Total 218 LEED Certified Garments in Bangladesh [Full List]

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Regarding garments and textiles, Bangladesh’s name comes at the top. Bangladesh has the highest number of green factories among the world’s Top 218 LEED Green Factories. To add more to Bangladesh’s success, most of the factories manage to be eco-friendly, and green textiles LEED certified garments are not only good for the environment but also beneficial in the long run.

LEED Certified Garments
Last LEED Green Factory has been certified in Bangladesh. 

Shah Fatehullah Group's newest venture [SHAFTEX] has become the world's first and only LEED-Platinum certified Spinning Factory."

Before awarding the LEED certification, the USGBC considers several criteria, such as transformation performance, energy, water, and waste management. 

Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Ltd.
Address: Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Ltd., Narayanganj, Bangladesh, 1421
Points: 87
Certification level: Platinum

List of leed certified factories in Bangladesh

Here is a list of LEED-certified garments in Bangladesh in the individual categories and when they got their place on this list.

Total LEED Green Factories in Bangladesh
LEED Green Factories in Bangladesh List


In 2011, there were only 2 green factories, But now in 2024, it has upgraded to 218 factories.

Year No. of Green Factories
Number of Leed Factories Year-by-Year Data

LEED Green Factories Statistics [Country Wise]

In Bangladesh, 14 of the 27 industrial establishments in the world are ranked among the top eco-friendly factories. So, the industrial establishments within Bangladesh are inclined to make the world a better place within the next few years.

Top 100 LEED Green Factories
CountryNo. of Green Factories
LEED Green Factories List

This article will discuss LEED certification and the 92 LEED-certified garments in Bangladesh.

LEED Certified Garments Category – Leed Certified

S/NGarment NamesCertification DatePoints
1CIPL – Epic Group
2Green Textile Limited26-06-201648
Platinum LEED Certified Garments Factory

LEED Certified Garments Category – Silver

S/NGarment NameCertification DatePoints
3Evitex Dress Shirt Limited24-02-202051
4Univogue Garments Company Limited25-05-201552
5Cosmopolitan Industries Pvt Ltd (Epic Group)24-09-201553
6KHANTEX Fashions Ltd28-03-201954
7Dird Composite Textile Ltd – Building 123-04-201955
8Pearl Garments Company Limited (Epic Group)02-23-201556
Silver LEED Certified Garments Factory

LEED Certified Garments Category – Gold

S/NGarments NameCertification DatePoints
9Simftex Apparel and Washing Ltd05-11-201960
10Ayesha Clothing Co Ltd (Palmal Group)04-12-201960
11MNR Design Ltd15-12-202060
12Vintage Denim Apparels Ltd17-11-201660
13Dird Composite Textile Ltd – Building 223-04-201960
14Apparel Plus Eco Limited11-093-202161
15Cutting Edge Washing & Dyeing26-02-0201961
16Hamza Clothing Ltd28-06-201862
17Pacific Jeans Limited30-01-201962
18Hera Sweaters Limited03-08-201962
19Pimkie Apparels Ltd20-04-201863
20Regency Garments Limited – Unit 306-11-201863
21Jeans 2000 Limited12-11-201863
23Green Sweater Ltd03-07-201863
24Croydon Kowloon Designs Ltd16-06-202063
25Panwin Designs Limited02-04-202063
26Fashion Asia Limited14-04-202063
27Hela Clothing Bangladesh Ltd28-08-201264
28Pretty Sweaters Ltd17-02-201864
29Snowtex Outerwear Ltd30-03-201864
30Green Smart Shirts Ltd26-08-201964
31Eco fab Ltd16-11-201664
32NHT Fashions Ltd30-08-201764
33Kenpark 321-04-201464
34MG Niche Sticth Limited17-07-201865
35Nasa Hitech Style Ltd01-08-201965
36Soorty Textiles BD Limited09-04-201565
37Regency Garments Ltd – Unit 127-01-201665
38Brothers fashion Ltd13-09-201966
39AKH ECO Apparels Ltd07-12-201566
40COMFIT Green Leaf28-06-201766
41Kenpark 430-05-201366
42Barnali textile & Printing Ind. Pvt Ltd14-11-201967
43Nassa Super Garments – Native20-09-201967
44Rope Dyeing Unit – Mahmud Denims Ltd07-08-201867
45Dekko Garments Ltd12-06-201967
46ABA Fashions Ltd02-11-201767
47Barnali Textile & Printing Ind. Pvt Ltd24-02-201767
48Epyllion Style Limited20-03-201567
49Ananta Apparels Ltd28-06-201767
50Dipta Apparels Limited20-06-201868
51Meghna Denims Limited27-03-202068
52Azmat Apparels Limited13-11-201868
53Divine Garments Limited06-09-201768
54Kenpark 519-12-201368
55Kenpark 101-10-201468
56Nippon Garment Industries Ltd15-08-202069
57Friends Knittings Ltd10-12-202069
58Laila Styles Limited05-03-201969
59Progress Apparels Bangladesh Ltd – Unit 123-05-201969
60Renaissance Barind Limited18-06-201969
61Incredible Fashions Ltd02-09-201769
62Alpha Clothing Limited13-02-20270
63Southern Garments Ltd22-02-202170
64SQ Celsius Limited13-11-201570
65Green Textile Limited Unit – 207-10-201670
66Progress Apparels Bangladesh Ltd – Unit 202-05-201970
67Tanima Knit Composite Ltd16-11-202071
68Bay Creation Ltd17-04-201871
69Eco-Couture Ltd06-06-201771
70Regency Three Ltd12-07-201772
71Kenpark 230-03-201372
72Wisdom Attired Ltd14-06-201773
73Far East Spinning Industries Ltd01-06-201874
74Tosrifa Industries Limited15-07-201674
75Mayble & Frank Fashions Ltd04-02-202075
Gold LEED Certified Garments Factory

LEED Certified Garments Category – Platinum.

S/NGarments NameCertification DatePoints
76Envoy Textiles Ltd31-03-201680
77GMS Textiles Ltd30-10-201981
78The Civil Engineers Ltd – Woven & Unit 208-01-201981
79Vertex Wear Dress World Neo Fashion Ltd14-04-202082
80Genesis washing Ltd27-04-201882
81Anowara Fashions Ltd28-04-202083
82Pacific Casuals Limited09-06-202083
83EMS Apparels Limited29-06-202084
84Kaniz Fashions Limited12-10-201784
85SQ Celsius 222-04-201685
86Echotex limited13-03-201786
87Columbia Washing Plant Ltd23-11-201687
88Green Textile Limited Unit 318-04-201888
89Karooni Knit Composite Ltd14-04-202090
90Mithela Textile Industries Limited30-07-201891
91Plummy fashions Limited22-09-201592
92Remi Holdings Ltd15-07-201697
Platinum LEED Certified Garments Factory

Overview of LEED Certification. 

In the world, there are a lot of factories in various countries that follow environmental guidelines and want to be a part of making the world a better place. For such reasons, several organizations identify the factories and rank them according to their contribution to the environment. They have some criteria the establishments need to meet to get certified as environment-friendly.

One of the top companies granting an eco-friendly certificate to establishments is the US Green Building Council, USGBC. They grant a “LEED” certificate to industrial establishments for being eco-friendly. In celebration and recognition of Bangladesh’s textile sectors for striding towards the green movement, Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, BGMEA, along with USGBC and GBCI, has launched a “LEED Green Factory Award.”

A total of 13 top green factory buildings in Bangladesh got honoured to be “LEED Green Factory Award.” They were granted this certificate for recognition due to their efforts to be sustainable. Not just that, but they also received the LEED Platinum certification, which is one of the highest certifications granted for being an eco-friendly industrial establishment.

What companies are LEED-certified?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The development of LEED started in 1993, and it was granted by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI). It is the most commonly used building rating system in terms of green worldwide.

The LEED certification program has various ratings that help understand the top building strategies in school, home-office, retail, office, new construction, hospital, and other buildings. This certification rates and reviews a factory’s environmental-friendly initiatives such as energy conservation, material selection, indoor environment quality, resources, water efficiency, sustainable site development, innovation, and regional priority.

Type of LEED Certifications
Type of LEED Certifications

How to Receive LEED Certification?

To receive the LEED certificate, the establishment has to achieve the highest standards in all the categories starting from the construction of the building to the production quality of materials. All of these are carried out under the supervision of USGBC, as they are the ones to grant the certificate.

The projects will earn several points for different green building strategies from various categories. Depending on the number of achieved points, a project can earn four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The credits for each level are also different; the higher the credit, the more it will be recognized by the world. Certified buildings have 40-49 credits, silver has 50-59 credits, gold has 60-79 credits, and platinum has 80+ credits for the rated buildings.

Advantages of Leed certification


Which company has LEED certification in Bangladesh?

There are a total of 218 LEED certifications in Bangladesh. According to the BGMEA, Bangladesh has 84 Platinum, 120 Gold, 10 Silver, and 4 LEED-certified factory buildings. More than 500 garment factories are waiting for the LEED certification from the USGBC.

Which is the No. 1 green factory in Bangladesh?

CIPL – Epic Group is the no 1 green garments factory in Bangladesh. It secured the highest point of 35 among other green garments in Bangladesh.

How many LEED-certified factories are there in Bangladesh?

218. There are 160 LEED-certified garment factories in Bangladesh. Source: BGMEA

What is the full form of LEED?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

How many green factories in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has 187 LEED-certified green factories. Most of the green factories are from the garments manufacturing industry.

Final Words:

Bangladesh is the leading factor in garments, as it is one of the biggest exporters in the textile industry. However, garments produce a lot of waste, contributing to the earth’s demolishing. For such reasons, some organizations have taken the initiative to award industrial establishments depending on their take on making the world greener. There are 92 LEED-certified garments in Bangladesh, and we have discussed them in this article.

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