11 Top Garment Exporters in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is one of the key players in the world textile industry and is ranked in the second position in this sector. There are several garment manufacturers and garment exporters in Bangladesh, and according to BGMEA, this number is around 4,000. During the previous fiscal year, the nation exported ready-made clothing worth an estimated $4,699 million.

Garment Exporters in Bangladesh

Ha-Meem, Palmal, Mondol Group, and Square Group are some of the leading garment exporters in Bangladesh. In this article, I’m going to discuss the top 11 best garment exporters, each of which has played a pivotal role in the country’s rise to prominence in the international apparel market. So, let’s dive into this article.

Best Garment Exporters in Bangladesh Lists

Are you seeking to know about the best garment exporters in Bangladesh? Check this list of the top 11 garment exporter companies in Bangladesh.

1. Ha-Meem Group

Ha-Meem Group is the largest clothing manufacturer and supplies company in Bangladesh. This organisation not only export readymade clothing but also supplies denim fabric. This company has a head office in Tejgaon, Dhaka, and operates 26 garment factories. MA Azad is the founder of this company, and this company currently employs about 50,000 people.

Garment Exporters in Bangladesh

This leading garment manufacturer and exporter has greatly contributed to the Bangladeshi textile and garment sector. Alongside Bangladesh’s industrialization at home, this group’s continued expansion is also progressing. For a long time, it has been one of Bangladesh’s major apparel exporters to the United States and Europe. The Ha-Meem Group garments exports are valued at over $600 million, more than any other company.

Established In1984
Head OfficeTejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $ 600 million Approx.
Contact InfoEmail: delwar@hameemgroup.com
Telephone: + 880-2-8170592
WebsiteHa-Meem Group
Ha-Meem Group Information

2. Mondol Group

Mondol Group is the second-largest garment exporter company in Bangladesh. According to the 2022-23 RMG exports report, The Mondol Group exports garments valued at over $450 million. Although this company was established in 1991, it entered export business in 1995. Alhaj Abdul Majid Mandal was the founder of this reputed company, and after his death, his elder son Abdul Momin Mandal took all the responsibility for this company.

This business has always offered nonstop services related to the fashion industry. The Mondol Group has pledged to create different types of top-notch clothing for men, women, kids, and youngsters. They have consistently pledged to raise their standards in order to satisfy their customers despite the market’s increasing problems.

Established In1991
Head OfficeNikunjo-1, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $450 million Approx.
Contact Infoinfo@mondol.net
Telephone: +88 2 41040176
WebsiteMondol Group
Information of Mondol Group

3. Palmal Group

Palmal Group is one of Bangladesh’s leading and reputed RMG manufacturing business organizations. Established in 1984, Mr. Nurul Haque Sikder was the founding chairman as well as managing director of this renowned organization. With the head office in Gulshan, Dhaka, this organization also has other offices in different places in Bangladesh. Mr. Nurul Haque Sikder handed over all the responsibilities of the company to his son MR, Nafis Sikder, in 2001.

Providing the best service and effort to the customers is their main vision. The organization has had considerable and strong business growth over the past seventeen years. Using a highly effective, environmentally friendly, and cutting-edge manufacturing method, they produced excellent products with on-time delivery ethically and sustainably.

Established In1984
Head OfficeGulshan, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $420 million Approx.
Contact InfoEmail: info@palmalgarments.com
Telephone: +88 02 9897529
WebsitePalmal Group

4. DBL Group

DBL Group is the fourth leading exporter of clothing in Bangladesh. This company was established in 1991 with a small facility at 102 Green Road in Dhaka. DBL began with producing low-cost apparel, such as T-shirts as well as polo shirts, and now produces expensive and mid-priced items. All their products are really excellent in quality.

 As a result of this, this company has a great reputation in the textile industry in Bangladesh. DBL Group also produces fabrics and yarns from recycled as well as retrieved textiles. According to the 2022-23 garment export data, the total export by DBL group value is around $400 million, which is 4th highest of any other company.

Established In1991
Head OfficeGulshan Avenue, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $400 million Approx.
Contact Infoinfo@dbl-group.com
Telephone: +88-02-58817735-6
WebsiteDBL Group

5. Pacific Jeans

Pacific Jeans is one of the world’s leading casual clothing products manufacturers. Pacific Jeans is the first exporter of denim products from Bangladesh. Founded in 1984, this company is located in CEPZ, Chittagong. The Pacific Jeans Group’s facilities can produce a fiscal year’s worth of 36 million pieces of jeans.

Pacific Jeans Limited is renowned for its cutting-edge production facility, comprehensive and distinctive research and development facilities, and highly qualified workforce. One of the top denim producers right now, Pacific Jeans Limited exports to more than 50 nations. With a constant focus on value addition and quality development, this business has emerged as one of the top suppliers to the biggest worldwide fashion stores.

Established In1984
Head OfficeCEPZ, Chittagong
Total ExportUS $400 million Approx.
Contact Infoinfo@pacificjeans.com
Telephone: +88031-741006-8
WebsitePacific Jeans

6. Square Group

Square Group is one of the biggest manufacturers of knit ready-to-wear. Textiles for circular knitting are used to manufacture clothes. Since the company’s founding in 1997, they have offered clothes and material goods.  Samson H. Chowdhury, a well-known industrial entrepreneur, started it. This company values long-term objectives and conserving the natural equilibrium. They have therefore committed to preserving an ecologically pleasant workplace for their workers.

It is with great pleasure that we report that this company has been crowned Bangladesh’s “Best Workers’ Friendly Knitwear Industry”. Denim materials have been taken from the plant by a number of businesses, including those who fill orders for the well-known clothing company H&M Garments. The total garment exports of this company are valued at around $380 million.

Established In1997
Head OfficeUttara, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $380 million Approx.
Contact Infocontact@textile.squaregroup.com
Telephone: +8833047-56
WebsiteSquare Group

7. Standard Group

Standard Group Garments emerged at the forefront of the manufacturing industry in 1984, establishing its roots in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Distinguished as the largest manufacturing industry in the region, they oversee the management of eleven garment manufacturing facilities within Dhaka city. Standard Group is a premier garment manufacturer with an unwavering commitment to crafting top-tier products.

Their workforce, numbering over 40,000 dedicated employees, diligently labors to deliver the highest quality goods. Renowned for their exacting quality standards and deep-seated commitment to social responsibility, Standard Group is the supplier of choice for global industry leaders such as Marks & Spencer, Next, and Zara. This dynamic group’s reach extends to 32 countries, with their garments exported worldwide.

Established In1984
Head OfficeMohakhali, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $380 million Approx.
Contact Infoinfo@standard-group.com
Telephone: +880 2 9862003
WebsiteStandard Group

8. Beximco Apparels Ltd

Beximco Apparels Limited launched its commercial manufacturing in March 1985 under a Swiss company name Comtrade Apparels Ltd. The Beximco group fully acquired this business in the year 1997 and changed its name to Beximco Apparels Ltd. This business manufactures woven fabric clothing, including men’s clothes, shirts, and women’s blouses, with a sole focus on exports.

A team of experts manage Beximco Apparels Limited with the goal of manufacturing high-quality apparel with a full-proof quality assurance process from fabric procurement to the finished product. With a current workforce of 870+ and a daily manufacturing capacity of 8000 pieces, this clothing company mostly sells its goods to the USA, Canada, as well as European nations.

Established In1985
Head OfficeDhanmondi, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $350 million Approx.
Contact Infobeximcochq@beximco.net
Telephone: +880-2-8618220
WebsiteBeximco Apparels Limited

9. AKH Group

AKH is one of the best one-stop sources in Bangladesh for garments products. This company is a reliable destination for international buyers to purchase premium-quality clothing products from Bangladesh. This company started their journey in the garment export business in 1997. AKH Group is a well-known apparel manufacturer that values both the environment and its employees.

The AKH group’s corporate headquarters is situated in Hemayetpur, Dhaka, with additional facilities in Hemayetpur, Savar, as well as Dhamrai in Dhaka. AKH has achieved significant success as a highly integrated leader in apparel manufacturing and exporting from Bangladesh. The AKH Group sells clothing valued at roughly $300 million in fiscal year 2022-2023.

Established In1997
Head OfficeHemayetpur, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $300 million Approx.
Contact Infoinfo@akhfashions.com
Telephone: +(880) 96 6677 5588
WebsiteAKH Group

10. Al-Muslim Group

Al-Muslim Group is well known for its dedication to high standards of quality, inventiveness, and ethical behavior. This exclusive club is recognized in the worldwide textile and garment business thanks to a long history spanning decades. Al-Muslim Group is strongly committed to accuracy and quality in all facets of its business operations.

Modern technology is used in its modern production facilities to ensure the creation of high-quality clothing. The group’s reputation as a top exporter is further supported by its highly qualified employees and exacting quality control procedures. Al-Muslim Group is still a bright example of Bangladeshi excellence in the international apparel export market because of its wide range of goods and dedication to client satisfaction.

Established In1992
Head OfficeSavar, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $250 million Approx.
Contact Infomd@pacificbluejeans.com
Telephone: +88 09 666 777 879
WebsiteAl-Muslim Group

11. Natural Group

Natural Group is the last company on this list of the best Garment Exporters in Bangladesh. With a total export value of $200 million, this company ranked 11th among the other companies. Established in 2002, this company is specialized in manufacturing different garment items. It is essentially one of Bangladesh’s main producers of woven sweaters.

Natural Group has established a name for itself in the market with its more than 20 years of expertise in the ready-to-wear sector. Leading retail brands, including H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, ZARA, Calvin Klein, ESPRIT, and many more, have collaborated with this business. This clothing manufacturer exports apparel valued at around $200 million in the 2022–2023 fiscal year.

Established In2002
Head OfficeNikunjo-1, Dhaka
Total ExportUS $200 million Approx.
Contact Infoinfo@naturalgroup.org
Telephone: +880 241040460
WebsiteNatural Group

Wrap Up

In conclusion, these 11 Bangladeshi garment exporters represent the country’s amazing global clothing market rise. Their persistent dedication to excellence, moral behavior, and sustainability has propelled Bangladesh’s economic development and established standards across the sector. These businesses have continuously shown that they can adjust to changing consumer needs and keep a competitive edge.

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