9 Best Clothing Manufacturers Worldwide

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The global clothing market is expected to grow significantly, with a projected increase from USD 20.89 billion in 2021 to USD 53.09 billion by 2028. With this expansion, partnering with trustworthy and reputable clothing manufacturers has become more crucial than ever for brands and business owners looking to break into this cutthroat market.

Considering the myriad options available, finding the right clothing manufacturer can be daunting. To streamline your search and assist you in making an informed decision, we have curated a list of the top ten clothing manufacturers. 

Whether you’re a startup or a popular brand, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the clothing manufacturing landscape and find the perfect partner for your business.

The 10 Top Clothing Manufacturers:

  1. Appareify – The Most Reliable and Cost-Effective Manufacturing Option
  2. AEL Apparel – Top High Quality and Fashion-Focused Clothing Manufacturer
  3. Royal Apparel – Discover Eco-friendly Clothing Made in the USA
  4. Legging Manufacturers – Premium Clothing for Yoga and Athletic Wear
  5. GoodWorth Sports – Athletic-comfort SportWear Clothing Manufacturer
  6. Beautiful Connection Group – Global Clothing Manufacturer with Quality Materials
  7. Mega Sports Apparel – Performance-centric Athletic Clothing in the US
  8. Legging Supplier – Find Your Perfect Clothing Supplier for Custom-Made Leggings
  9. JLD-Studios LLC – Full-service Partner to the Apparel Industry
  10. Thygesen Textile Vietnam – Elevate Your Textile Manufacturing Needs

1. Appareify

Appareify, a custom clothing manufacturer, genuinely meets all expectations and secures the highest position in our assessment. Appareify offers endless personalization possibilities while delivering top-quality clothing at a reasonable price for your brand. They surpass other manufacturers in terms of design, manufacturing, affordability, and eco-friendliness.

Contact Info of Appareify

Why should you choose it:

Appareify’s team of experts has honed their skills over the years to provide apparel that not only looks great but also perform exceptionally well. 

Good Reasons to Work With Appareify
Reasons to Work With Appareify

They use the latest technology and techniques as well as the finest fabrics to produce cloth, ensuring the products are comfortable, durable, and can withstand rigorous workouts or everyday wear.

Appareify also offers customers a range of customization options to help build their brand and stand out in a crowded fashion industry.


  • Superior quality: Appareify’s products are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, guaranteeing functionality and durability.
  • Sustainable production: Appareify prioritizes eco-friendly practices to ensure that its manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the environment.
  • Customization options: Offering both private labels and cut-and-sew services, Appareify allows you to create unique clothing based on your needs.
  • Competitive Rate: Appareify offers competitive rates without compromising on the quality of its clothing, making it an affordable and reliable choice for customers.
  • Finest fabric: They use only high-quality fabrics to ensure the comfort of every piece of apparel they produce.


  • Abroad Challenges: Due to the foreign location, the on-site inspection may be challenging.

2. AEL Apparel

AEL Apparel is one of the top-notch clothing manufacturers in China, with a global reach across more than 50 countries. With fashion as its prime focus, AEL Apparel creates garments of outstanding quality with the capability to allow buyers to supply their own customized designs to suit their own unique brand. 

AEL Apparel
Homepage of AEL Apparel

Why you should choose it:

AEL Apparel aims for perfection: Using only the best quality fabrics and materials sourced from key players in the industry, AEL Apparel crafts each piece of clothing using the latest technology and cutting-edge machinery. 

Before leaving the workshop every garment is inspected and checked for flaws in materials and accessories like zips and buttons. Quality Assurance is a critical factor in the apparel industry, one that AEL Apparel takes very seriously.


  • Customized labeling: Customers can choose to label the garments with their own name and logo, or white label them for no visible brand identity.
  • Unique materials and style: You can customize each garment using your own designs, and even choose specific materials to make them unique to your brand.
  • Serious about sustainability: AEL Apparel is committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices, reducing waste in the supply chain and sourcing sustainable materials.
  • Fast turnaround time: AEL Apparel can produce the finished product within one to three weeks from the time of order, and in very urgent cases this can be shortened to three days.


  • Product sizes: Sizing for the US market should be checked before ordering, larger sizes are required

3. Royal Apparel

Royal Apparel is a highly regarded American brand in the clothing industry. With a focus on exceptional comfort, diverse styles, and unbeatable quality, they have built a strong reputation among customers. Royal Apparel is committed to environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacturing practices, ensuring its garments meet the highest ethical sourcing standards.

Royal Apparel
Homepage of Royal Apparel

Why should you choose it:

Choosing Royal Apparel as your clothing manufacturer comes with several compelling reasons. They provide the option for customization, allowing you to tailor your orders to meet your specific requirements. 


  • Ethical and sustainable manufacturing: Royal Apparel’s dedication to environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices makes them an ideal choice for those seeking ethically sourced products.
  • Customization options: The ability to customize orders allows customers to create unique cloth products that reflect their brand’s identity and target market.
  • Diverse styles and sizes: Royal Apparel offers a wide range of flexible and modern designs, catering to all sizes and ages.
  • American-made quality: By choosing Royal Apparel, customers can support local manufacturing and receive garments of the highest quality.


  • Shipping: The shopping process takes time, and thus product delivery is a concern here. 

4. Legging Manufacturers

Legging Manufacturers is a renowned wholesale leggings vendor that provides a range of classy and durable leggings to retailers, business owners, and private label businesses worldwide.

Pros of legging manufacturers
Reason to choose legging manufacturers

The company is well-known for supplying sustainable leggings and a wide range of varieties, including fitness leggings, capris, printed leggings, seamless leggings, and more.

Why should choose it:

Focusing on sustainability, Legging Manufacturers supply various leggings, including stunning fitness leggings, ravishing capris, jazzy printed leggings, and seamless leggings. Their convenient ordering process ensures a seamless experience for customers seeking to enhance their leggings inventory.


  • Expansive Catalog: They offer a wide collection of durable athletic leggings, including fitness leggings. This variety allows brands to cater to different customer tastes and demands.
  • Amazing Discounts on Bulk Orders: They offer substantial wholesale discounts enabling you to expand your private-label leggings collection at a competitive price.


  • Delayed Response: The support team is not quick and may take 48-72 hours to resolve the queries. 

5. GoodWorth Sports

GoodWorth Sports takes pride in being a highly esteemed custom sportswear manufacturer, offering a vast variety of sportwear to satisfy the diverse needs of customers. As a workout clothing manufacturer and leggings vendor, they prioritize creating tailored workout leggings that seamlessly blend style and comfort. 

GoodWorth Sports
Homepage of GoodWorth Sports

Why should choose it:

GoodWorth Sports is a reliable partner for retailers and business owners seeking high-quality sportwear. As a private label sportswear clothing manufacturer, they offer the convenience of placing wholesale orders in bulk, with options to select designs from their catalog and customize fabrics and colors. 


  • Extensive customization options: GoodWorth Sports allows retailers to customize their products with labels, logos, colors, and designs, providing a unique branding opportunity.
  • Vast variety: With a wide range of sportswear available, GoodWorth Sports caters to diverse customer preferences, enabling retailers to offer a comprehensive selection to their customers.


  • Limited information available regarding specific manufacturing processes and pricing 

6. Beautiful Connection Group

Beautiful Connection Group caters to fashion-forward fitness enthusiasts, offering classy clothing, exquisite dress, comfortable activewear, and fashionable jacket. 

Their range of wholesale clothing is designed to complement and enhance the historical pursuits of a diverse group of people, providing them with options that meet their diverse style preferences.

Why should choose it:

Their diverse variety of clothing allows businesses to meet the specific requirements of their customers and reach a wide audience. Beautiful Connection Group offers businesses numerous opportunities to grow and succeed in the market by offering customized products that prioritize comfort and design.


  • Stylish and high-quality collection: They offer fashionable and top-quality wholesale product, ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting the demands of the fashion-conscious market.
  • Customization options: The availability of private-label clothing allows businesses to create their unique brand and reach a broader customer base.


  • They manufacture non-sustainable clothing that might harm the environment.
  • Lack of fulfillment of social responsibilities.

7. Mega Sports Apparel

Mega Sports Apparel is a renowned fashion company specializing in customized athletic clothing. With in-house services, they cater to the outsourcing needs of startups and clothing lines, developing custom-made consumer products. 

Why should choose it:

Choose Mega Sports Apparel for top-quality custom athletic clothing that stand out. Their expertise in the fashion industry enables them to deliver athletic apparel tailored to your specific requirements, making you both fashionable and comfortable.

Mega Sports Apparel
Homepage of Mega Sports Apparel

With a dedicated team of designers and professionals, Mega Sports Apparel handles every aspect of the manufacturing process, from fabric selection and cutting to sewing, decorating, sampling, bulk production, and shipping.


Customization expertise: Mega Sports Apparel excels in creating unique, custom-made leggings that meet individual brand preferences and customer needs.

Full-service manufacturing: From design to production and shipping, Mega Sports Apparel provides end-to-end services, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.


  • Does not fulfill social responsibilities
  • Delayed shipping and order processing

7. Legging Supplier

Leggings Supplier is a professional sustainable clothing manufacturer with over 18 years of experience in the industry.

Legging Supplier
Homepage of Legging Supplier

They specialize in manufacturing high-quality yoga and activewear, and their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their certifications, including GRS, BSCI, and WRAP. It is a trusted supplier for bulk orders, ensuring premium quality and timely delivery.

Why should choose it:

With a management team serving for 18+ years, they bring expertise and industry knowledge to every project. They offer customization clothing options to meet specific requirements, ensuring the creation of eco-friendly, high-performance leggings.


  • Leggings Supplier has over 20 years of clothing industry experience, providing a solid foundation of expertise.
  • They prioritize ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices by holding certifications such as GRS, BSCI, and WRAP.


  • A minimum order requirement of 300 units per color per design may not be suitable for smaller businesses or those seeking smaller quantities.

8. JLD-Studios LLC

JLD-STUDIOS is a women-owned clothing manufacturer based in the United States, committed to producing high-quality apparel while creating sustainable job opportunities for a diverse workforce.

JLD-Studios LLC
Homepage of JLD-Studios LLC

With a team of experienced garment operators and up-and-coming seamstresses and technicians, they specialize in full-service production and development for apparel brands of all sizes. 

JLD-STUDIOS focuses on activewear, knit sportswear, and swimwear, offering design services, tech packs, garment patterns, and in-house sublimation printing.

Why should choose it:

They offer various services, including design assistance, tech packs, garment patterns, and in-house sublimation printing. Whether launching a new brand/business or needing a low MOQ clothing manufacturer, JLD-STUDIOS provides the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.


  • JLD-STUDIOS is committed to producing clothing in the United States and supporting local job creation.
  • They prioritize sustainable production practices, contributing to a more environmentally conscious fashion industry.


  • Limited information was provided about specific production capabilities or customization options.

9. Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a reputable manufacturer specializing in OEM/ODM manufacturing processes.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam
Homepage of Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Focusing on sustainability and responsibility, they apply the LEAN system to minimize wastage and ensure timely production while maintaining consistent quality standards. Their dedicated development team designs practical tools and work instructions, leveraging technology to optimize the manufacturing process. 

Why should choose it:

Choose Thygesen Textile Vietnam for its OEM/ODM manufacturing expertise and commitment to sustainability and responsibility. With a focus on trust, compassion, kindness, and commitment, they prioritize customer satisfaction and comply with social responsibilities. 

Thygesen Textile Vietnam’s dedication to continuous improvement and sustainable development makes them a reliable partner for brands seeking high-quality textile manufacturing.


  • Specializes in OEM/ODM manufacturing
  • employs sustainable manufacturing processes
  • committed to social responsibilities and partnerships
  • promotes self-improvement and growth.


  • Not suitable for small businesses as the MOQs are high that may be difficult for startups to invest in

What Kind of Clothing Manufacturer is Reliable? 

With so many manufacturers/providers in the market, it is crucial to choose the right one to save time and money. Here are the tips that will help you select the best one:

  1. Look for a manufacturer with a low MOQ to test the market without spending significant money upfront.
  2. Ensure that the manufacturer has specific experience in manufacturing clothing, as sewing stretchable fabrics requires skill and expertise.
  3. Discuss the sewing style and approach with the manufacturer to ensure they align with your clothing designs and fabrics.
  4. Request a portfolio and references from past projects and clients to assess the manufacturer’s work ethics and quality.
  5. Ensure that the manufacturer’s fees fit your budget and negotiate for potential discounts as a startup. Finances are crucial, and every penny counts.


The custom clothing manufacturers’ market is evolving, and several key players are emerging as industry leaders. Appareify and a few other well-known companies are gaining traction as a result of their excellent services and customer-centric approach. These manufacturers understand the diverse needs of businesses, offering low minimum order quantities, expertise in producing clothing, and personalized sewing styles. Moreover, they provide transparency by showcasing their portfolios and client references, instilling confidence in their capabilities. 

Their competitive pricing and willingness to work within different budgets make them appealing options for startups and established brands. As the demand for custom clothing continues to rise, it is essential to choose a manufacturer like Appareify that prioritizes quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

By partnering with these reputable manufacturers, businesses can ensure a seamless production process and deliver top-notch clothing to their customers.

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