Features of Single Jersey Machine and Modern Single Jersey Machine

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In the modern world of textile manufacturing, Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machines are a fundamental tool in the textile industry. Single Jersey Circular Knitting M/C, often referred to as S/J M/C, has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, revolutionizing the way we produce high-quality fabrics. These machines produce single-faced fabrics, characterized by a smooth surface on one side and loops on the other. In this article, we’ll show the features of a Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine with modern single jersey machine.

Figure: Single Jersey circular knitting machine

Features of Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine

  1. Only a cylinder is used.
  2. One set of needles is used.
  3. Max machine gauge 24/ 60 upto in modern S/J machine.
  4. The cylinder has cams-Rising & stitch cam.
  5. Sinker is used / but the dial is not used.
  6. Vertical needle position.
  7. Up to 120 feeders are available.
  8. Machine capacity is high.
  9. Machine dia of 26”-30”.
  10. Fiber cut up to 28 is available.
Figure: Features of Single Jersey circular knitting machine

Features of Modern Circular Knitting Machine 

  1. It has a cylindrical needle bed.
  2. Consist of 3 major sections (yarn supply, knitting element & fabric take down).
  3. All three types of needles can be used.
  4. Sinkers and dial for dial are used.
  5. Needle retaining spring is present.
  6. Yarn supply from cores situated on overhead bobbins.
  7. Up to 60 machine gauge is available.
  8. The positive feed provides 3 different speeds.
  9. Automatic lubrication system.
Figure: Features of Modern Circular Knitting Machine

Difference between Single Jersey circular knitting machine with Modern Single Jersey circular knitting

Here’s a table comparing the “Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine” with “Modern Single Jersey Circular Knitting”:

FeatureSingle Jersey Circular Knitting MachineModern Single Jersey Circular Knitting
Knitting TechnologyTraditional circular knitting technology with a single set of needlesIncorporates advanced knitting technology, often with computerized controls and multiple needle sets for enhanced efficiency and flexibility
ProductivityMay have lower production speeds compared to modern machinesGenerally offers higher production speeds, leading to increased output and efficiency
Needle ArrangementTypically has a single needle set arranged in a cylinder or dialFeatures advanced needle arrangements for intricate stitch patterns and varied fabric structures
VersatilityLimited versatility in terms of stitch patterns and fabric typesOffers greater versatility, allowing for a wide range of stitch patterns and fabric constructions
Control SystemManual or basic controls for stitch settingsEquipped with modern, computerized control systems for precise stitch control and pattern variations
Ease of OperationMay require more manual intervention and adjustmentsDesigned for user-friendly operation with automated features, reducing the need for constant manual adjustments
Yarn HandlingHandles standard yarn types efficientlyCan handle a variety of yarns, including specialty and high-performance fibers
Fabric QualityProduces quality Single Jersey fabricCapable of producing high-quality fabric with improved consistency and reduced defects
MaintenanceMay require more frequent maintenanceOften designed for minimal maintenance, with self-diagnostic features for quick issue resolution
CostGenerally more affordable compared to modern machinesInitial investment may be higher, but modern machines often provide better long-term cost-effectiveness due to increased efficiency
Technology IntegrationLimited integration of modern technologyIntegrates cutting-edge technology for enhanced performance and adaptability
Single Jersey circular knitting machine Vs Modern Single Jersey circular knitting

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