Plus Size Fashion Tips What Not to Wear: For Women and Middle-Aged

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In this world of plus-size fashion, it becomes essential to choose clothes according to one’s shape, curves, and styles. It is true that only you know better what look suits you. But it is similarly important to avoid fashionable wear that you do not want others to focus on you. Now it is the time to embrace what assets you have, even if that concerns a full bust and hips, an hourglass shape, and a petite waist. Also, you have to know plus size fashion tips what not to wear.

Figure: Plus Size Fashion Tips What Not to Wear

This article is about 10 pro tips that you must get to know before it is too late while welcoming plus-size fashion to your wardrobe. 

Plus Size Fashion Tips What Not to Wear for Women

For plus-size women, it becomes crucial to think about clothes that reflect personality traits, one’s own choice of clothing, and styles that suit better. In that case, there are a few things to remember on ‘what not to wear’. 

What Not to Wear for Women

  1. It is better to avoid clothes that are skinny and tight.
  2. It is never too late to avoid voluminous sleeves. 
  3. In the accessory Part, medium handbags are always good to go. 

Clothes that You Must Avoid:

  1. Loose Top
  2. Tiered Long Skirts
  3. Baggy Jeans
  4. Tiny Pants 
  5. Skinny Jeans
  6. Pleated Skirts
  7. Ill Fitted Undergarments
  8. Tiny Prints
  9. Tiny Handbags
  10. Billowy Blouses

10 Pro Tips on What to Avoid in Plus Size Fashion

There are a few criteria that a plus-size or middle-aged woman must make sure to avoid. For instance, if you choose Jeans over Pants, you must look for darker, washed jeans, not lighter ones. There are some other criteria to follow while wearing jeans. Here are the 10 pro tips to follow in your future wardrobe selection. They are:

1. Wearing a loose top and bottom together is a big NO-NO.

For a plus-size woman, loose clothes add an extra unwanted volume to the body. Your only focus has to reduce that unnecessary volume and add up parts to outfits. To balance the outfit, you can only choose the top or bottom outfit to be loose. 

Figure: top or bottom outfit to be loose

2. Correctly shaped Undergarments Save your Day

Undergarments are the clothes that build the foundation of any outfit. They structure your body in the right fit and make a huge difference. In that case, quality and fitting check is a must. You must avoid tight or thin strapped bras as they do not give you better support as well as protection. Find something that seems comfortable and gives enough balance to your shape. 

Figure: Correctly shaped Undergarments

3. Choose Solid Color Over Printed Ones!

Well, solid color is an everyday fashion that provides a cleaner look. But if it is okay for you to be comfortable, do not just keep clothes within solids only. Try to navigate a completely different fabric material, and texture, for instance: flannel, stripes, or polka dots. Remember, solids are always easy to carry and style when you get tired of crazy patterns. 

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Figure: Choose Solid Color

4. Picking Pointed Toe Shoes Instead of Rounded Ones

Rounded shoes make the legs of any person shorter and stumpier with highlighting flaws. When you are wearing jeans or any dress, rounded shoes only focus on the width of the legs. Instead, you can choose pointed-toe shoes that are fashionable. They also make you taller. It is a debate whether picking out pointed-toe shoes or rounded ones makes any change to the overall look of Plus-size women. But, it is preferable for most to pick pointed-toe shoes.

Figure: Pointed Toe Shoes

5. Striped Outfits are Okay, But Not Those Broad and Horizontal Ones

It is always preferable to look for striped designs in case of choosing outfits. Wearing vertical stripes makes you look thinner and longer. The problem is not about the direction but with the stripe sizes. Be it vertical or horizontal, make sure they are thin. 

Figure: Plus Size Striped Outfits

6. Cover up Your Waist!

A belt is an accessory that gives a shape to your waist. It confirms directly the fit-and-flare style of dress. Keeping a few belts helps you to personalize your style as per the outfit. Belts make a good point on jumpsuits, shirt-dresses, wrap-dresses, paper-bag-waist pants, and other styles. 

Figure: Cover up Your Waist

7. Have an Elongated Effect with High-Waisted Jeans

Wear high-waisted jeans if you want others not to look at your waist or thighs. Choosing dark-colored jeans provides a dramatic look. If you add up the jeans with point-toed shoes, your legs will look longer. While choosing jeans, make sure you do not select the light-colored ones. Because lighter colors make plus-size women look bigger than expected. 

Figure: High-Waisted Jeans

8. Jackets, Cardigans, and Long Outerwear

For women of any age, especially middle-aged ones, long cardigans, overcoats, and dusters are essential to give you firmness and coverage. Do not think about adding extra clothes that may put you in a wider look as it is always about having the mood for body positivity. 

Figure: Jackets, Cardigans, and Long Outerwear

9. V-Neck Tops Are Always Great!

If you have big breasts, try to wear V-neck tops. It elongates the body and strikes a balance between hips and thighs. For plus-sized women, v-neck tops are great to go as they highlight the neckline. Apart from the V-neck tops, you can wear a push-up bra that is well-fitted or right in size. 

Figure: V-Neck Tops Plus Size

10. Printed Clothes: Big or Tiny?

For being a middle-aged plus-size woman, you must wear big printed clothes. We have already had e debate in the previous points about solid or printed clothes. If you choose printed clothes, make sure you choose the big printed ones. Big prints are relative to your body in the right size that flatters and fits your body type

Figure: Big Printed Clothes


All these pro-tips will benefit you if you accept your body, follow other people for inspiration with the same body shape you own, know the fabrics out there in the market, highlight those assets that reflect your inner self, and accessorize accordingly. Whenever you are in doubt, try to review these plus-size fashion pro tips for women. Remember, quality basics are always good to invest no matter how old you are. 

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