A Guide to Parts of a Bra Anatomy with Functions

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Even though you wear bras almost all the time, how well do you know the different parts of bras? The bra, being the symbol of the femininity of women, often being misunderstood for the unknown special benefits or functions it provides. Keep scrolling down, as this article teaches you to be an expert in the field of bra anatomy.

Parts of a Bra Strap

Bra straps work well with the underbust band with a view to providing enough support to the weight of the bust. The straps of the bra can be a multi-way or removable patterned part. There are bras that can be worn without any strap as strapless bra comes with an anti-slip grip lining to avoid slipping and sliding.

Figure: Parts of a Bra Strap
Parts of a Bra Strap

The various parts of a bra straps are in the following given:

  • Front Strap: The front strap of the bra remains on the front side of your shoulder to support the breasts.
  • Back Strap: Meanwhile, the back strap of the bra encircles the area of your ribcage. It gets fastened at the back with the help of hooks. 
  • Ring: Rings can be both metal and plastic that connect the bra straps to the band. Basically, it adjusts the strap length.
  • Slider: You may call them sliders as well, they are on the back band of the bra to ensure the correct fit of the strap. 
  • Hook: Hooks, made of metal, are a fastening device that remains on the back of the bra strap. It secures the strap in the right place by being attached to a couple of eyelets on the back bra band.

Parts of a Bra

Bras have evolved for many years and turned into a completely unique, innovative, and technical style. Although bras have become modern by adding new designs and frameworks, they do not lack the common elements. 

Figure: Parts of a Bra Anatomy with Functions
Figure: Parts of a Bra

The 7 basic parts of a bra are given in the following:

  1. Apex: Apex is that part of the bra where the bra strap joins the cup.
  2. Band: Bra bands are also commonly known as under-band or chest bands. They run around the rib cage of the wearer to secure the bra. Not only does it support the majority of the weight of the breasts, but also it remains in those bras where the front band has an optional appearance. 
  3. Bridge: Bra or Brassiere, no matter what you call it, the bridge is known to be placed in the center front area, between the pair of cups. 
  4. Cup: One of the most important parts of the bra is the cup. Cups, being seamless, or multi-part, hold the breasts and give breasts the proper shape.
  5. Cradle: The cradle basically helps cups and wires to be secured against the chest. 
  6. Wing/Side Panel: The wing or side panel remains next to the cup and provides support. It can be both tall or short wings.
  7. Closure: The bra may come up with a system of closure either at the front part or at the back part. On the back part, the closure is placed in a way so that the brand can be set tight or loose depending on the comfort and fit.

Parts of a Bra Measurement

Bra size measurement simply includes the band and cup measurement. To determine your bra size, follow the given instructions here:

1. The Underbust or the Band Measurement

Step 01: Measure around your body right under your breasts, first. 

Step 02: Apart from this, you measure from the middle of the chest area to the center of the spine, under your breasts (remaining). 

Step 03: After that, double your figure and here you get your band measurement. 

Figure: Parts of a Bra Measurement
Figure: Parts of a Bra Measurement

2. Cup Measurement 

To determine the cup measurement, measure around your body over the majority part of your breasts. If you are wondering what part of a bra size is the cup, the letter portion is the cup size. Just measure around your chest while placing the tape at the nipple level. Now subtract your band size from the bust size, and get the cup size instant!

Part of a Bra Crossword Clue

Parts of a bra crossword clue is basically to guess the name of the part using the number of letters. As you know, there are almost 8 basic parts of any bra. So, these parts could be the answer to any crossword clue. The answer may depend on the letter number and length of the crossword puzzle. 

For instance: 

Bra part that comes in 3 letters: C U P

Bra part that comes in 5 letters: S T R A P

Parts of a Sports Bra

There is no exception from the parts of a regular bra to the parts of a sports bra. All the bras have revolutionized based on the comfort and support they provide for women. Similar to any bra, sports bras have these parts: cups, band, underwire, central panel or bridge, strap attachments, strap adjusters, wings, hook & eye. 

Figure: Parts of a Sports Bra
Figure: Parts of a Sports Bra

Let’s have a look at whether parts of a sports bra are any different from the regular bras. They are:

  • Straps: Sports bras have wider straps compared to regular ones. It helps to distribute the breast’s weight evenly during physical activity.
  • Cups: In the case of cups, the focus of sports bras is more on compression as well as encapsulation. On the other hand, the regular bras mostly focus on the body shaping and lifting.
  • Closure: Sports bras mostly do not have any hooks. This certain feature makes these bras easy to wear and remove. 
  • Material: Sports bras’ material has to be both moisture-wicking and breathable at the same time. The function is to keep you cool and dry at the time of your physical activity.
  • Straps: Strap adjustability is an unknown word for the strap part of the sports bra. Mostly, sports bras come in non-adjustable straps to maintain a fit during the workouts.

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Parts of a Nursing Bra

Nursing bras are defined as those bras that provide additional support to lactating moms. Here are a few parts of a nursing bra that are different compared to regular ones.

Figure: Parts of a Nursing Bra
Figure: Parts of a Nursing Bra

For instance:

  1. Cup: Cups are well-designed with flaps that can be easily folded down during the time for breastfeeding.
  2. Clasps or Clips: This is a completely different feature that a nursing bra holds. Basically, these clasps or clips allow the women to easily open the cups and close them using only one hand.
  3. Fabric or Material: Nursing bras have to be soft and comfortably made to remove irritation and sensitivity. 
  4. Lining and padding: Nursing bras offer a lining and padding feature in their cups. The function of this part is to provide extra coverage to prevent nipple show-through. 


Different parts of a bra offer distinct functions. Each part plays a definite role in making the bra an essential undergarment. This article has a basic introduction to all the parts of a regular bra, sports bra, and nursing bra. You have just entered into the world of bra anatomy. Make sure you know the difference!

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