Squeezer Machine Operational Instruction (for GB/T-19630)

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Squeezer Machine Operational Instruction

1. The squeezer machines should be cleaned thoroughly.

2. The electrician checks the panel board, and switches if everything is ok then the power of the machine or Switch is on.

3. After powering on or switching on the machine, check whether the machine is operable

4. Each subsequent batch of cards should be mixed in the tank by bringing a softener according to the buyer’s demand.

5. The softener has to be used separately during each batch run to ensure that the marriage is clear each time

6. Machine Speed should be given at 40 RPM while running S/ J. 

7. Machine Speed should be given at 45 RPM while running Rib

8 Squeezer should be operated with a padder pressure of 3.5 bar. However, Fabric without softener finishing should be pressed 3 times with pader pressure.

Image: Squeezer Machine Operational Instruction
Image: Squeezer Machine

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