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Normal wash is one of the common washing processes in the garment industry. It is used to wet the fabric or garments, prepare for the sub-sequent washing process e.g: Acid Wash. Normal wash recipe is widely applied to dissolve dirt, dust, others foreign material.

Normal Wash
Normal Washing process

In this content we will learn about normal wash recipe with flowchart and details process.

Normal wash Recipe:

Normal washing Liquor Ratio (M :L) = 1 : 5
Wight: 100kg
Detergent 1% o.w.f. ( on the weight of material)
Temp = 40 – 60 º c
Time = 15 -30 min
M : L = 1 :5
Softner = 0.1 -1.5% o.w.f.
Temp = Room( 30 -35ºc)
Time = 5 -10 min.
Recipe of normal washing
Washing Flowchart
Flowchart of Normal Wash

Washing Flowchart

Step 1:

Water load
Garment load
Machine run
Add detergent
Steam apply ( 40 -60 º)
Continue for 15 -30 min
Liquor drop

Step 2: Again load water  and run machine for 5 min at room temperature.

Softening Flowchart

Water load
Add softner
Water for 5 – 10 min
Liquor drop unload

Hydro extraction 

Hydro extraction is the process of removing excessive water by applying mechanical centrifugal force. The centrifugal force remove the extra water by hydro extraction machine.


After removing the maximum water, the fabric/garments needs to dried for the sub-sequent process. Stenter machine is widely used to remove moisture, fix the fabric width and GSM.

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