Getting Research Papers Regarding Any Topic: The Extensive Guide

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Looking for sources to find research papers regarding any topic? Have you thought about Google as a medium to search for research papers? We bet; you have because Google provides us the immense sources of knowledge by letting us into finding the best research papers on a specific topic. In this world of today, it is not possible to ignore Google searches for getting legitimate paper research. This article will be covering all these tips and techniques to get research papers regarding any specific topic in brief.

Figure: Getting Research Papers Regarding Any Topic

Techniques to Find Research Papers

Be it projects or research papers, credible information is what every student wants to look for. It would be the best opportunity to combine Google, as a research form to get accurate and credible information. The research paper has the exact process to follow- from finding the topic to citing the sources. In the middle process, we locate the information, evaluate them, and write according to our research topic. So, the techniques for finding the research papers are:

1. Use Boolean Operators

Boolean operators include the connecting words- And, Or, and Not. So, while finding any research paper for your topic, always combine keywords with these connecting words. For instance:

  • Keywords AND Keywords: Here, the results offer all the search items that include both keywords.
  • Keywords OR Keywords: The results contain any of the given keywords. It is not essential to get them all in the search box. Typing OR also requires Google to look for the nearby correct matches.
  • Keywords NOT Keywords: The result excludes only the second search term in this case.
Figure: Use Boolean Operators

2. Keeping the search or the queries in a descriptive manner

It is better to search as a description of the keyword in the search box. Avoiding natural language is preferable. Also, try to avoid the question-type keywords to search and research papers.

Figure: search or queries

3. Using Quotation Marks for an Exact Wording

Sometimes, quotation marks of any phrase or famous quote can lead us to research a paper on a similar topic. It is better to keep the phrase inside the quotation mark.

Figure: Using Quotation Marks

4. Search with the Journal Name

To get the research papers or any journal-based reviewed papers, you can search your topic’s keyword and journal name together. You may get your desired research papers in a journal manner to get the basic ideas.

Figure: Search by journal name

5. Using Hyphens in Removing Options

The hyphen may narrow down your results. In that case, you can omit certain words by adding the “-“ symbol between 2 keywords.

Figure: Using Hyphens

You can end up searching the word “site” (by following a colon and the website’s address) to limit the search results. This technique is useful in getting specific papers if the site does not have its search function.

Figure: Using a Particular “Site” in Limiting the Search

7. Searching Keywords with Country Code[i]

Google sort of shows results based on the geographic location of the users. In some cases, it does not match. Adding country code with the keywords may break out the bubble and consider the locations of the specific region as well. It may shorten your search research papers journey without any effort.

Google Search Tips to Get Topic-Wise Research Paper

There are other useful tips to search for research papers on Google. For instance:

Adding “@social media site (name) after the Keywords

Here, you may get your desired research papers from social media sites too. Since people like to share their research experience through Linked In or other social media sites, it becomes easier to find them.

Using “Intitle:”

Here, you may get results with the keywords in the title position to get research papers regarding your topic.

To find results relatable to your research papers, you can use “related” before any of the web addresses in the search box Google.

Have you Located your Source of Information for the Research Topic?

As you have a definite research topic, make sure you have the information sources available that may include-

  • Encyclopedia
  • Books or E-books
  • Videos (Youtube)
  • Article and Periodicals
  • And finally, the websites


The techniques given in this article to find related research papers will likely signify your research topic. Keep the topic in a certain field so that it can get narrowed in some journals or special issues. Finding information about any scope or journal web pages may require reaching out to the editors. Also, keeping in touch with co-authors may facilitate finding more information in the further journey.

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