Sharp Tools Control Procedure in Garments

Taspia Binta Yousuf

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To control the use of sharp tools, injurious of health & damage to the product

Scope: All Ready Made Garments unit 


Line Chief/ Production Supervisor

Sharp Tools Control Procedure: 

Ready-made garments follow the below procedure to control sharp tools, these are:

  1. Line/Section wise need to prepare a sharp tools inventory list
  2. All inventory lists should be authorized by the production & QA head of the factory
  3. Each line section should have a separate lockable box & only authorized persons can access that box.
  4. That inventory list needs to be pasted on the front of the box
  5. All the sharp tools need to be issued & retrieved every day from every section & keep a record.
  6. All sharp tools need to be tied to the workstation.
  7. The tie cord cannot be too long so that the tools can touch the floor. There should be a minimum of 1-foot distance from the floor.
Image: Sharp Tools Control Procedure in Garments

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