Outdated Bedroom Design Trends We’re Retiring In 2024

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Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary—a place to relax, unwind and recharge after a long day. 

However, as we approach 2024, it’s time to bid farewell to some outdated bedroom design trends that have overstayed their welcome. While some design elements are timeless and classic, others have become stale and passé, making your bedroom feel tired and outdated. 

Let’s look at some bedroom design trends on their way out and explore new and exciting ways to freshen up your bedroom for the years ahead.

Say Goodbye to These Bedroom Design Trends

1. California Modern 

California modern has been a famous design trend for many years. However, it is time to retire from this trend this 2024. As an alternative, we are embracing a more organic and relaxed approach to bedroom design. 

Bedroom Design Trends
Fig: California Modern 

People will now incorporate natural materials like stone and wood that can produce an inviting and warm atmosphere. 

When we talk about mattresses, consider Mayner mattresses for a home-based oasis. This is made with natural and organic materials for a comfortable, eco-friendly sleep experience.

2. Matching Bedroom Furniture 

The days of perfectly matching bedroom furniture sets are finally over. Instead, we will see mix-and-match pieces with various styles and finishes for a more personalized and eclectic look. 

Why don’t you consider integrating unique pieces like a statement headboard or a vintage dresser to add character to your space? 

3. Oversized Bedrooms 

Oversized bedrooms might appear luxurious and elegant. However, they can make your space feel cold and empty simultaneously. This year, we are finally saying goodbye to this bedroom trend and embracing a cozier, more intimate space.

We recommend integrating a small seating area or a reading nook to create an inviting and comfortable oasis. 

4. Minimalism 

The trend toward minimalism has been gaining popularity for many years. But this year, it is time to retire this trend in everyone’s bedroom.

A clutter-free space is essential, but a bedroom must also feel inviting and cozy. Adding layers of texture, like cozy throws and plush rugs, can create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. 

5. Muted neutrals and colors

Muted neutrals and colors have been a famous option but bedroom design for many years. Nonetheless, it is about time that we retire this trend this year. As an alternative, bold and vibrant colors are taking center stage.

People will be injecting energy and personality into their bedrooms this 2024. For a fresh and thrilling look, consider rich greens, deep blues, and warm pinks. 

As we bid farewell to these outdated bedroom design trends in 2024, we welcome a new era of exciting design possibilities. Now, you can create inviting and cozy spaces that feel like a personal oasis. 

Don’t forget to mix and match your furniture pieces and incorporate natural materials. That will allow you to infuse your bedrooms with warmth and character. Let’s look forward to the years ahead and embrace the thrilling trends that will make your bedroom extremely special! 

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