you with the best products. they do not only sell mattresses but various other items that are needed for a bed such as sheets, pillow covers, cushions, mattress topers, bed frames, dog beds, yoga mats, couch sofas and so much more. Most of the hybrid mattresses at Brentwood Home have mid-range pricing and come with a sustainable mission. 

The mattresses are manufactured using eco-friendly and all-natural materials which include plant-based BioFoam and recycled products. If you are wondering whether these are certified or not, the mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which is one of the very stringent third-party emissions certificates a company can receive. 

Brentwood Home
Homepage of Brentwood Home

There are various types of mattresses found on their website, from all-foam ones, foam hybrids, or latex hybrids and all of them come with layers of pocket coils. As the company offers four different options to choose from and at an affordable price point considering the materials are high-quality, customers are always eager to purchase from this brand. 

As of Autumn 2023, Brentwood Home currently ships most mattresses within three business days, so you do not have to wait long to receive your product. Most of their recent customers report having good experiences however, there are some disagreements that some of the mattresses are firmer than usual. 

Brentwood Home Mattress Reviews. 

In this section, we will be discussing some of the reviews on mattresses that were posted on the official page of Brentwood Home. All of these reviews are posted by their respective verified buyers. 

Jerry B. bought the Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 19th August 2023, “I loved it, my wife had problems with her back hurting and couldn’t sleep well on it. I found it comfortable, but it did seem a challenge to get out of it. Also, the sides did not appear as if they would hold up well with use.” 

Jennie C. purchased the Easy Metal Bed Frame and gave the product 5 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 21st August 2023, “Love this bed frame. You don’t need a dust ruffle because the legs are very stylish.” 

Brentwood Home Mattress Reviews. 
Some reviews of Brentwood Home Mattress

Tammie L. bought the Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress and gave it 3 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 19th July 2023, “I bought the Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress, Twin-Luxe 13” height/All foam. It says it is a medium feel. Now after two months of sleeping on it, I still feel it is a hard mattress. I wish it was a more cozy feeling, but I sleep fine on it. I sleep on my side case that means anything to someone reading this. Not magical sleep, but I do have sleep issues. I bought it because it is fairly non-toxic, which is important to me. I don’t feel like returning it, will give it more time. I have no complaints, just not raving about it. I will rave about customer service! The person who communicated with me was awesome. Such a great company!”

Carolyn M. bought the Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 14th August 2023, “Everything I have bought from Brentwood Home has exceeded my expectations” which was posted under the item she got. 

Ravens L. bought the Crystal Cove Flippable Mattress and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 29th May 2023, “Crystal Cove, she is just amazing! We love her. Looking forward to getting more Brentwood Home pieces for our home.” 

Phyllis B. bought the Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 30th April 2023 “Overall I like the mattress. I would have preferred a much firmer one, but it is fine.”

Mary C. bought the Cypress Affordable Memory Foam Mattress and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 19th March 2023 “Got this new mattress because my old one had fiberglass in it. after 6 years of skin rashes and an asthma diagnosis, I made the change to Brentwood Home Cypress Memory Foam. An immediate difference. I can sleep comfortably all night and feel great in the morning. Actually, sleeping in later because it’s so comfortable!”

Rebecca H. bought the Juniper Kids Mattress: Great for Bunk Beds! and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 14th March 2023 “Works well for our kid’s trundle beds. I especially appreciate the handles on the sides.” 

Dennis H. bought the Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress and gave it 5 out of 5 stars. This person posted on 17th February 2023 “We are told the go-to replacement bed used at the resorts in south Maui. Our previous bed, a Sealy coil pillow top was wonderful but over time it was sleeping a little too soft for our Airbnb guests, it was purchased in 2015 and served us well so the new bed had a high hurdle and it slept extremely well for my wife and I for the first week it was delivered and set up. Our guests will love it and so did we. I’m 165 lb my wife 135, 6’ and 5’7” respectively, both side and back sleepers. No off-gassing at delivery and little to no off-gassing though we allowed it to air out for half a day. Measured perfectly to our Cal King twin box mattresses. It has a slightly firmer feel and it is slightly firmer on the edge of the bed instead of collapsing with the softer Sealy. I’d call this bed a solid medium firm. Ten-year warranty non-prorated was a big plus.” 

Types of Mattresses and Their Reviews. 

We will talk about the four types of mattresses and their offerings along with their overall rating. 

Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress. 

This mattress is the most popular one on their website. It comes with a layer of organic wool batting which is helpful in keeping air flow and takes away heat. The layer of BioFoam melts away pressure points.

Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress. 
Image of Oceano Luxury Hybrid Mattress. 

Most customers describe this mattress as a comfy mattress with a balanced feel and ideal for combination sleepers. However, there are some durability concerns and some customers find it firmer than expected. The price of this mattress is between $999 to $2398. The final score for this one is 8.9/10

Hybrid Latex Mattress. 

One of the newest mattresses in their collection and this takes their eco-conscious goals to another step. The mattress consists of a base layer made using upcycled denim.

Hybrid Latex Mattress
Image of Hybrid Latex Mattress

The primary comfort layer consists of 4 inches of organic natural latex on top of 8 inches of individually pocketed coils. The price of this mattress is between $899 to $1499. The final score for this one is 9.2/10 

Cypress Memory Foam Mattress. 

The Cypress Memory foam mattress comes in either a Luxe 13-inch or Classic 11-inch all-foam or hybrid option. Some of the differentiators are the plant-based BioFoam and cooling air channels within the base foam.

Cypress Memory Foam Mattress. 
Image of Cypress Memory Foam Mattress. 

In total, customers are happy with the price and value of their mattresses even though some have durability issues. The price of this is between $499 to $1199. The final score is 8.5/10

Crystal Cove Mattress. 

This is a flappable mattress that comes with an activated charcoal-infused memory foam comfort layer on one side and a firm natural later layer on the other side.

Crystal Cove Mattress
Image of Crystal Cove Mattress

There are zoned coils with 5 zones to cradle the spin in between which does not aggravate pressure points in the shoulders or hips. Most customers prefer the versatility of this mattress. The price range of this one is between $899 to $1899. The final score is 9.2/10

Final Words:

Brentwood Home is known for having various items for the bedroom at an affordable price. Most of their mattresses have positive reviews even though there can be some mixed ones. You have to find which one suits you and your needs the best and purchase accordingly. For back pain relief, cooling, and support, Brentwood Home mattresses are amazing. 

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