10 Best Pottery Barn Mattress Reviews

Mattress always gives the best bed space in your home. Before heading to sleep, search for the best mattress to get the best options to match your preferences. If comes names with Pottery Barn Mattress, it will be a blessing level of comfort. It converts your bed space to perfect heaven to sleep on. That’s why we are going to a discussion about 10 Best Pottery Barn Mattresses Review 2021.

Pottery Barn Mattress:

Pottery Barn mattress offers high-end mattresses with luxurious designs. It’s a great option that tends to be more neutral in design and luxury. As well as carries organic materials, is certified non-toxic, and sustainably resourced. But most customers find these mattresses to get the best comfort level. Look at a glance at, list of Best Pottery Barn Mattresses 2021.

Best Pottery Barn Mattress 2021:

1. Pottery Barn Robin Mattress Reviews

Robin Mattress offers a slim profile as well as pocketed coil support system. Over the years, Robin’s medium-firm mattress has given its customers an excellent experience. The soft moisture-wicking quilted material-made cover helps you to keep cool. It has 7-zoned coil systems that help you to get rid of back pain relief.

Pottery Barn Robin Mattress Reviews
Picture: Pottery Barn Robin Mattress

Key features:

Pottery Barn Robin Mattress helps to track your sleeping habits by monitoring via Sleep Score Max tracks apps. It will analyze your sleep with your Robin mattress. It’s an absolute Good solution for your sleep.


  • 5 Points ergonomic zoned to provide support for each part of your body.
  • Comes with SleepScore Max Sleep Improvement tracking system.
  • Excellent Responsive to keep up with your changes in position. Consequently, you don’t need to feel stuck in one place.
  • Helps you to Forget about back pain in it.
  • Provide perfect Edge Support.
  • Made with sustainably sourced Eco-Friendly sustainable textile fiber materials.
  • GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified.


  • Haven’t Sleeping Position Support for side sleepers.
  • No returns policy and No warranty.

Ratings: 9.7 out of 10

Rating: 9 out of 10.

2. Pottery Barn Naturepedic Mattress Review

If you want eco-friendly mattresses there will be few options will be available. But environment-friendly and chemical-free Naturepedic mattresses leading in organic mattresses and bedding industry. It was founded in 2003 to produce organic and entirely chemical-free mattresses for babies to the whole family.

Pottery Barn Naturepedic Mattress Review
Picture: Pottery Barn Naturepedic Mattress

Key features:

Naturepedic mattress offers three types of mattress. They are Chorus and Serenade mattress, EOS, and Halcyon mattress. It’s has a reputation to produce organic mattresses. It’s beneficial to the adults, children, and baby’s healths.


  • Offers Excellent sleep to side, back as well as stomach sleepers.
  • Leading Chemical-free mattresses and Strictly Committed to transparency.
  • Good Combination sleepers for everybody types including Back sleepers, combination sleepers, sleepers with back pain.
  • Offers excellent motion isolation for those sleepers; who don’t love to be disturbed by their partner.
  • Ample pressure relief for versatile sleepers.
  • Helps to avoid, relay weight on common pressure points of the body. Examples as hips, shoulders, chest, etc.
  • Provide balanced support as well as distribute body weight.
  • The Coil system maintains good temperature control and remains breathable.
  • Prevent being trapped in bed by slow responding to changes in pressure.
  • Provide full perimeter edge support, to feel secure when you’re sleeping on the sides of the bed.
  • All ingredients are organic and non-toxic.
  • Organic fiber such as cotton, wool, flax helps with temperature regulation and moisture control.
  • Full perimeter edge support helps you to feel secure sleeping on the sides of the bed.
  • 30-90-days money-back guarantee with free shipping all over the USA.
  • 10 to 20-year warranty.


  • Does not built with deep pressure relief especially for the side sleepers
  • Very expensive Price than comparative others hybrid mattress.
  • Side sleepers may be found this mattress too firm for their need.

Ratings: 9.5 out of 10

3. Pottery Barn Tempur-pedic Mattress Review

If you want to enjoy a hugging feel from a foam mattress then a tempur-pendic mattress is for you. It’s similar to memory foam. So, Back pain sufferers’ Tempur pendic mattress is for them.

Pottery Barn Tempur-pedic Mattress Review
Photo: Pottery Barn Tempur-pedic Mattress

Key features:

All size is available for this super edge support in a hybrid mattress. Such as Twin, Twin Long, Queen, King, Calking, Full. It’s the famous memory foam-made mattress that comes within better budget constraints.


  • Least expensive than others.
  • A motion-isolating hybrid mattress.
  • Soft and responsive support to the body.
  • Suitable for back- and stomach-sleepers
  • Its designs and manufactures from their own Premium quality foams and materials.
  • Its cooling technology has come a long way, can keep you up to 8⁰C cooler.
  • Supper minimization of motion transfer.
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty and 90-day sleep trial period.


  • Doesn’t support being used with box springs.
  • Has an initial annoying smell.
  • Premium pricing above most mattresses.

Ratings: 9.6 out of 10

4. Pottery Barn Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Beautyrest mattress was introduced in 1925, with pocketed coils. Then in 1958, Beautyrest launched queen and king mattress sizes. Since then, it always has remained popular to consumers for better sleeping qualities.

Pottery Barn Beautyrest Mattress Reviews
Picture: Pottery Barn Beautyrest Mattress

Key features:

Today Beautyrest hybrid mattress comes with modern technology. Such as T3 Pocketed Coil Technology. That gives it’s another level of attention to the technology lover. Beautyrest offers you an amazing sleeping experience in an attractive-looking mattress.


  • Medium firmness helps to feel comfortable in all sleeping positions.
  • Latest T3 Pocketed Coil Technology-enhanced durability, support, as well as motion absorption.
  • HeiQ V-Block™’s anti-microbial technology destroys 100% of bacteria on contact.
  • Easy to buy at many 3rd-party retailers with a warranty.
  • The hybrid design includes cooling memory foam layers as well as a support system of pocketed coils.
  • Options to upgrade firmness, pressure relief, and cooling technology.
  • Compatible with all frames, foundations, and easily adjustable bases.
  • All foams are certified from CertiPUR-US.
  • 100-night sleep trial with the full refund policy.


  • Only 5 models are available for purchase directly from Beautyrest.
  • Most are fairly pricey.
  • Best comfort for the first 3 years.
  • Some models having noise, heat, and odor issues.
  • Average to below-average sagging and impression.
  • No permanent Warranty Policy.

Ratings: 9.4 out of 10

5. Pottery Barn Sapira Mattress Review

Leesa Sapira was the first mattress companies start selling directly online in 2014. If you want a high-quality, durable mattress you can blindly go for the sapira mattress.

Pottery Barn Sapira Mattress Review
Picture: Pottery Barn Sapira Mattress

Key features:

Pottery Barn Sapira Mattress premium form support helps every position sleeper including back, side, stomach, combo; what you want. Better air circulate makes it a perfect Hybrid mattress.


  • Provides excellent performance on all of our sleeping position.
  • Best match for back sleeping.
  • Having a balanced foam feel.
  • Slow-moving memory foam helps to pressure relief.
  • Breathable foam, cover, and coils work together to allow enough airflow circulation.
  • Impressive Edge Support.
  • Doesn’t make any notable noise
  • Super durable and expect the mattress to last for 7 to 10 years.
  • The 10-year warranty and 100 night’s Sleep Trial.


  • Doesn’t perform super well in terms of Motion Transfer.
  • The price is a little bit higher than usual.
  • Doesn’t quite as soft as traditional memory foam.

Ratings: 9.4 out of 10

6. Pottery Barn Westin Heavenly Mattress Reviews

Westin Heavenly mattress starts its journey from renowned Westin hotel. From there, it gained a reputation quickly for being extremely comfortable and providing an awesome night’s sleep.

Pottery Barn Westin Heavenly Mattress Reviews
Picture: Pottery Barn Westin Heavenly Mattress

Key Features:

After getting frequent queries from guests asking how they could buy a Westin Heavenly mattress. The company makes up to begin the mattresses business commercially. Since then, the Westin Heavenly mattress has constantly gained so much popularity as a mattress among the consumer.


  • All sleeping positions are friendly with full-body comfort.
  • No flip designs.
  • An excellent Motion isolation system helps not to get disturb another person.
  • Pain relief potential.
  • Firm but plush feeling.
  • Helps to get Back Pain Relief.
  • No odor and unpleasant noise.


  • Heavy and Expensive.
  • Poor return policy and Long delivery time.
  • Sagging problems after 3 years.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10

7. Pottery Barn Sealy Mattress Review:

Sealy is the eldest mattress company in the USA, founded in 1881 in Sealy. Currently, it offering 4 kinds of mattresses. They are as:

  1. Response innerspring mattress.
  2. Conform memory foam mattress.
  3. Hybrid mattress.
  4. and Cocoon foam mattress.
Pottery Barn Sealy Mattress
Picture: Pottery Barn Sealy Mattress

Key features:

Sealy Mattress Review is an interesting brand with different firmness and material options. Let’s get into Sealy Mattress’s pros and cons.


  • Specially designed to provide you proper back support.
  • Supportive to Back and stomach sleepers.
  • Perfect for these couples who want to feel minimal motion transfer when one to others move.
  • Available minimal price range.
  • Sealy Regular and Premium collections both put an emphasis on cooling technology
  • Posturepedic technology is supportive to back pain sufferers.
  • Comes with Temperature controlling system.
  • Hybrid, Cocoon line, Conform, and Response lines could be purchased physically at authorized retailers or on Amazon sites.
  • Sealy’s limited warranty will cover you for up to 10 years and get a 100-day at-home trial if you buy online.


  • Doesn’t for Lightweight side sleepers, might not feel enough contact with this mattress.
  • unresponsive, and a less bouncy mattress.
  • Having durability issues.
  • Have a slight scent of smell.
  • Bulky and hard to move.
  • Hard to compare, cause the same models to have different names.

Review: 8.9 out of 10

8. Pottery Barn Serta Mattress Review

Serta has produced mattresses since the 1930s. It comes with different innerspring, foam, pocketed coil mattresses, and hybrid mattresses. Serta launched 2011 the i-Comfort mattress. It comes with cooling memory foam with an innerspring system. Today i-comfort mattress is the most popular mattress all over the world.

Pottery Barn Serta Mattress Review
Picture: Pottery Barn Serta Mattress

Key features:

  • Known for combining the unique features from both foam and innerspring mattresses.
  • Comes in with a variety of choices.
  • Helps to relieve pressure on a different portion of the body, allows you to slightly sink.
  • Innerspring’s system helps to get extra support, especially for your spine.
  • Most desirable for heavier sleepers
  • iComfort Hybrid mattress comes with carbon fibre and gel memory foam to help optimize the temperature
  • Helps to get sleeps cooler than an all-foam mattress.
  • Comes for bargain-seekers at a low cost to the expensive ones.
  • More breathable than an all-foam mattress.
  • More feel bouncy than an all-foam mattress.
  • Free standard shipping with a 120-night sleep trial.
  • CertiPUR- US Leed certified.
  • Purchased from Serta’s website will get a 10-year warranty.
  • Couldn’t isolate motion in the same way others mattress does.
  • Less durability than other hybrids mattresses.
  • Have a slight smell at first unboxed moment.
  • Could be warmer than expected.
  • Charges extra for white-glove delivery.
Ratings: 8.5 out of 10

9. Stearns And Foster Mattress Reviews

Stearns And Foster manufactured high-end mattresses for generations over 150 years. Since 1846, Its produced luxurious-lasting innerspring and hybrid mattresses for consumers. It’s high-end materials and design with the name brand.

Stearns And Foster Mattress Reviews
Picture: Stearns And Foster Mattress

Key features:

Stearns & Foster Mattress maintained its brand name as its long-lasting, quality craftsmanship over the years. As well as it ensured aesthetically pleasing during sleeping.


  • The dual-stage coil provides adaptive support.
  • Offer plenty of support and height.
  • Made by certified craftsmen.
  • Hand-crafted made from luxury memory foam and velvet accents provide luxurious looks.
  • Performs better in absorbing movement made by one person. So as not to disturb your partners.
  • Certified by the Federal Flammability Standard.
  • 10 years warranty with full non-prorated coverage.


  • Expensive comparatively others facilities.
  • Quickly get sagging and bedding breakdown than the average one.
  • Could be too tall for some people.
  • Limited availability online. Can’t be purchased from Stearns & Foster website. Instead have to be purchased in-store or at retailers.
  • Having durability issues at this expensive price point.
  • Have warranty issues.

Ratings: 8.3 out of 10

10. Pottery Barn Pillow Top Mattress

Pillow Top Mattresses uniquely designed with push, pillow construction for premium luxury user comfort. Consequently, its Surface memory foam helps to back pain-relief potentially. 

Pottery Barn Pillow Top Mattress
Picture: Pottery Barn Pillow Top Mattress

Key features:

Pottery Barn Pillow Top Mattress contours to the body and helps to relieve pressure points. The conforming ability of pillow tops is really beneficial to back sleepers.


  • Light, fluffy, and extremely comfortable to the user.
  • Sophisticated spring systems, which control movement isolated. So, to not disturb your partner.
  • Innerspring mattresses a layer of softness designed to Pressure Relief and provide full-body support.
  • Having absorbed motion functions.
  • Low Off-Gassing.
  • Great for every style of sleeper, including back as well as side sleepers.
  • Affordable with a comparable level of comfort.
  • 100% satisfaction, because it provides softness for hips and shoulders.


  • 20% much heavier than regular mattresses.
  • Heavier people may not get as much benefit from the pillow-top mattresses as compared to lighter people. Not Good for Heavy People.
  • Needs head as well as foot rotation on a constant basis as a part of maintenance.
  • Potential for sagging.
  • Shorten the life of the mattress than a regular mattress.
  • Unclear warranty Policy.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10

Pottery Barn Mattress Buying Guide

Before buying a pottery barn mattress, you need to check out several things. A simple guideline is here, you need to focus more attention on when buying a pottery barn mattress.

i. Stop Comparison Shopping:

If you choose a mattress to buy at one store. Then ask elsewhere for something similar. You might be steered toward a same-brand mattress That claimed to contains the same components, construction, and firmness. Sometimes mattress manufacturers or brands provide some lines nationally. But when they get sold through major chains, they’re exclusive to those chains of marketing. And mattress brands never publish compersion of comparable mattresses. So, use our Best Pottery Barn Mattress Reviews and ratings as your guide.

ii. Check Return Policies:

Always make double-check if the store offers a refund if anything went wrong? Sometimes it mentions night trials, return periods, or comfort guarantees. It ranges from a week to 120 days. Some sellers charge 15% for the restocking fee. And some retailer has free pickup if you want a refund or exchange. That’s why, when you purchase a pottery barn mattress physically or online, make a double check before buying.

iii. Understand the Warranty:

Usually, a pottery barn mattress warranty could be range from 3 to up to 12 years. And sometimes its support warranty only covers manufacturing defects such as sagging and loosen coil wires. Coverage is usually frequently prorated. So, you have to fairly check and understand the warranty policy.

iv. On Delivery Day Responsibility:

You might have to check the delivery date in this covid pandemic situation. Never accept delivery without inspecting the mattress for shipping stains as well as shipping damage. And always make sure, the mattress contains a label, states “all-new material”. Refuse delivery directly if it’s not there, and contact customer care.

V. Make an after-Delivery Inspection:

After delivery, inspect the pottery barn mattress ASAP unroll it. If anything went to be wrong with your pottery barn mattress, immediately contact customer service. You can take a few photo proofs. In case customer service asks for proof of your pottery barn mattress damage.

Final Thought:

Buy a perfect and comfortable pottery barn mattress will be easily by following our pottery barn mattresses review. We preferred you very few quality mattresses. So that you will choose your desired pottery burn mattress without any hesitations. You can be sure that the listed mattress had tested its quality and comfort level to make sure that your journey will be delightful and memorable expertise with the best pottery barn mattress.

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