10 Types of Jacquard Fabric | Uses And Features

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Jacquard fabric comes with a heavy texture and is made from the jacquard loom. Also, the fabric helps to create detailed designs and different motifs. It is an excellent fabric for making simple and complex designs. 

Moreover, a multi-color thread is used in the weaves to create a complex pattern. The jacquard fabric can provide various bold and soft patterns depending on the thread. 

Jacquard Fabric
Image of Jacquard Fabric

In this article, you will learn about the fabric’s types, features, uses, and details of jacquard fabric. Hence, let’s dive into the article. 

Types Of Jacquard Fabric

1. Brocade

Brocade is a thick fabric woven with multi-colored thread. It comes in multiple colors and is attractive, so you can use this fabric to make your occasional outfits.

Image of Brocade Fabric

This heavy fabric is primarily suitable for coats, jackets, and skirts. 

2. Tapestry

Tapestry fabric is a heavy fabric. Also, this fabric type is excellent for wall-hanging showpieces and home decorations

Image of Tapestry
Image of Tapestry

3. Damask 

Damask jacquard fabric comes with a different woven pattern. Besides, it has a reversible pattern and is woven with multi-color thread.

Image of Damask 

The fabric is smooth and has an excellent finish. 

4. Brocatelle

Brocatelle has a complex pattern and is similar to brocade fabric. You can create this unique pattern on puffy surfaces and a jacquard loom.

Image of Brocatelle

Although it is similar to brocade, it is heavier and more durable. 

5. Cloque

The cloque fabric is a blend of cotton, silk, and wool. That’s why it has a puckered look. 

Image of Cloque

6. Matalasse

Matalasse is a unique fabric, as it is mainly stitched by hand. It also has a floral motif design. Also, it can be produced in a quilting machine using the jacquard loom.

Image of Matalasse

The fabric is suitable for making pillow covers and coverlets. 

7. Wool Jacquard

This fabric is made of Wool jacquard. Due to the heavy materials, the fabrics are suitable for cold weather.

Image of Wool Jacquard
Image of Wool Jacquard

Likewise, the fabric is best for making Sweaters and gloves. 

8. Cotton Jacquard

cotton jacquard comes with a soft and smooth texture. Also, it is great for its durability and good for upholstery.

Cotton Jacquard
Image of Cotton Jacquard

The fabric is less complex than linen jacquard and an affordable fabric. Moreover, this fabric is famous for its interior design and for making stylish pieces. 

9. Silk Jacquard

Silk jacquard is a blend of pure silk and has a shiny appearance.

Silk Jacquard
Image of Silk Jacquard

Besides, the fabric is suitable for making costumes and interior pieces.  

10. Synthetic Jacquard

Synthetic jacquard has synthetic or polyester materials. That’s why the fabric is quite affordable compared to other fabrics.

Synthetic Jacquard
Image of Synthetic Jacquard

However, the negative side of the fabric is that it can badly impact the environment. 

Uses Of Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard fabric is versatile and sustainable fabric. That’s why it has several uses and benefits. Firstly, the fabric is mostly used for styling and fashion due to its shiny or elegant appearance. Likewise, this unique textured fabric is suitable for making dresses, coats, trousers, and jackets.  

Secondly, the jacquard fabric is excellent for its sustainability and use for cushioning products. This fabric is great for Sofas, chairs, and other furniture. It is also great for making decoration pieces and interior designs.  

Uses Of Jacquard Fabric
Some Uses Of Jacquard Fabric

Thirdly, the jacquard fabric is suitable for home decor applications, like wall hanging, decor pieces, and home textile. Generally, it is fantastic for tablecloths, curtains, and pillow covers. In fact, the fabric’s intricate patterns help to enhance the interior beauty of the home.

Fourth, jacquard fabric comes with a heavy texture. That’s why it is excellent for making bedding and linens. Mostly, the fabric is best for bedspreads and blankets for cold weather. As a result, it provides an elegant look to your bedroom. 

Fifth, the jacquard is also suitable for wall hangings, as it has a unique appeal. Besides, the fabric is good for making tapestries and provides an aesthetic look to the interior. The fabric is also best for costumes. It has many uses in film industries and theater for making the artists’ costumes. Overall, jacquard is great for different uses. From dresses to home textiles, the fabric is a fantastic match for all things. 

Features Of Jacquard Loom

Jacquard fabric comes with excellent features. Let’s have a look at them. 

Punched Cards: 

Manufacturers use punched cards to check the whole process of the jacquard cards. Also, they use punched cards to maintain the weaving process. 

Programmable Patterns:

The jacquard fabric is produced by following the programmable patterns. Besides, the punched card system allows the creation of significant and unique designs without manual adjustments. Hence, the card helps to make programmable patterns. 

Features Of Jacquard Loom
Some Features Of Jacquard Loom


The jacquard fabric loom is versatile. That’s why the fabric is suitable for weaving different textiles like silks and heavy brocades. 

High Capacity:

The fabric has a large production capacity. After the proper setting, the loom can produce a large amount of patterned cloth. 

Complex Designs:

Jacquard fabric is great for weaving complex designs. Similarly, the fabric loom can produce complicated patterns like floral prints, detailed patterns, and geometric patterns. 

Care Instructions:

First, remove the extra dirt from the fabric before washing the fabric. Also, you can use dry foam or cleanser to remove the spots. Clean the fabric with a mild solvent or stain remover if there are any stubborn stains. Besides, avoid rubbing the fabric to remove stains, which can damage the clothes.                                                                      

However, if you can’t clean the fabric accurately, you can take the professional’s help. Also, it is better to dry cleaning to avoid damaging the fabric. 

Impact Of Jacquard On The Environment

The jacquard fabric comes with different textile fibers. If the fabric contains synthetic fibers, it may negatively impact on the environment. Due to containing harmful chemicals, synthetic fabric is not eco-friendly. 

Again, jacquard fabric contains eco-friendly wool and silk fiber. The manufacturers observe the cotton fibers‘ entire production and ensure the fiber is organic. Hence, jacquard fabric that includes organic cotton has no negative environmental impact.


What are the differences between Jacquard fabric and Jacquard Knit Fabric?

You can use any fiber to make jacquard fabric, and the jacquard knit fabric is produced in a knitting machine. Moreover, this textured fabric is excellent for creating different designs or patterns, as the fabric is versatile. Again, the jacquard fabric is suitable for making sweaters or cold clothes, as it has a warm texture.

Where Is Jacquard Produced?

The main fiber of the jacquard fabric comes from the china. China produces clothes made of silk, cotton, and synthetic materials used in jacquard fabrics. Again, china also checks the fabrics’ raw fibers and the finishing. 

Does Jacquard Fabric comes at an affordable price?

As the jacquard loom develops daily, the jacquard fabric price is decreasing, and it comes at an affordable price. 

Is Jacquard Fabric smooth?

The softness of any fabric depends on its materials. The Jacquard fabric is made of fleece, cotton, and silk. These fabrics are soft and delicate. That’s why jacquard fabric is great for jeans, tops, and shirts. 

 Final Words

In conclusion, Jacquard has a complex pattern, but it also has an aesthetic appeal. Similarly, this versatile fabric is suitable for all kinds of clothes. Due to the excellent pattern, making shirts, tops, and jeans is great. Also, the incredible features of the fabric make it popular with the new generations. Thus, choose the jacquard fabric for your casual or occasional hours and get a different appeal! 

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