Top 10 Best Bra Brands in the World

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Bras are one of the most crucial items in the wardrobe for a woman. All women are known to wear bras from the start of puberty, which is around the age of 12 to 13 years. However, finding the correct bra is easier said than done. 

Let’s talk about Best Bra Brands in the World

For a woman, it takes quite some time to fully understand their correct bra size as finding the size is not enough, you also have to know the cup size. Without the right bra size, it would be tough to feel comfortable in the one you are wearing. 

In the past, most lingerie brands did not have a wide range of bra sizes to choose from. As a result, people on either end of the bra size spectrum, such as finding bras of sizes extra small or extra large would have been quite difficult. Even if they could be found, the prices would have been greater than usual because they are very rare. 

Best Bra Brands in the World
Some Beautiful bras

But the scenario has changed recently as more and more brands are actively broadening their bra size range not only is this going to bring in more business but also because it is also embarrassing to not consider all the various sizes that a normal human body can be. 

In this article, we will be going through all the top 10 best bra brands in the world and what they have to offer. 

1. ThirdLove

There are a lot of positive reviews online about this bra brand as they make one of the best pairs of bras money can purchase. Third Love have curated a fanbase solely because of how comforting their ad campaigns are as they take models of various sizes and ethnicities to model their lingerie lines.

Website image of ThirdLove

Their photographs do not use any Photoshop which offers how the bra is going to look in real life. The best part is that they offer a vast range of nude shades of lingerie to match various skin tones. All of their bras fit well and feel comfortable even if it is hot outside. 

2. Chantelle

Chantelle is a French lingerie brand so you know they are going to manufacture amazing products. They are known for their innovative designs which are turned into reality by using high-quality materials and new technology. Not only are their lingerie supportive and comfortable but they look amazing on the wearer.

Website Image of Chantelle

You will find a lot of positive reviews of their bras all over the internet. Even though the price of the bras can be a bit on the higher end, you are guaranteed to land with high-quality products which are going to last for a long time even with rough use. On their website, there are a lot of designs to choose from. 

3. Forme

The founders of Forme were determined to bring bras that help in transforming posture by encouraging shoulders to stay down. If you wear a Forme bra for a long duration then engaging muscle memory is going to help you fix a slouched posture within no time.

Website image of Forme

Most of their bras cover a lot of areas and have the shape of a sports bra. The support is insane so you can perform a lot of activities wearing it. Each piece of their bra is made using six various fabrics and multiple panels and it helps to deliver a brilliant base layer. 

4. Wacoal

If you are a big-breasted girlie then you are going to love almost all the collections Wacoal has on their list. This is because most of their lingerie designs are curated keeping the bigger bust in mind. For many women, this is a relief as it can be tough to find plus-size lingerie in various designs.

Website image of Wacoal

Since most of their bras are designed to fit large chests, support is a priority for almost all the styles. You can wear their bra for hours without feeling uncomfortable as they fit perfectly. The prices of their bras are within the medium range. 

5. Natori

Now comes a luxury lingerie brand which is not something you would go for on the daily. To find a sophisticated lingerie that can provide enough support might feel like a dream to many as higher-end bras can be pretty disappointing sometimes. However, Natori lingerie is not one of them.

Website image of Natori

Josie Natori is the founder and she is a Filipino. She blends the Western and Eastern design elements to make stylish pieces that are also comfortable and unique. Not only are their bras notable but their sleepwear items are also to die for. Even though you are going to pay a higher price for the lingerie items they are so worth the money.

6. Bluebella

Bluebella is a brand that brings styling and function in a lingerie set together. You do not have to sacrifice style over comfort when you are choosing from this brand. Most of the lingerie or bras are curated in such a way that is going to look breathtaking on the wearer but also very functional and supportive.

Website image of Bluebella

The base layer of your clothing is going to have a pretty silhouette which helps in providing self-confidence. The best part is that their collection is within the affordable range even though the quality and look seem very expensive. There are a lot of designs to choose from, but their size range is not very wide. 

7. Lively

Lingerie items are usually bought with the thought of wearing them for long durations. Lively manufactures bralettes or bras that can be worn all day because the material is very soft and airy. The fabric is not going to stick to the skin and will sit on the skin gently.

Website image of Lively

You can find basic bras or fashion-forward lingerie on their website, whichever suits you. There is a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from depending on everyone’s tastes and preferences. The price range of their bras and bralettes is also very affordable so you can purchase multiple at once. 

8. Skims

This brand got its recognition from none other than the celebrity Kim Kardashian. For this, you might not have high hopes for the brand as most celebrity brands can be a cash-grab technique. However, if you try their products you will realize how well made they are and do not need any figure for fame.

Website image of Skims

All the Skims products are manufactured using stretchy and soft fabrics which helps in providing support and shaping. You can move around in their lingerie very comfortably and have it on for a long time without feeling uneasy. The prices of their items are very affordable which makes this brand better.


If you are searching for bikini sets that are going to provide enough support and comfort then CUUP has some. Their bras are super supportive, comfortable, and flattering on the skin which makes them seem like a dream come true. You will find minimalistic and simple design bras on their website and they use them to draw in the fashion crowd.

Website image of CUUP

This is one of the brands that has half-cup sizes so you can find the perfect fit for you in no time. Although the price range of their bras can be on the higher end you can guarantee to find the ones that will fit you without any issue. 

10. Warners

Last but not least comes Warners, a brand that has been around since 1874. This brand has bras for almost all body types because they have been in the game for such a long time. the best part is that their price point is so low that these are amazing for girls who have just hit puberty and looking for affordable and comfortable bras.

Website image of Warners

You can achieve the no bra feeling while wearing their underwire bra because they are so lightweight. The top priority of this brand is comfort and they are known for providing the best comfortable bras within budget.

Final Words:

It is very important for a woman to feel comfortable and confident in the lingerie she is wearing as it helps to determine her mood for the day. Even if the price is high for the items, investing in these is always a good idea as not only are you getting styling sets but also comfortability and support. 

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