Full Reinforced Surgical Gown Size Chart

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Full Reinforced Surgical Gown size chart in different sizes as listed with reference numbers and sizes below:

Surgical Gown Size Chart

FST -220 SMALL SMS Full Reinforced Surgical gown
FST -221 MEDIUM SMS Full Reinforced Surgical gown
FST -222 LARGE SMS Full Reinforced Surgical gown
FST -223 X-LARGE SMS Full Reinforced Surgical gown
FST -224 XX-LARGE SMS Full Reinforced Surgical gown
FST -225 XXX-LARGE SMS Full Reinforced Surgical gown

Product Name: Full Reınforced Surgıcal Gown

  • Aim of Use: All surgical branches
  • Shelf life: 5 Years
  • Raw material:SMMS 35 gsm(HT-03), Biflex reinforcement 16 gsm (HT-018),Sewing yarn (HT-14), Velcro tape (HT-15), Cuff (HT-27)
Full Reinforced Surgical Gown
Figure: Full Reinforced Surgical Gown

Other Measurement of Surgical Gown Size Chart

  1. Hand Towel: Optional 1 or 2 pcs 20 x 40 cm or 40 x 40 cm
  2. Open width: 150 cm
  3.  Length: 120 cm, 125 cm, 130 cm, 135 cm, 140 cm

Surgical Gown’s Specification

  1. Application: Single-use
  2. Side effects: No harmful side effects
  3. Accessories: No accessories
  4. Classification: Sterile-Rule 1 Annex V Class 1S
  5. Conformity Assessment Method: Annex V. Quality Assurance System
  6. Sterilization method: EO
  7. Gmdn Code: 47783
  8. Biocompatibility class: According to 10993-1  – Chart  1 Product Surface device, contact point ‘’ skin ‘’duration of use less than 24 hours.
  9. Packaging information: Single Pack
  10. Trademark of product: “Fullset”

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