How to Dress Plus Size: 10 Style Tips for Curvy Women

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It is an integral part of feeling confident in the way you dress your curvy body. Readers have requested many times to write on how to dress plus size. Here we have shared 10 style tips for curvy women to look amazing in plus size. The article highlights different solutions on how to dress plus size being a curvy woman. 

The Top 10 Style Tips for How to Dress Plus Size 

Here are the top 10 style tips on how to look confident while wearing plus size clothing.

Tips for How to Dress Plus Size 
Plus Size Dress-Up

They are: 

1. Understand Your Body Structure 

Before you start embracing a specific plus-size clothing, understanding body shape is important.

Understand Your Body Structure 
Understanding Body Structure 

Curvy women have different plus-size body shapes- Apple shapes, Pear Shapes, and Hourglass Shapes. When it comes to wearing the right clothes, knowing your specific body type emphasizes a lot.  

2. Stop Paying Attention to Clothing Size 

Yes, we understand that clothing size is so important to you. Because every company makes clothes with different measurement.

Stop Paying Attention to Clothing Size 
Control Paying Attention to Clothing Size 

There is no other standard size cause the number is not significant as as the FIT.  

3. Give Your Wardrobe a Boost 

It is an elevated experience when you stumble upon your overcrowded closet and soon it becomes a frustrating part of the day.

Give Your Wardrobe a Boost 
Give Wardrobe a Boost 

You can give your wardrobe a boost by donating your old clothes followed by adding new pieces. 

4. Follow Right Size Underwear 

For plus-size women, it is important to make sure to follow the right size of underwear. One of the key takeaways is that every woman out there has to cover herself in a foundation for the rest of the outfit she chooses to embrace.

Follow Right Size Underwear 
Right Size Underwear 

A good store fits you in that dilemma. Focus on wearing bras that both lift and support.  

5. Fitted or Tight: Where is the Right Balance? 

No one deserves to wear super tight clothing that impedes their breathing and overall flexibility. It is one of the criteria to avoid when it comes to baggy clothing.

Fitted or Tight
Fitted or Tight

Moreover, fitted clothes always balance well in your outfit. Remember, the right size of clothes takes you in the right direction, even if it is just a fitted top or wide-leg pants.  

6. Cover with Flowy Tunics or Dresses 

Choose tunics or dresses with no break at the waist part. One-piece knee-length, or belt-free dresses are a great addition to your closet. Another option would be choosing long or untucked shirts paired up easily with flat-front waist pants (the elastic).  

Flowy Tunics or Dresses 
Flowy Tunics or Dresses 

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7. Quality Basics Investment 

It is an expensive part to improve your wardrobe with good quality basic pieces. Especially for women, Low-quality clothes do not last longer after a few years.

Quality Basics Investment 
Pay attention to Quality Basics Investment 

In the plus size clothing wardrobe, quality clothing and better materials matter the most. 

8. Try out High-Rise Bottoms 

If you want some clothing piece that elongates your frame, choose high-waisted pants. There are certain bottom styles where you can find high rise. For instance: Leggings, Pants, Jeans, and Shorts.  

High-Rise Bottoms 
High-Rise Bottoms 

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9. Get Some Ideas from Fashion Bloggers and Influencers 

Finding proper plus size clothing leads you to find plus size bloggers and influencers.

Fashion Bloggers and Influencers 
Fashion Bloggers and Influencers 

This is because they inspire you to have the correct information in mind while facing difficulties dealing with the quality basics.  

10. Do not Forget to Love Your Body 

Accept your body shape and embrace your body, psyche, and your interest in wardrobe pieces. There is always a scope to believe in what you are capable of changing.

Love Your Body 
Love Your Body and Love Yourself

Do not listen to others when it comes to choosing plus size clothing. It is a trick to wear whatever that makes a woman confident.  

How to Dress Plus Size: What to Wear and What not to Wear 

Here are the top 10 tips on what to wear for curvy women: 

What to Wear 

  1. Tunic Tops 
  2. Pointed Toe Shoes 
  3. V-Necks 
  4. Plus size Dresses 
  5. Skinny Jeans 
  6. Long Cardigans  
  7. Long necklaces and Scarves 
  8. Cropped Jackets 
  9. A-Line Skirts and Dresses 
  10. Midi Dresses 

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Plus Size Casual Grey Cardigan 

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What Not to Wear 

Here are the top 10 outfits, including accessories that you must avoid wearing: 

  1. Low Rise 
  2. Loose Top and Bottom together 
  3. Empire Waist 
  4. Large Patterns 
  5. Horizontal Stripes 
  6. Big Ruffles 
  7. Clingy Materials 
  8. Super Short: Tops, Skirts, and Shorts 
  9. Baggy Clothing 
  10. Rounded Shoes 

Best Places to Shop for Curvy and Plus Size Clothing 

Finding curvy or plus-size clothing is fun when you have access to the best online shopping websites and directories. If you ever feel confused about what to choose, check out Flycurvy for Plus Size Stores that come with an average cost and easy returns.  

Flycurvy is a super convenient online shopping platform for plus size clothing. You can get affordable basics for curvy women, fitting jeans, and trendy minimalist clothing pieces. Do not worry about the designs as Madewell comes up with youthful designs featuring neutrals, denim, boxy fits, and earthy tones. Besides, the available sizes for clothing are up to 6X. 

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Do not forget to sign up for the free rewards program of Madewell. It helps you to get free returns on the orders.  


Do you feel challenged on how to dress plus size? It is okay to dress poorly if you fail to accept the body size and the culture of dressing choice. But if you ever feel like embracing tips on how to dress plus size, you can go through our recommended 10 style tips for curvy women. All you must follow is the design, fashion trend, and ideas according to the tips.  

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