Step Cleaner in Blow Room – Working Principle

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What is step cleaner in textile?

Step Cleaner in the textile industry is the common machine of blow room which is used to open and clean by opposite spike action; remove heavy impurities and make smaller tuff cotton.

Step cleaner or ultra cleaner or super cleaner machine is one of the most important machines which are significantly used in blow room section of spinning industry. This major beating type of machine is used for opening and cleaning the impurities from the cotton tuft.

Basic Action of Step Cleaner:

  1. The action of the beater.
  2. The action of opposite spikes.
  3. The action of air current.

Objects of Step Cleaner:

  • To open & clean cotton tuft by opposite spikes and beating action
  • To open the lumps of cotton into small pieces.
  • To clear the cotton suitable for processing to the next machine.
  • To remove heavy impurities such as leaves, and sand, without damaging the fiber.
  • To convert or make the cotton tuft to the small size of cotton fiber.


  1. Beating Type: Major beater M/C [Beater, Opening & Cleaning]
  2. Courser Cleaner
  3. Fine Tuff Size
  4. 30-40% cleaning
  5. 6 beater or cylinder
  6. 450 Upward Machine Position
  7. Impurities pass over between two grid bar
  8. Blade or Flat grid bar used

Working principle of Step Cleaner Machine:

Cotton is fed from the reserve tower by a pair of feed rollers. Later it passes to the first beater. From there it is transported upwards by the six (sometimes 4) beater rollers, each carrying profiled bars, the beaters arranged on a line inclined upwards at 450. As you can see in the diagram.

The step cleaner machine diagram are as follows:

Diagram of Step Cleaner in Blowroom
Diagram of Step Cleaner in Blowroom

The trashes are extracted with the help of opposite spikes and beating functions. It pulls the trashes and falls into the chamber through the grid bars hole. Cotton tuft opens and makes small size tuft with beating action. A baffle plate is in the middle of two beaters, and it controls the flow of material.

Elimination of impurities occurs during the continual passage of the material over the girds arranged under the
beaters. The grids are continuously adjustable and usually also the beater speed.

How to increase beating action in step cleaner?

– By increasing the beater speed
– Increase grid bar
– Increase grid bar angle -150 (Max), 00, – 150

Machine Parameters:

General Information

No of beater6
No. of grid bar5 sets
No. of grid bar in every set20 – 25
Cleaning efficiency40%
Production /hour750 – 900 Kg.
Cleaning AbilityHigh, applicable for all grades of cotton.
Beater to grid bar1.75 inches
Beater to beater5 inch
Speed450 to 800 RPM.
Machine Info

Step Cleaner Machine Parameter

Output Deliver800 kg/ per hour
Working Width1060
No of Cylinder / Beater6
Spike TypeRound
Cylinder Dia455
Speed of Cylinder/ Beater Speed462, 510, 562, 655, 722 RPM
Grid Bar TypeBlade or Flat Type
Number of Grid Bar1,2,3 Cylinder 31 Set
4, 5 Cylinder 33 Set
Grid bar angle+150 to – 150
Grid Bar to Spike SettingFixed
Machine Parameter of Step Cleaner


How does Step Cleaner Machine Work?

Reference: Lecture of Padma Kishore Dey

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