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Medical Gown when you heard the word, the first thing that came to mind is the imagination of a doctor with proper safety equipment. It is impossible to imagine an operation without proper Medical Gowns. Today we will know How to Sew a Medical Gown? with Whole Sewing Instructions.

How to make a hospital gown?

Sewing a medical gown requires careful attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines to ensure the garment meets safety and hygiene standards. Below is a general guide on how to sew a medical gown. Keep in mind that the specifications may vary depending on the intended use and local regulations, so it’s crucial to refer to specific guidelines provided by healthcare organizations or authorities.

Creating a hospital gown involves basic sewing skills, and it’s essential to use clean and appropriate materials for hygiene reasons. Here’s a simple guide on how to make a basic hospital gown:


  1. Hospital gown fabric (about 3-4 yards, depending on the size)
  2. Sewing machine or needle and thread
  3. Scissors
  4. Velcro or ties
  5. Elastic (optional)


1. Choose a Pattern: Search for a simple hospital gown pattern online or create a basic pattern yourself. A standard hospital gown has a front opening, short sleeves, and ties or Velcro closures.

2. Cut the Fabric: Lay out the fabric on a flat surface. Place the pattern on the fabric and cut around it. You should have two pieces for the front and back of the gown.

3. Cut Openings for Sleeves: Measure and mark the positions for the sleeves on both pieces. Cut out small openings for the sleeves on both sides.

4. Sew the Shoulders: Place the front and back pieces together, right sides facing each other. Sew the shoulder seams, leaving enough space for the neck opening.

5. Sew the Side Seams: Sew the side seams, leaving openings for the arms. These openings should align with the sleeves you cut earlier.

6. Create the Neckline: Fold and hem the neckline to create a clean finish. You can also add bias tape for a neater look.

7. Add Closures: Attach Velcro strips or sew ties to the back of the gown for closure. Velcro is more convenient for patients and healthcare providers.

8. Hem the Sleeves: Hem the edges of the sleeves for a finished look. If you prefer, you can also add elastic to the sleeves to provide a snug fit.

9. Finish Hemming: Hem the bottom of the gown to prevent fraying.

10. Final Touches: Check for loose threads and trim them. Wash and iron the gown before use to ensure cleanliness.

Remember, the specific design may vary based on the pattern you choose or create. If possible, consider consulting with a healthcare professional or referring to hospital gown standards to ensure your homemade gown meets the necessary requirements for patient comfort and medical care.

How to sew gown? Sewing Steps

Step 1

  • Stich Font and Back to Armhole edges.
  • Stitch 1/4 (6mm away in seam allowances).
  • Make sure you turn the Seam towards the Seam.

Step 2

  • Use two pieces of elastic of size 2.5 inches that will be used for cutting.

Step 3

  • Create Casing -stitch the lower edge of the sleeve to the inside on the fold line.

Step 4

  • Iron the Non-Woven gum material to the body

Step 5

  • Stitch 3.5cm from the edge of the neck to prevent it from stretching.
  • For Binding use one folded edge of the bias tape to match the curve of the neckline.
  • Stitch the bias tape at 1.5cm seamline and make sure you stitch along the crease.

Step 6

  • Attach sleeve edge together and stitch in one continuous seam.
  • Trim close to stitch then turn seam towards the back.
  • Overlock the stitched sides of both sleeves.
  • cut the belts at the length of 40 cm by 1.5 cm.
  • using a Glue gun /welding machine attach the belts at 17 inches from the shoulder.
  • For the neck, the closure uses Velcro for closure.
  • Follow the welding pattern when packing.
How To Sew A Hospital Gown?
SizesChest ( inches)Width ( inches)Length (inches)Fabric Used
Small34-3624442 yards
Medium37–4026462.75 yards
Large41-4428462.75 yards
Extra Large  XL45-4830473 yards
Medical Gown Size Chart
Sewing Medical Gown
Sewing Medical Gown

Product Informations

  • Name: Reinforced Surgical Gown
  • Side effects: No harmful side effects
  • Accessories: No accessories
  • Classification: Sterile-Rule 1 Annex V Class 1S
  • Conformity Assessment Method: Annex V. Quality Assurance System
  • Sterilization method: EO
  • Gmdn Code: 47783
  • Biocompatibility class: According to 10993-1  – Chart  1 Product Surface device, contact point ‘’ skin ‘’duration of use less than 24 hours.
  • Packaging information: Single Pack
  • Trademark of product: “Fullset”
  • Application: Single-Medical Textile use

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