Camouflage fashion – From War Zone to Fast Fashion

Did you ever hear the name of Camo Fashion? Camo fashion refers to camouflage fashion. But what does the word camouflage fashion mean?

What is camouflage? 

Camouflage is a tactic of nature. By using this tactic, many life forms of nature have survived for millions of years. Just as some animals adopt these camouflages to cheat the eyes of the enemy for self-defense. so many animals use camouflage to hunt with the help of this camouflage.

What does camouflage mean in the Military?

Similarly, in military camouflage, camouflage is used to deceive the enemy. The military forces resort to such disguises. So that the soldier of the military, as well as their various armored vehicles, weapons, etc. are not easily spotted by the enemy, or the real identity of the object is kept secret from the enemy.

military camouflage
Fig: Military Camouflage: Military ghillie suits

Various armored vehicles, tanks, ships, and even aircraft are not excluded from the army camouflage list of disguises. It helps the soldiers to mingle with the surrounding vegetation and mud through camouflage. But

What do you mean by camouflage fashion?

Or, what is Camo Fashion?

Camouflage fabric used in Military and Law enforcement to make defense or tactic that organisms use to disguise their appearance, usually to blend in with their environments. But it’s the most trending fashion, wear camouflage styled dress all over the world. From brown to khaki, to navy blue and shades of gray, the camo print is the ultimate trend for Fall/ Winter fashion 2020-2021. Camouflage is always been a part of military history.

Camouflage fashion
Fig: camouflage fashion trend 2021

History of camouflage fashion: From War Zone to Fast Fashion

In 1943, Vogue magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine, picked up on the field trends camouflage prints and put them into the fashion world. But basically, it was just explained how military camouflage work? It was to Vogue magazine readers and its main function.

 It was until on the page of the magazine. But in 1971 the next article came out with a feature about camo-styled dresses. It featured a trend collage on military camouflage style images of female models with camo style dressed in military tactical gear. Then the trend of camo fashion developed in the mind of fashion greeks people.

How Camouflage fashion Becomes Popular?

Fashion is all about creating your own look and making it your own. So, you always have to pay attention to your style to present your personality to others.

The camo fashion craze really exploded in the 1980s-90s. When the revolutionary people, hunters as well as civilians promoted camouflage styled clothing. In Dec 1979 when the Soviet attack Afghanistan, western countries promoted Mujahideen with their lifestyle of wearing camo, as well as their camo, styled dress.

camouflage outfit
Fig: camouflage outfit, everything from underwear to shoes

Camouflage Outfit

This is the turning point in the history of camouflage fashion. After then several revolutionaries, insurgent groups promoted camo-styled dress, camo jackets, camo pants so much. As a result civilian fashion got influenced to camo print fashion very fast. Global political issues such as Afghanistan & Iraq invasions, as well as the Arab Spring, made a boost to camo fashion. In the middle east and western countries both’s rebel groups and patriotic groups, were branding the camo fashion.

Camo pant in pubg
Fig: Camo pant in PUBG

Recent, E-sport games like PUBG, COD, free-fire attracted in ghillie suit (a military camouflage suit) to the young generation and influenced the camo fashion trend. Today, camouflage outfit is available in everything from underwear to shoes in all shapes, colors, and styles.  The commercial fast fashion market will have taken in the new era of camo fashion.

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