5 Difference Between Shogging and Swinging Motion

Md Mahedi Hasan

Shogging and swinging motions are both used in the knitting process, but they have different objects.

Shogging motion is the lateral displacement of the guide bar along the needle bar. Shogging motion is used to transfer the warp yarns from one needle to another and to create different stitch patterns.

Figure: Shogging and Swinging motion

Swinging motion is the movement of the guide bar from the back of the needle bar to the front, and vice versa. It is used to create the loops that are knitted together to form the fabric. Here are 5 key differences between swinging and shogging motions:

Difference Between Shogging and Swinging Motion

Shogging motionSwinging motion
(i) Side-wise movement of the guide bar with respect to the needle bar.(i) To and fro motion.
(ii) Motion given by pattern drum(iv) Swing motion from the side lap.
(iii) 2 Types of shog (iii) No types
(iv) Posting shog along the guide bar direction.(iv) Swing motion from side lap.
(v) Main mechanism of warp knitting done by shogging motion.(v) Just helps in shogging motion.
Table: Shogging and Swinging motion differences
Shogging and Swinging motion mechanism

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