Top 10 Green Garments Factory In Bangladesh with Leed Certified

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The top green factory in the world ‘s activities are to save oil-gas-electricity, reduce the waste of small amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the amount of waste, and recycle it properly. Keep track of how much oil-gas-electricity is used per day and how much carbon dioxide is emitted. Factories that can meet up these conditions without conserving natural resources and harming the environment is known as a green factory.

In this article, we will find out list of green factory in bangladesh.

Top 10 Green Factory in Bangladesh:

1. UHM ltd – Urmi Group:

Urmi Group Corporate Office Address:  Sam Tower, Level-4, Road-22, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.
Phone: +880-2-8837616
Fax: +880-2-9856608

green factory list in bangladesh

Urmi group is top of the leading green garments factory list in Bangladesh. As part of their continuous improvement (CI), Urmi Group has identified their guiding lights for the future green garments industry in Bangladesh.

UHM believes having clarity on the purpose and mission of the Company will help them to reach their goals more conclusively. The Company Makes 30 tons of fabric and 160,000 pcs of apparel daily. Employes over 8,000 and Over 250 professionals from various disciplines. The CompanyTotal investment exceeds US$ 55 million. In 2018, an annual turnover of US$ 168 million. Also, they are Oeko-tex & GOTS certified.

2. Saiham Tower

leed factory in bangladesh

Saiham Tower Corporate Office Address: Tower of Saiham, House -34, Road-136, Block # S.E. (C )-1, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212.
Phone: +88 01713 257313
Tel: +88 02 8813917

Saiham Tower Company has achieved the Pre-certified Platinum level of LEED rating under the Core & Shell Category of USGBC. It has a 105,134 square feet territory office that joins advancement estimates. It has water use decreases facilities, energy reserve funds through customer HVAC configuration, lighting plan, and harmless to the ecosystem materials and completions. This Company has a very well-balanced and unique combination of aesthetics and functionality.

3. Designer Fashion Limited

Designer Fashion Limited Corporate Office Address:  House 43/A, Road -24, Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212.
Phone:  +88 02 488 1074

Designer Fashion Limited

Designer Fashion Limited (DFL) is a 100% export-oriented garment industry company. It’s a sophisticated and efficient organization besides weaving high-quality fabric. The industry has 18 acres of land. DFL is in the process of obtaining Platinum LEED Certification from USGBC

4. Mithela Textile industries limited

Mithela Textile LEED Platinum testament

Mithela Textile industries limited Office Address: Tower of Siaam, L-12, Sector-3, Jashim Uddin Road, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.
Phone:  02 48955084-7

Established in 2002, Mithela Textile Industries Limited, fostered by the Mithela Group, the textile manufacturing industry has an eco-friendly environment. The industry has been presented with a lofty declaration, the ‘LEED Platinum testament,’ given by the USGBC in 2018 for strong coloring weaved materials discharging poisons that may hamper the climate encompassing the industry.

5. Northern Tosrifa Group

Northern Tosrifa Group Corporate Office Address:  Holding No 4/2 A, Gopalpur Munnu Nagar, Tongi, Gazipur Bangladesh
Phone:  880-2-9817461

Northern Tosrifa Group Green Garments factory in Bangladesh

Northern Tosrifa Group is one of the biggest textile industries in Bangladesh. They are 32 Years in the garment business. 6 Production units. 354 Million pieces of garments produced per year. 35 Tons of fabric they produce per day. They won Best environmentally compliant factory from BGMEA.

6. M&J Group

M&J Group green garments

M&J Group Corporate Office Address: Red Crescent Concord Tower (8th Floors), Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka 1212.
Phone:  (880-2) 5881-4048,

M&J Group Having in excess of 794,000 ft floor spaces. It’s creating 17 million bits of articles of clothing each year with current apparatus offices with the mission of offering top-quality types of assistance to its clients. The company always manufactures quality garments using the latest and sophisticated technology. M&J still provides high-quality clothing to the top brands. 


SSG BD Corporate Office Address: UCEP Cheyne Tower (3/4th Floor)25 Segunbagicha, Ramna, Dhaka-1000.

SSG BD green factory list in bangladesh

The SSG BD journey began with a pretty simple vision; making world-class fabrics. For the most recent twenty years, the Company under the brand name ‘SUPERSTAR’ has been a main and fruitful producer, merchant, and advertiser of electrical embellishments and gear. 

8. Pioneer Denim Ltd

Pioneer Denim Ltd Leed certified garments

Pioneer Denim Ltd Corporate Office Address: Holland Center (8/9th Floor) Cha 72/1-B, Progati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka.

The Company has been awarded as the World’s largest Leed Platinum certified textile mill. Pioneer Denim Ltd company always promises to give high-quality fabric to the best brands. The quality of their clothing has been able to create a strong presence in the fashion industry. The Company has 150 acres plant, 1.4 million sq ft manufacturing SUPERSTAR facility, 40 million yards of fabric production capacity per year, expanding to 80 million yards in 2019. Also, the Company has Modern high-tech European and American Machinery.

9. Bitopi Group

Bitopi Group Corporate Office Address: 822/3, Begum Rokeya Sharani, Mirpur, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Fax: +880-2-9023714

Bitopi Group

Bitopi Group and Misami Group have joined the fashion world, especially the younger generation. It is a continuously self-aware Company. Bitopi Group has since expanded outside of Apparel Manufacturing and Advertising to Event Management and the Fisheries & Agro sectors, employing 14,000 vital employees. Bitopi Group received the award of LEED Platinum Certified Factories from the U.S. Green Building Council.

10. Envoy Textile

Envoy Textiles Ltd Green Garments in Bangladesh

Envoy Textile Corporate Office: Address: 18/E, Kala Bagan, Dhaka 1205.
Phone: (+88) 02 9102583-90

Envoy Textile has World’s very first LEED Certified Platinum Denim Manufacturing Facility. The 100% export-oriented company started its commercial activities in 2008. The principal Denim Facility in Bangladesh to utilize Rope Dyed Technology, Envoy, has a creation limit of 4.5 million yards every month. The company has its spinning facility capable of producing 62 tons of yarns per day. The Company has specific awards like- LEED Certified. President’s Award for I.D., National Environment Award, Seven times winner of National Export, Three times winner of National Award by ICSB, and also more

What is a green garments factory?

Green Garments Factory: A garments factory that doesn’t emit greenhouse gases, saving water, protecting the environment, and still maintaining production enough at the industry level is called a green garments factory.

The Green garment factory in Bangladesh is not only branding ‘Made in Bangladesh Tag‘. Green technology also cut down on energy usage by 40% and water consumption by more than 30%. Among many benefits, a green garment factory means less carbon emission. As a result, the environment is saved.

A green garment manufacturing plant additionally guarantees laborers’ secure work environments as the plant proprietors need to keep explicit standards to develop the structures. Leed certified garments factory in Bangladesh has started a revolution in Bangladesh’s RMG industry.

Green Leed Certified Factory in Bangladesh Data:

Here is the latest date of top green factory in bangladesh.

Total LEED Green Garment Factory in Bangladesh
Today, 54 of top 100 LEED Green Factories in the world are now located in Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh has 74+ platinum-rated green garments factories, 116 gold standard, and 10 silver standard units.
  • More than 500+ green factory are there in Bangladesh are waiting for green certification from the US GBC.
  • A green garments construction cost is 30% higher than a traditional one.
  • Green garments factory unit can save 40% energy.
  • Buyers don’t pay extra pieces for green initiatives.
  • Local garments marketer spent 3 Billion USD for factory remediation.

Importance of green garments factory

There are many requirements for green garment factories in the World. The green garment industry has an impact on everything from the environment to business. On the one hand, just as these factories do not have a negative effect on the environment. In the same way, they reduce costs for long-term business by building a company culture. Such factories also have a significant role to play in reducing water and energy consumption.

Why We build more Green Factory in Bangladesh: Importance of green garments factory

These green garment factories have a social impact. As a result, these factories play a significant role in attracting new customers and increasing sales. In Bangladesh, There are seven of the top 10 eco-friendly green garments factory in the World. A green garment factory in Bangladesh has registered with the USA Green Building Council-(USGBC) has already received 90 lead certificates. Consequently, Bangladesh has the highest number of a green garments factory in the world.

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