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Blogs about fashion have become an integral part of this industry. Not only do ordinary people follow and try to copy their looks, but many designers also consider their exciting findings. Moreover, today everyone can try their hand at blogging and earn millions from their hobby. Don’t you believe it? 

Fashion Blog Websites
Fashion Blog Websites

Then read this article about the most famous fashion bloggers who built a multimillion-dollar business from scratch, starting with a simple diary on the Internet. Every year web resources publish rankings of the most influential fashion bloggers in the world who are personally involved in running websites. So here you can find the best blogs about fashion to start reading.

1. The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni runs her fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, which has over 26,000 readers per day. Chiara is a lawyer by training, but she decided to connect her life with the fashion industry. Now Ferragni is very popular since she has appeared on the covers of about 25 publications. Chiara is a big lover of shoes and admits that she has about 200 pairs in her wardrobe. Moreover, the girl produces shoes under her brand, having opened her shoe store in Milan and launched an online store.

2. Gal Meets Glam

Julia Engel is a fashion blogger from San Francisco. She started her blog Gal meets glam, as a college student in 2011. Julia says that through the blog, you can trace the evolution of her style. The images of this beauty are exquisite and feminine. Most of her outfits can be described as a mix of classic and romanticism complemented by fashion trends.

3. Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy Nguyen was born to a family of Vietnamese immigrants who were later deprived of their parental rights. So her childhood was spent in the orphanage. But Wendy is very ambitious. She was able to enter and graduate from a prestigious university while also working at several jobs. Now, Wendy lives in Los Angeles. She started her blog, Wendy’s Lookbook, in 2011, inspired by her boyfriend, who now shoots her outfits and edits videos. 

Wendy’s blog has more than 126 thousand followers, and her YouTube channel has over 625 thousand. In addition to her blog, she volunteers at a center for children from troubled families. As for Wendy’s style, it is eclectic since she likes to mix different colors and shapes. In her images, beauty combines clothes from the mass market and accessories from expensive brands.

4. Sincerely Jules

Another resident of Los Angeles is Julie Sarinana, who created her blog, Sincerely Jules, in 2009. Before that, she worked as a manager in a nail salon. Now, along with blogging, the fashionista produces her line of T-shirts and also has an online clothing store. 

Thus, we can conclude that the girl’s style appeals to many people. More than 3 million people follow her Instagram life. Often, Julie’s images are made in casual or street chic style. However, her outfits are full of bright colors and different accessories, and she knows more than anyone else how to look stylish and feminine in any outfit.

5. Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie from San Francisco runs a successful fashion blog, Atlantic Pacific, which 130,000 people follow. Her style is distinguished by sophistication and femininity. She quickly composes layered images, is not afraid to experiment with color, and masterfully mixes different fashion styles in one ensemble. Dark glasses and red lipstick are her calling cards. And her favorite clothing item is a small black Chanel bag.

6. Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy is a fashion blogger from California who has been running her blog since 2009. On Instagram, girls’ travels and new images are followed by more than 144 thousand people. An interesting fact is that she served in the army. She has her channel on YouTube, where she teaches the intricacies of makeup, with over 2 million people subscribed to it. 

Dulce likes to create colorful images, and she is often seen wearing outfits in the color block technique. Leopard print is also often found in her outfits. Dulcie is a big fan of accessories and usually wears massive necklaces and earrings in her looks.

7. Rise & Shine

Ioana Grama started her blog, Rise & Shine, in 2013. And now, more than 100 thousand people follow her blog updates. The girl has a very bright appearance. She’s fond of photography, fashion, and makeup. Ioana also loves animals and traveling. Her style can be described as relaxed, casual, and sporty chic. Most of a girl’s wardrobe is made up of different elements from democratic brands.

8. Sea of Shoes

The red-haired beauty Jane Aldridge from Texas started her fashion blog, Sea of Shoes, in 2007 at 15. At first, it was all about her passion — beautiful shoes. Over time, Jane’s images began to appear in her fashion blog. And now it’s trendy since it is viewed by about 1.5 million people a month. Jane Aldridge’s images are distinguished by their bright personality. She uses a mix of modern and vintage clothes in her outfits and supplements them with big jewelry and branded shoes.

9. Margo and Me

Jenny Bernheim lives in Hollywood. She has worked in the fashion industry for a long time, developing and promoting brands. The girl has been running her blog, Margo and Me, since 2014, where she talks about the latest fashion news and shares her outfits. Two hundred twenty thousand subscribers follow Jenny’s updates on Instagram. In general, Bernheim’s style is sophisticated and feminine. The girl dilutes the classics with trendy things and skillfully handles bright prints and colors. As a result, her images always look fresh and stylish.

10. TsangTastic

Jenny is originally from Hong Kong but currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She started her blog, TsnagTastic, in 2013. In addition to a successful blog and her online clothing store, Jenny has an engaging, concise style. In clothes, she prefers a restrained gamut. The predominant colors are white, black, and pastel shades. On Jenny, you can often see monochrome sets and bows in the style of minimalism.

11. Masha Sedgwick

Masha is a blogger from Germany who has been running her blog, Masha Sedgwick, since 2010. It has become Germany’s most famous fashion blog due to interesting texts and high-quality photos. Many of her outfits are designed in a grunge and minimalist style. However, Masha also skillfully dilutes her images with classic pieces. For example, she believes that leather pants are essential in any wardrobe.

12. Scent of Obsession

Nicoletta Reggio is a fashion blogger from Italy. She has run her blog, Scent Of Obsession, since 2008. And now, about 200 thousand people follow the girl’s life on various social networks. In her images, she successfully mixes things democratic brands and famous brands. She’s also known for her ability to combine colors exquisitely. As a result, Nicoletta’s images look stylish and, at the same time, laconic, which is not often seen in fashion bloggers.

13. Textile Details

Last but not least and the cherry on the cake in the list of the best fashion blogs is Textile Details, a fantastic combination of all kinds of textile and fashion blogs useful to a diverse audience, from textile students to professionals. You’ll indeed find many exciting and informative things in this fashion blog. So be sure to check.

Bottom Line

It is said that every 0.25 seconds, somewhere in the world, a fashion blog launches. There’s no scientific proof yet, but doesn’t it look like it? If you want to check that, look at how many posts are published under the hashtag #ootd on Instagram. That means it’s easy to get confused among various interesting and vibrant accounts in search of inspiration. But after reading this article, you’re in no danger of that.

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