A Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Live Selling Strategy 101

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Facebook live sale is one of the trending strategies of marketing for any business. You may have experienced it on social media or taken part in it, or heard about it from friends. But have you ever applied the strategy to any business? If not, then let’s dive into the launch of your live sale!

Since you are a business owner, you must have either a Facebook Page or Instagram Account. They are the requirements to start any live sale. Let’s write it down on notepads more in a more clear approach:

Requirements to Start Live Sale:

1. Facebook Page (preferably) or Instagram Account

Any one of them is important to have. Because your digital footprint or appearance is reflected by any of these accounts.

Facebook Page (preferably) or Instagram Account
Facebook Page or Instagram Account for Facebook Live Selling Strategy

You can also visit your favorite brands to get inspired on how they launch their Facebook live sale.

2. The Camera Preference for Facebook Live Selling Strategy

Here are some of the webcam references that you can go through. The camera is essential for a better coverage of your product. 

The Camera Preference
The Camera Preference Facebook Live Selling Strategy
  • Anker PowerConf C200
  • Logitech Brio
  • Logitech C270
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
  • Logitech C310
  • Logitech C920

3. Product Showcase

Showcase your brand product on live. You must enter the entire list of distributors. Before Facebook live sells, ensure that the products you plan to sell are of good quality, and ready for presentation.

Product Showcase
Product Showcase Facebook Live Selling Strategy

Do not forget to highlight the product features and benefits!

4. Increase Your Following

To increase your following, you must create sharable visual content (photos, videos, small clips). Invite your friends on social media to the Facebook business page you hold, create offers, and share special discounts so that the audience likes your page. You make a schedule first to hold on to it that involves regular posting.

Increase Your Following
Increase Your Following Facebook Live Selling Strategy

Cause you must engage with your audience through the Facebook page. Special offers, winning competitions all these make a great deal at attracting customers.

5. Fast Shipping

Apart from high-quality products, one thing your customer notices is the fast shipping services that any business ensures. In that case, you can have real-time order processing using any software to minimize the order placement and enough preparation for shipping.

Fast Shipping
Fast Shipping is also important for Facebook’s Live Selling Strategy

Having a dedicated team ensures the packing and dispatching of your orders in a prompt manner.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Ask yourself whether you want to offer product returns on the Facebook Live Sale. Or, Do want to give your customers the space to contact you if they have any questions?

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is also an important point for Facebook’s Live Selling Strategy

All these queries are essential because they will encourage you to come to live for sale more often. 


Before you start your Facebook Live Sale strategy, you must give preference to one thing. That is how your product would be unique to your close ones- friends, family, and close relatives. Because they are already following your business page. Then you can apply that to your first Live Sale. Remember that, in the fashion industry, posting trendy videos, and giving unique deals all matter. Also, the Facebook live sale is always cost-effective!

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