10 Tips on What to Wear Inside a Backless Dress

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Is there even a girl who does not feel guilty about leaving a backless dress, just because she doesn’t have any right thing to wear inside? Not every one of you is comfortable in coming up bra-less! Hence, Not wearing a bra is not even a solution. So, buckle up ladies, here we have pointed out some amazing ways so that you never go away from deciding to wear a beautiful backless dress!

How to Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra?

There are a few ways where you can utilize your normal bra to wear your favored backless dress. For instance:

1. Bra Strap Converter

By connecting to your bra closure, a bra strap converter allows you to adjust the band’s midpoint by up to 10 cm. This gives you support and conceals the band so you can wear some backless clothes.

How to Wear a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra
Wearing process of a Backless Dress with a Normal Bra

2. Clear Back Bra

An ordinary solution but here the band of the bra is made of transparent non-stretch plastic. In this case, straps used to be wider compared to other bras. 

3. Replacement of Clear Bra Band on shoulder and Back

To apply this technique, remove the current band and replace it with a clear one on the existing regular bra. You can DIY this tip at your home, or a dressmaker can provide you with the service. This solution will just bring a clear back for your backless dress. The technique same applies to the shoulder strap. 

Backless Bra

Backless bras are perfect due to their availability in colors, comfort giving, and better coverage. A couple of Backless Bra is there for any small to big breasts. The following backless bras are the ones with which today’s girls are obsessed with. They are:

1. MITALOO Backless Bra

This backless bra, even strapless, has adhesive cups which are applied separately. This bra comes with a wing shape that covers both sides. It is better to avoid this bra in high temperatures as the sweat has an effect on the adhesive cups’ stickiness. 

Backless Bra
Some images of Backless Bra

2. Gatherall Bra

Gatherall Bra is one of the best backless bras for attending weddings. It works amazingly for D and DD cups making a nice shape under any clothes. But this bra may not cover your full breasts in terms of support. However, the bra comes in sizes A to DD with 4 shades. 

3. Sneaky Vaunt The Original Push-Up Backless Bra

This pair of backless bras comes with adjustable cleavage. It stays hidden under any clothing item. Here, cups are self-adhesive.

How to wear a backless dress with big busts?

Girls who have big busts, feel worried in most cases. Just go through the following tips to find support for your backless dress style:

1. Silicone Bra Cups

Attach silicone cups to your breasts to get the sticky, adhesive backing. Cups including clear tabs are also great. Pull those clear tabs up and stick them near the top part of the breasts. 

How to wear a backless dress with big busts
Wearing process a backless dress with big busts

2. Convertible Bra

It can be your regular bra with convertible facilities. With a convertible bra, you can remove any strap, and pull the other strap across your back in a diagonal position. Straps are necessary for big busts as they will provide more support compared to those strapless ones. 

Wearing a Backless Dress with Small Breasts

Girls with small breasts may not feel comfortable showing their nipples through the backless dress with no low-cut front design. One non-bra solution is:

1. Using a Scotch tape

It is just a DIY if you have any tape in your drawer Place two pieces of scotch tape on each breast, and you are all set to enjoy the party!

Wearing a Backless Dress with Small Breasts
Backless Dress with Small Breasts

2. Bra-less Solution: Wear dark colors and patterned prints

It may look surprising to you but going bra-less can be a solution in case you feel comfortable carrying around the backless dress. In that case, you can just go with the dark colors and patterned prints. They will not reveal your bra-less chest. 

3. Bra Cups Attached to the Backless Dress

If you are not comfortable going bra-less, you can just customize a bra attached to the backless dress. First of all, cut off the sidebands of the bra. Now, you have two cups. After that, lay the bra in a face-up position and squeeze fabric glue in the edges part. Take some time to dry the glue. Next, press the bra inside the backless dress. Besides, you can sew the bra, but the stitch may show up in front of the dress.

How to Cover a Backless Dress?

You are not left alone in this journey of quest for knowledge about what to wear inside a backless dress. Cheer up, as we have covered you with the following options:

1. Adhesive Bra

Whether your blouse is low-back or evening gown has a halter neck, the adhesive bra is there to cover up your backless solution. An adhesive bra is just a strapless bra included with an adhesive substance, cup edges, and side wings. Besides, the adhesive bra comes up with a smooth padding, that ensures a perfect bust shape inside your gorgeous backless dress.

How to Cover a Backless Dress
Covering process of a Backless Dress

2. Stick-on Cups

There is also a solution of wearing non-bra, stick-on cups. These cups are smooth, padded, seamless silicone-made. 

How to Cover Nipples in a Backless Dress?

Your nipples get covered! Guess how? One of the most useful tips for covering nipples is:

1. Adhesive Nipple Covers

If you are up to wearing an all-white dress or slippy dress, a traditional bra does not work better. Hence, a pair of nipple covers provides you with an invisible yet semi-transparent feeling. 

How to Cover Nipples in a Backless Dress
Cover Nipples in a Backless Dress

2. Nipple Pasties

Another suitable option is Nipple Pasties. They work excellently in providing coverage to the breast. Also, these nipple pasties are smooth, invisible, and well-made of ultra-thin silicone with a velvet finish.


Even though there are hundreds of options to try out with a backless dress, choose that specific tip that you are comfortable carrying around. Now you have all the information to slay around your ‘oh-so-revealing’ red-carpet gown, get ready to glow up with our tips and tricks on all about backless dresses.

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