Shantung Taffeta Vietnamese Fabric

Md Mahedi Hasan

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Shantung taffeta Vietnamese fabric is a top-quality woven fabric made of silk and other synthetic fibers. This fabric first originated in the Shandong region and it has almost the same appearance as Dupioni. This fabric combines features from shantung and taffeta fabric that make it one of the standout fabrics. 

Image: Properties of Shantung Taffeta Vietnamese Fabric

This fabric is crisp, like many silk textiles, and drapes nicely due to its lightness. One of the lightest varieties of silk fabric is available, stantung’s gently fluted texture sets it apart from other silk fabrics in a beautiful way. Shantung Taffeta Vietnamese Fabric is less uneven and a little thinner which makes it the best option for Bridal dresses.

Properties of Shantung Taffeta Vietnamese Fabric

Fabric NameShantung Taffeta Vietnamese Fabric
Fabric CompositionSilk, Rayon and other syntheitc fiber
Fabric BreathabilityExcellently Breathable
Fabric DurabilityVery Durable
Heat retention capabilitiesLow
Prone to bubblingLow
Stretch abilityVery Low
Washing temperaturesCold
Fabric ApplicationWedding gowns, party attire, blouses, evening wear, girl’s dresses, and so on.

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