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Leesa has been around since 2014 as an online mattress brand, and the flagship name is Leesa Original mattress. Leesa is known to host various charitable donations and other programs where volunteer-based efforts are always counted.

This helps create a substantial social impact and also lets other people know about the brand. You will find that Leesa offers many hybrid-mattress models and other all-foam mattresses.

Leesa Bunk Mattress Review
Review Leesa Bunk Mattress

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the Leesa bunk mattresses which were released by the company just a while ago. We will discuss how the mattress performs when they are being tested out and the benefits it provides. The bunk mattresses are also known as kids’ mattresses since they can be stacked upon one another.

About Leesa Bunk Mattress

Due to audience asking for a Leesa-quality kid’s mattress, Leesa decided to bring mattresses that can be stacked on top of one another.

These particular mattresses have all the comfort and support that the little ones crave after a long day of having endless fun.

According to our experience Lessa bunk mattress is mainly going to offer –

1. Soothing foam

A good foam is needed to sleep well as it will dictate a person’s mood the next day. Not only is soft foam important for kids but they are also needed for adults. The bunk mattress has a middle layer of billions of micro air capsules. These capsules help to trap air and make the foam feel bouncy while keeping it cool.

Soothing foam
Mattress Soothing foam

It also provides a buoyant and supportive feel which is crucial for toddlers as it helps to soothe the growing joints. Bouncy mattresses are also helpful in providing a comforting sleep.

2. Responsive Memory Foam

Memory foams are the new invention of the mattress world, and everyone is going crazy. These foams are known as memory foams because they do not form any dents and return to their usual shape even after being on them for a while. The bunk mattress has a top layer with high-quality, responsive memory foam.

Responsive Memory Foam
Responsive Memory Foam

They are also good at keeping the bed cool, which helps to provide a comfortable night’s sleep even during the summertime. You will feel support and alignment in whichever position you are sleeping in.

3. Peace of Mind

Some foams have toxic materials, which is not suitable for the body. As you spend a lot of time on your bed regularly, if the bed does not have a good quality foam, it will affect your physical and mental health.

Peace of Mind
Sound sleep means Peace of Mind

The materials used to make Leesa’s mattresses are certified non-toxic, and they received this from CertiPUR-US. Moreover, you want to ensure that the mattress your kids use is free of harmful materials. This is when Leesa’s mattresses come to help.

Benefits, Bonuses and Best For.

When purchasing a mattress, you should not asses it just by one factor. You should be aware of several things, as mattresses are a type of investment.

Benefits of leesa mattress
Leesa mattresses Benefits

Here, we will discuss the benefits, bonuses and whom these mattresses are best for. This will help you to understand the type of mattress it is and help you decide.


  1. One of the top benefits of getting the Leesa bunk mattresses is that it has responsive memory foam as the top layer. It is very comforting to the body and lets the user sleep peacefully as the mattress hugs the person as they are sleeping.
  2. The middle foam of the mattress consists of various micro air capsules, which are very helpful at providing an airy feeling to the person while they are sleeping. Moreover, it also helps to aid joint pains in adults and kids; growing joints can soothe down.
  3. The mattress is made up of environmentally innovative foams, which are suitable for the environment and do not contribute to much waste. They also do not contain any harmful materials that might be toxic to the body.


  1. Leesa mattresses offer a trial duration to try the mattress for 100 nights. This will help you to assess how the mattress truly works and if it can help you to fall asleep peacefully. If the mattress does not satisfy you, you can return it within 100 nights.
  2. The mattress also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. If anything happens to the mattress, the company will give you a complete replacement without taking any charge. But you have to store the receipt and other necessary information so that they can help you if needed.
  3. Leesa does not ship worldwide, but you can order from their website, and they will ship to your door anywhere within the US.Even if they do not have a store in the state or city you live in, the company will ship the product to your door without causing any hassle.
  4. What’s more interesting is that the shipping is free, and they have no-contact delivery. This is very helpful for people that stay busy in the office and do not have much time to take calls. Leesa will deliver your product safely and sound to your doorstep without bothering you. Once the product is delivered successfully, you will receive a text or notification confirming it.
Leesa will deliver your product safely
Leesa will deliver your product safely

Best For.

  1. The bunk mattresses are best to step up in kids’ rooms as they are suitable for bunk setups. The mattresses are very airy and lightweight, which makes them suitable to stack on top of one another. These mattresses are also good for low-profile bed setups.
  2. Kids aged five and up are also suitable for sleeping on this mattress. This is because the middle layer is airy, supporting their growing joints and helping them become more muscular. Kids transitioning to a bigger or sturdier mattress will also be fond of this mattress.
  3. As everyone wants, the Leesa bunk mattresses are free of toxic materials, so you will have peace of mind when sleeping. The mattress got a certification for purity which shows that they are not harmful to the body. If you want a mattress that you will keep for the long term, then go for this, as it will not start emitting any harmful chemicals after a while.
Comfortable Leesa mattress
Comfort of Leesa mattress

Setup of Lessa Bunk Mattress

The setup of the Leesa Bunk Mattress is simple, as you will get to understand how the mattress has layered up.

Layers of leesa mattress
Individual layers leesa mattress

The bunk mattress is made up of four layers, and each of the individual layers offers a different level of comfort which helps to make the mattress a fantastic purchase together.

  1. The first layer of the mattress consists of a breathable knit cover with a dynamic herringbone texture which helps to provide comfort and coolness. The knit layer is usually green-grey, which helps to bring calmness to the mind.
  2. The second layer is made up of memory recovery foam which is fantastic for kids as it gives the illusion of a person hugging you when you are asleep. This is a premium layer that helps to offer a restorative and comforting sleep to the user.
  3. The third layer is a serene comfort layer made up of aerated foam consisting of billions of micro air capsules. Air is trapped within the layer, which helps to make the foam feel airy and soft.
  4. The last layer is known as the stability layer. This is a foam base that provides stability and support to the user. If you are someone who tosses and turns a lot in their sleep, this layer will help you be comfortable in all sleeping positions.

Final Words:

The Leesa bunk mattress is one of the best purchases you can make for your kids or yourself. The mattress provides comfort and peaceful sleep to anyone, regardless of age. The price of the mattress starts from $499, which is reasonable for a mattress considering all its benefits. You can also choose between two sizes, twin and full.

Lastly, all the reviews from people who have purchased and used this mattress are excellent, which should be enough for you to trust it. Leesa provides good customer service, which should satisfy everyone as they are always at your help. You will receive various advantages if you purchase from them.

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