What is Apparel Washing? Advantages | Features 

Md Mahedi Hasan

Apparel Washing is the technology used to clean and modify the outlook or appearance, comfortably, hand feel, and fashion.

Requirements/ Advantages of Garment Washing:

  1. Removes dirt and spots.
  2. Remove the size material and make it soft.
  3. No possibility of further shrinkage directly.
  4. Fading affects regular, irregular, and specific areas.
  5. Get a fashionable outlook from an ordinary one.

Features of Industrial Washing Machine:

Apparel Washing

  • The outer cylinder is made of solid stainless steel having two sliding doors at the upper middle half position of the cylinder.
  • The outer cylinder is firmly fixed to the floor to avoid jerking. 
  • Two chemical closing doors dose chemicals during machine running.
  • The gap between the outer and the cylinder is 3-4’’, and between two cylinders contains a steam pipe that supplies steam boiler liquor that is indirectly heated.
  • The inner cylinder is about 4 feet deep and 6 feet wide.
  • Two side shafts are attached to the inner cylinder which receives motion from the motor via motor pulley.
  • Two spring-loaded doors are aligned with the door of the outer cylinder by inching motion to facilitate load and unloading.
  • The inner cylinder can rotate at 5 – 35 rpm in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions (controlled by A reversal driving unit) to avoid the roping effect.
  • Temperature and time are controlled by a control board or panel.

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