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Are you tired of hearing that you like trendy fashion? Do you feel being on a fashion trend is hard? Then you can start to read and learn from fashion blogs. Everyday fashion blogs are very helpful for us because they ensure learning outcomes by focusing on everyday fashion tips and tricks. Here are some everyday fashion blogs that will help you learn more. Fashion Blogs give Fashion and lifestyle updates so you focus on fashion styles.

Top 10 Amazing Everyday Fashion Blogs

1. The Daileigh

The Daileigh is made by Ashleigh Hutchinson, who has finely focused on dress style and fashion. She has emphasized that fashion trends are for everyone. Every age group of people can try the trends. She is basically focused on women’s fashion rather than others. Women’s dress styles, fabric quality, patterns, and stripes are mentioned in her blogs. In her blog, there are some articles where women can find out what pieces of clothing they should have in their closets.

Fig: The Daileigh Fashion Blog
Fig: The Daileigh Fashion Blog

Any woman of any age can get advice on clothing style and fashion from her blogs. Also included were some tips and tricks by which your clothing may last longer. By following her fashion blog, you can have an idea of how you should dress in which weather, which ensures comfort and trend at a time.

2. The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar
Fig: The fashion guitar Blog

The Fashion Guitar is another famous fashion blog that is New York-based and made by Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren. The specialty of this blog is that it focuses on maternal clothing. There are only a few blogs where maternity clothes and fashion are discussed. But this blog not only focuses on maternity clothes; it also talks about beauty, collaboration, outfits, travel, and everyday fashion trends. By following the blog, you can get an idea of how to style different outfits, which will make you look good, which dresses are on trend, etc.

3. Girl with Curves

image 5
Fig: Girl with Curves Blog

Girl with Curves basically talks about plus-size girls’ fashion and how they dress up. You can easily get the idea of dresses for skinny bodies, but it is very difficult to get the idea of plus-sized girl fashion. In this blog, you can get an idea of it. Created by Tanesha Awasthi, she has focused on spreading the idea that beauty never lies in size or shape. Rather, it is your inner beauty that reveals it. So fashion blogs and styles should be for everybody, not just confined to a specific body shape.

4. Hello Fashion

Hello Fashion is made by Colombian blogger Christine Andrew, and it basically focuses on the history of clothing, which you might not have known before. It generally talks about athletic wear, regular wear, casual, formal wear, etc.

Hello Fashion blog
Fig: Hello Fashion blog

Hello Fashion owner Cristine also participated in many fashion weeks, which enhanced the quality of the blog. She gives many ideas about the current fashion trends by which you can learn about the style. This blog enables you to know more about fashion trends easily because it is written in an easier way to make people more knowledgeable about fashion blogs.

5. My Fashion Diary:

My Fashion Diary is one of the most familiar blogs based in Dubai, written by Tala Samman. She was born in Chicago, but she works in fashion in Dubai. Basically, her blog posts are often focused on her personal ideas and thoughts about the dress and style, but they are widely recognized by the huge community of people who follow Tala.

My Fashion Diary
Fig: My Fashion Dairy Blog

Her dressing sense and fashion styles are followed by many people. Not only fashion or dressing style, rather she also gives blogs about traveling because she travels a lot.  She also gives an idea of the different cultural aspects of different countries. Also on her blog are food and beauty tips.

6. One Dapper Street

By reading this article, you may have an idea of female fashion trends, but what about men? One dapper street owner, Marcel Floruss, talks about men’s style and trendy, fashionable dresses for men.

One Dapper Street Fashion Blog
Fig: One Dapper Street Fashion Blog

He gives ideas about how men should dress in everyday life, on special occasions, at festivals, and at formal events. By reading his blog posts, men can learn which clothing they should buy and which not, which clothing they should wear in the summer and which not, etc. It is followed by many teenage boys and men around the world.

7. Gracie Mercedes

Gracie Mercedes owns the blog, where you will not only find the fashionable dress idea but also get to see different creative works by Gracie, which will motivate you to do so. You can get a look at Gracie’s online portfolio here. You may think, “Why would I get this?” but Gracie’s portfolio will give you specific information about fashion. Fashionable dresses and styles created by her are accepted by many women. If you love her style, you should definitely visit her blog.

8. We Wore What

We wore  What is made by Danielle Bernstein? Are you a lover of comfy dresses? Do you focus on your health more than how you dress? Then you should definitely visit this page, where the main focus is on including comfortable dresses for regular use. Everyone talks about what you should wear to festivals, but what about your daily wardrobe? In our daily wear, we need comfortable clothes. This page talks about regular wear, which can be comfortable and stylish too.

9. In the Row

Founder Victoria Magrath emphasized the makeup and closet culture in her blog. As a member of some eminent global brands, he has an idea about which dress should be worn and where. Also, she gives some dupes’ ideas of some global brands that ensure money-saving trends. Budget-friendly trends are often published in her blog posts.

10. Atlantic-Pacific

Atlantic Pacific is another very popular fashion and lifestyle blog. By reading its blog posts, men can learn which clothing they should buy and which not, which clothing they should wear in the summer and which they should not, etc. It is followed by many teenage boys and men around the world.

All these blogs give ideas about everyday fashion and style. You can follow any of the blogs according to your culture and taste. There are some more blogs that also give the customs of different fashions. But as previously mentioned, blogs are mainly focused on day-to-day topics and also talk about men’s and women’s styles separately. If you follow fashion blogs, you can have an idea of fashion trends also.

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