Spring/Summer 2024 Men’s Fashion Trends: 7 Most Popular Trends

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From the beginning of the spring/summer of 2024, men’s fashion has seen a noticeable change. Nowadays, besides women, men are very conscious about their fashion trends. At present in the fashion world- men’s fashion for spring-summer 2024 is very trendy. 

Image: Spring/Summer 2024 Men's Fashion Trends 7 Most Popular Trends
Image: Spring/Summer 2024 Men’s Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are the most popular thing for fashion-chic people. Nobody can keep up with fashion if they are unaware of fashion trends. Nowadays, it is the most popular term in the rising fashion world. When it comes to men’s latest fashion, oversized clothes, vivid hues, and the resurgence of denim are all trendy. 

Image: Summer 2024 Men's Fashion Trends
Image: Summer 2024 Men’s Fashion Trends

Spring and summer are the most colorful times of the year. In spring,  men wear very colorful dresses; in summer, they usually wear light-colored dresses with minimal patterns. In this article, we will talk about the most popular spring/summer 2024 men’s fashion trends. So let’s get started!

Men’s fashion trends can vary a lot based on the season. This is because of the cultural shift, runway shows, and celebrity endorsements all these vary depending on the season. Let’s take a look at how men’s fashion trends are influenced by season:

Outfit Color

First of all, the color trends of outfits depend a lot on the season. For example, brighter colors are more common in the summer and spring seasons while in winter, dark colors are the best option to go through.

Image: Summer Outfit Color
Image: Summer Outfit Color

Fabrics and Textures

What type of fabric is going to be trendy mainly depends on the season. This is because most of the people prefer to wear lightweight clothing in summer/spring. On the other hand, thicker and warmer fabrics are mostly suitable for the winter season.

Prints and Patterns

There may be a seasonal association with particular designs and patterns. For instance, floral and tropical patterns are more prevalent in spring and summer attire, but plaids as well as checks are more frequently seen in winter and fall seasons.

Since fashion is ever-evolving, in a few years the fashion sector may witness a surge of new trends breaking through. Let’s explore some of the best fashion trends for men in summer/spring 2024. 

The Return to Nineties Minimalism

The comeback of the 90s fashion in the current fashion trend makes it much more versatile. Menswear from the 1990s, a time period renowned for its simple lines and subtle refinement, was minimalist.  Nowadays, most people, especially the young generation follow contemporary minimalistic fashion. 

Image: The Return to Nineties Minimalism
Image: The Return to Nineties Minimalism

The Rise of Formal Shorts

Formal shorts have become increasingly popular in men’s fashion in 2024, combining ease and class. This style offers adaptability for a range of situations and represents a move toward casual elegance. Formal shorts complement tailored blazers and loafers to create a sophisticated yet airy look that works well for both social events and professional situations.

Image: The Rise of Formal Shorts
Image: The Rise of Formal Shorts

Knit Polo Shirts

The knit polo shirt blends the cutaway collar and polo design with the ease of wearing a knit sweater. Knit polos are a timeless style that seamlessly combines cool sophistication. Wear one comfortably with jeans as well as shorts, or you can also pair it up with a jacket for a polished look. 

Image: Knit Polo Shirts
Image: Knit Polo Shirts

Oversized Tailoring

Another noteworthy development in 2024 summer/spring menswear styles is the emergence of oversize tailoring. For the past 10 years, men’s fashion has been dominated by the shape that is tight and thin. It’s all about a baggy, comfortable fit that nevertheless looks put together and stylish.

Image: Oversized Tailoring
Image: Oversized Tailoring

Back In Black

Black is a versatile color that fits anyone and a black outfit goes well with any season. However, a black outfit is much more suitable for the summer/spring season. Pairing a black color shirt with a black color pant can give a man a sophisticated appearance.

Image: Black Color Shirt With a Black Color Pant
Image: Black Color Shirt With a Black Color Pant

Elegance of Shirts

A shirt is a handy piece of clothing that offers excellent versatility. Shirts are available in different designs from formal to casual. A shirt has a carefree elegance that goes well with both casual jeans and knit ties. It’s an easy, but adaptable option that will become your go-to collared shirt for years to come. 

Image: Elegance of Shirts
Image: Elegance of Shirts

Aesthetic of Denim

Denim is one of the must-have summertime outfits that is going to be trendy this year. For males, relaxed-fitting straight jeans, loose-fitting jeans, and even slouchy pants are key pieces. All in traditional hues including light blue as well as indigo blue. Even classic double denim has gained popularity.

Image: Denim Outfits
Image: Denim Outfits

The FAQs

What are the comeback trends for 2024?

This type of clothing in different styles from the past is going to make a comeback this year. This includes 80s fashion like bright colors, cinched waists, and tailored jackets are going to be the comeback trend. In addition to this, we’ll also get fashion from the 90s this year.

What are the men’s spring colors for 2024?

Colors have crucial impacts on fashion and sometimes fashion trends also differ based on color. When it comes to men’s 2024 fashion trend, colors like Off-White, Dust Grey, Dust Blue, and Dark Red are going to be trendy.

What is the trend in men’s suits in 2024?

Men’s suits in 2024 include a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles. People with different demands and styles can select suits that fit their tastes. For formal gatherings or business meetings, classic suits in black, grey, or navy blue are excellent selections.

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