Difference Between Weaving and Knitting

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Weaving and knitting are two different techniques for manufacturing fabric. Both techniques use yarn, but they differ in how the yarn is interlaced to create the fabric.

Weaving is the process of interlacing two sets of yarn, warp, and weft, at right angles to each other. The warp yarn is strung lengthwise on the loom, and the weft yarn is woven across the warp yarn. Woven fabrics are typically more durable and less stretchy than knitted fabrics.

Difference Between Weaving and Knitting
Figure: Weaving

Knitting is the process of creating a fabric by looping yarn around itself to form stitches. Knitting needles are used to create and manipulate the stitches. Knitted fabrics are typically more stretchy and less durable than woven fabrics. Below this chart, you can see the difference between weaving and knitting

Figure: Weaving and Knitting
Figure: Knitting

Difference Between Weaving and Knitting

Weaving Knitting 
Interlacing of yarnInterlooping of yarn
No elastic properties in the build 1 set of yarn 
Crease recovery less High 
Dimensional stability highLow 
Airflow fewerHigher 
Cover factor by yarn highLow 
Elasticity low High 
Durability highLow 
Moisture absorption low High 
Sizing is requiredNot 
Production cost high Low comparatively 
Need of yarn preparationNo need of yarn preparation 
No elastic properties in build Elastic properties 

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